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Too and Bee-A shipping - SOLVED, thanks!

Feb 10, 2007

    1. (SOLVED, thanks! <333)

      Okay, bank closes early today, but I need to put some money in my Paypal for my order of T.Too and Bee-A. Only thing is, I've realized - I have NO IDEA what the shipping is! X___X

      I don't have long...like, at all. MAYBE an hour. ^^''''''' So I thought I'd ask on here. How much should I allow for shipping for JUST T.Too and Bee-A, no wigs or anything?

    2. Is your bank account linked to your paypal account? If so, you can place the order and THEN paypal will request a withdrawl from your bank for the missing balance.
    3. You can place an order and find out about the shipping cost, even if you don't really submit it.

      I can't remember what is the very last botton you click on to submit the order though ^^;
    4. I think so, but I'm really kinda new to Paypal, so if I could have some idea how much to allow, I'd be more comfortable with that. ^^'''''''' Plus the whole thing is that I'm putting the money into my ACCOUNT so I can put it into Paypal. ^^'''
    5. Really? I tried that, but I got to a point where it kinda looks like it'll order after submission... ^^'''' Still no info. But I'm guessing its after you enter an address?
    6. Yes, after you enter an address they give you your total with shipping. AFTER that, then you submit the order ^^

      Try it! :D
    7. If you're sure. XD' **Paranoid and a newbie to this**
    8. Yeah, I'm sure! XD They have to give you your total before you can submit an order.
      In any case, even if by accident you place it, you can cancel it immediately ^^
    9. It worked. <333 (WOW, that's a lot of shipping. XD'''')

      Thanks for the help! Now to SPRINT to the bank.
    10. That's great!! XD
      (Not the " a lot for shipping" part, but that you found out how much it was ^^; )

      Go go go!! :D
    11. Got there with time to spare. XD <333 Now for the waiting game again until a few business days....