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Tonner clothes for Mini sized dolls?

Nov 13, 2008

    1. Does anyone know if any of the Tonner clothing fits our dolls? Some of the clothes are not bad and look like they just might work??? Thanks!
    2. Orient Doll Dae can but they are smaller than most MSD.
    3. Which dolls are you fitting? Tonner girl's pants & stockings will not fit the sllim mini's like Unoa, Narae & Mini-Supia, but most tops/sweaters and some dresses do, depending on sleeve width. You may also find that the sleeves may be too short on some things, too. Tonner has several body styles, including 5 different female bodys and four different male bodies (possibly more than that) Ellowyne Wilde is made by Tonner, too, and most of her things will fit (excepting the pants & tights)[​IMG] ***click thumbnails** Narin wearing Matt O'neill's pants, shirt and shoes; Narae wearing Ellowyne Wile's dress
      [​IMG] Unoa wearing Kitty Collier's Mexico Way outfit.
    4. Thanks for answering. I have a DIM Odelia and am getting a Secredoll Yomo and a Bobobie Song (they are on their way) and a 57 cm Limhwa human. I understand that the Yomo will be the smallest of the bunch.
    5. I have a DIM Elena which is the same size as your Odelia. DD and I are huge Ellowyne collectors so we've tried pretty much everything of Ellowyne's on our BJDs. So far, I haven't found anything of Ellowyne's that will fit DIM. The bodies on DIM are just too large. Since Ellowyne's hips are a tad larger than most Tonners, I would say she won't fit into the Tonner things either. I only have a few Tonner clothes, but none of them will fit Elena.

      I've been able to get most of Ellowyne's things on my Soulkid Apple with the exception of the bodysuits and leggings. I don't have the other BJDs you mentioned so I'm not sure whether they will fit or not. Hope that helps:)
    6. I tried some Minifee stuff on one of my Cami dolls earlier and the top just drowned her. The sleeves were too long and the fit was bad overall. The skirt that I paired with the top looked okay but it was a little too full for Cami's dainty features. Some of Tonner's other things may work for our minis, but based on my quick experiment stuff for Cami and her like-sized friends is probably out of the question.
    7. Ellowyne Wilde's stuff fits Minifees, apart from the shoes of course.
      Maybe the balloon boobs of the Fairyline Minifee won't fit in the tight tops though.:wiggle
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    8. The only doll I have feedback for is Raccoon doll. Some Tonner items fit, especially with slight modification. Ellowyne is a better bet, especially tops, dresses, and jackets. No pants or skirts fit that I have found.. no shoes other than full size Kitty shoes.