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Tonner clothes fit what types of Mini dolls?

Dec 19, 2006

    1. I was just curious, since I don't have a mini size BJD but I do have an Ellowyne, and I was wondering whether I could use her as a model to make mini size clothes. I know some people have put Ellowyne clothes on their Unoas, but I was curious about other combinations.

      So, do you have a mini who wears Tonner doll clothes, or has tried them on? Please share! ^_^
    2. I've a mnf shiwoo and a DM Kid Aidan that wear tonner mens clothes fine, tho they tend to be a little large on the shoulders. Hope that helps :)
    3. I have seen 16" Tyler Wentworth sweaters on Narea dolls.. I have a 43cm Supia, but have not purchased any tonner clothes yet.
    4. if Unoa can wear them then Serendipity can wear them too.. My alice looks great in tonner clothes, but I have no pics atm :<

      Seek peace

    5. I have a MNF Lishe that I recently bought a 16" Tyler sweater and corduroy (sp?) pants for. Both are a bit big on her, most noticeably the pants. :sweat
      The sweater's not so bad if you roll the sleeves a bit.
    6. My DOC boy wears a Tonner suit on occasion and I think it looks pretty nice. He also has a couple of their more casual outfits by Matt O'Neil.
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    7. Does anyone know if the Limho boys can wear Tonner?
    8. Tonner Matt clothes run a little big on my DoD boy -- the pants fit well, the jacket is a little oversized in the shoulders. A Limho boy is more slender, but the suits might fit a little more naturally -- at worst, it'd be a David Byrne look ^_^

      Ellowyne tops, shirts, and dresses fit Unoas/MNF/Narae ("slender MSD" size), although some of the pants, especially fitted ones, will be too small. The shoes/stockings will definitely not fit.

      Hope this helps!

      -- A <3
    9. I was wondering if Narin boys can wear Matt's or Harry Potter's clothes?
      ***click little pics for larger view****
      My Supia definately wears Ellowyne & Tonner. Skirts are an ok fit, pants will not fit. Serendipity Alice/Sharmin fit Tonner very well, with a slight adjustment for finger breadth and a bit more arm length. The main difference in the BJD hands is the non-compression of the fingers to get through very tight sleeves on blouses & jackets.[​IMG] Winter White Boutique sweater
      [​IMG] Wicked Witch Tonner [​IMG] Dark Embrace Sydney. Can I say how much I adore this outfit!!
      [​IMG]Ellowynne's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" & "Endangered Species"
      [​IMG] [​IMG]Narae in Wild Rice cardy and Supia Yisol in Winter White boutique sweaters
      [​IMG] Cherry embroidered Tyler Boutique ensemble
    10. Somebody said the 16-inch Harry potter clothes are Matt size.

      Kyriee - what are Ellowyne's bust, waist, and hips?

      Here are the measurements of a number of other mostly 16-inch fashion dolls:

      Here are Narin and Narae's measurements:

      Narae's chest is slightly smaller than Tyler's but her waist and hips are larger than Tylers. Unoa's waist might be closer to Tyler's, but her hips are larger too.

      If you look at this photo of Unoa 1.0, Unoa 1.5 (with bust part) and Unoa 2.0 (more fashion-doll size) - Unoa 2.0's measurements are the closest to Tyler's:

      Dollzone is also fairly close to Tyler at 18-13-17 (7.08-5.12-6.69) compared to Tyler's 7.0-4.5-7.0

      But in general, fashion doll waists are smaller than mini BJD waists, and their hips are usually smaller than mini BJD hips. SOME Tyler pieces will fit some minis.

      Ellowyne may be a closer match to Unoa/Narae but I don't know Ellowyne's measurements.

    11. I just got my Narae this weekend, and have tried on many of the clothes I made for Ellowyne, they were to short in the waist, wide in the shoulder on the tops. the pants were just to tight.
      The clothes I made for my Soul doll Linn fit much better but were big in the chest.
    12. I can get my soulkid apple with a double-jointed body into some Ellowyne Wilde and Tonner outfits. They may not button all the way, though. She can wear the pants and kimono top from the "sushi for one" outfit (both snap), the dress and cape from the "nevermore" outfit, with a few of the snaps on the dress undone, and the skirt and coat from the "chills" outfit, but the coat won't button, and it is difficult to get the hands in. I also have a long black tonner dress that she can fit in perfectly, and a slip from one of the tonner chicago dolls. :)
    13. Ellowyne is smaller in the lower body than Unoa/Narae -- the wide-legged pants from the Sushi For One outfit work well, but I don't think that pants which are fitted through the thigh would fit. The lower legs/feet are much smaller.

      If you're having trouble getting the hands through, take the hand off (run a ribbon through the stringing), pull the arm through, and put the hand back on :>

      -- A <3
    14. All in all, I don't think it's a good idea to sew for Ellowyne and expect the items will fit minis like Unoa, Narae, Minifee and others their size. Maybe you could find a BJD that meets near you - bring over some Ellowyne clothes and see how things fit various mature minis.

      You could also sew things based on the measurements of patterns designed for Unoa, Minifee, and Narae (don't sell things made exactly from the patterns unless it is OK with the pattern creators).

    15. Liebchen fits EW outfits perfectly.


      Here is a site that has OOAK outfits for EW, also Cissy (I know she is compatable with some dolls, I will check my Cissy later.) Also has Riley and Bitty Bethany. These can fit certain tinies like Hana and Lucy.
    16. I have nine dressed Ellowynes and four of the separate outfits. I have tried them all on my ABJD (that I can't mention here) and our vinyl BJD. They can wear anything except the tight fitting outfits like bodysuits. The pants for Sushi for One will go on, but they won't button. Not really a problem since the top is long and you can tie them on. I haven't tried anything on my DIM Elena, yet, but Elena is basically the same size as my other MSD.

      I have had more problems with Tonner outfits fitting my Ellowynes since Ellowyne is wider in the hip area. I wouldn't recomend using the patterns for Tonner. As Carolyn said, though, I wouldn't use Ellowyne as a model for making the clothing unless you do a mock up first and are very good with altering patterns. Were you planning on making the clothing to sell? If so, I would suggest getting a MSD if possible.
    17. The Basic Brenda Starr bra and corset from Tonner fit Narae although she can't quite fill the bra the way brenda does!
    18. My Resinsoul Mei fits Tonner clothes, she is very slim :)
    19. I was going to add that just now. Yes, Resin Soul is slim enough to probably fit everything ok :)