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Too attached to be able to sell her?

Oct 24, 2010

    1. I started in the BJD hobby about a year or so ago by asking for a BJD as a christmas present. My mom bought me a Dollzone BB Ani as my gift and I fell in love with her on the spot. She was my only doll for a while and was the constant focus for my camera. I bought her many things and fleshed out her personality as I went, enjoying every moment of it.

      Between then and now I've bought 3 other dolls, sold one, and shifted my attention to my larger dolls because they are easier to pose and are more fun to play with and photograph. I was looking at her just sitting on the shelf and wondered if I should sell her. My brain says yes because she could be making someone else happy instead of sitting on the shelf, but my heart says no because she was my first doll and still has a special place in my heart.

      My question to you, fellow DoAers, is this: Have you ever been in this kind of situation before? If so, what did you do? If not, what would you do? I appreciate all responses, please help me make this tough decision!
    2. I'm kind of like that with my first doll. I can't sell her due to nostalgic reasons, but she is by no means my favourite doll. Although I did send her out for a face-up recently, so hopefully this means that she'll get more camera time. :)
    3. That's exactly how it is for me, only the nostalgia is making me hold on to her. I read some previous threads but most people said "buy her some new clothes or give her a new faceup" to the OP, but my issue with photographing her is her size and pose-ability. I've never had any trouble with how she looks or dresses (I discovered her personality pretty quick), but after photographing my MSD and seeing how much easier and more fun it is with bigger dolls, I slowly took her out for shoots less and less. Now its more a matter of "will I regret it later?" than "why am I wanting to sell her?"
    4. If you're questioning whether it's a good idea, it probably isn't ^^ I can't sell my first doll, because she holds too many memories for me, even though I'm sure I'll move my obcession with her onto a different doll somewhere down the road ^^

      A good thing to do is to take a coin, and make one side "sell" and the other "keep". Flip it, and if you find yourself hoping it doesn't say "sell", then you aren't ready.

      Because a doll sits for a while, doesn't mean they're ready to move on ^^ Maybe they just need a little break.
    5. Usually I find that the mold of an older (or specifically first) just doesnt suit me anymore since tastes change over time. It's usually the actual character that I nostalgia over more than anything else. So I tend to move characters over to an 'upgraded' mold, which lets letting older/first dolls go much easier for me, personally.
    6. Ah yes I am in a similar situation myself.
      My style of dolls is changing; I'm looking more towards a fantasy/magical troupe and a few of my older dolls don't really fit into that. I'm already in the process of selling one of my original doll family, which is hard going because he was a sympathetic adoption from the marketplace and even now I'm not sure I'm making the right decision...we'll see.

      To be honest, I will never sell my first; an Iplehouse SooRi. Sure he doesn't and probably never will fit into the aesthetic of the doll family I'm envisioning and his posing ain't great. But there is too much memory there, too much love. I may never really photograph him again but it's a comfort to have him around when I need him there :aheartbea.
      I did try to sell him once for the reason I'm thinking of selling my others now. I got to the point where I was agreeing a price with a seller and I broke down in tears and couldn't go through with it, simply could not let go of him...
      So, my advice? Don't sell her if you still have a speck of doubt about doing so ;)
    7. I just had a thought that's swaying me towards wanting to sell: The money I'd get from selling her would go toward buying the body for an SD head I have that looks just like an older version of her. So its almost like I'm never actually losing her, she's just staying with me in a different form. Wait, does that sound kind of crazy or is it just me? xD
    8. Doesn't sound crazy at all, I haven't done it myself.. but I have seen others mention reshelling a character into an older doll as the character ages.

      I'm kinda in your situation though as well, though it's less nostalgia and more just not wanting to sell the doll. I got her looking how I want finally, and I'd originally bought her with the intention of her being kinda a 'chaos' character where her look changes a lot.. But I've bought her very little items and I just continue trying to work with her to get attached. (In fact I just finished restringing her ten minutes ago to help with the posability issues). Nothing has seemed to work.. and I don't want to buy more things for her if I'm going to just sell her in the end so it's kinda a lose-lose situation and yet.. I can't see myself selling her just yet.
    9. Since you'be asked for opinions, here's my two cents...if you had bought this doll yourself, I'd say go ahead and sell it. But because your doll was a Christmas gift from your Mother, I would treasure it. You are lucky to have a loved one that supports your hobby, and one day you may be really happy that you hung onto this doll that your Mother gave to you...because it reminds you of her and the special Christmas she gave it to you. :) Good memories like that are priceless in my opinion, and you can always find a way to save up for your next doll, and then the one you have now could become a little sister to that new larger one.

      Juli DC
    10. If you have any question about selling her, don't do it. You can get that sculpt again, but you will never get back the exact doll your Mom gave you as a gift. Just wait and save for the SD body you need unless you are absolutely positive and your Mom is ok with it (since it was her gift) you don't want to hurt her feelings.
    11. That. I'm sure your mother would be offended if you sold the doll.
    12. I think that if you're asking for opinions you're not quite ready to sell the doll. I'd hold on to her a little longer.

      I know you're probably sick of the stories, but I've got one more. My first doll and I never really 'clicked' straight off the bat. There were things that jarred with the character I had for him in my head and it seemed he was always fighting me - he didn't quite look right in clothes I bought him, he didn't suit the eyes I bought him, he looked better in another doll's wig than his own. I even toyed with selling him a few times, but I couldn't because he was my first. He fought me for about a year until I realised why.

      The doll wasn't the shell for Tyler - it was the shell for another character, Christian, who I had only ever half-formed in my mind. Once I saw it (when I was dressing him up for a haloween shoot in clothes that Ty would never, ever wear) the pieces just seemed to click into place. The new wig and clothes for Christian worked like a dream, so now Ty doesn't have a doll anymore (but he's still one of my favourite characters) and Christian is slowly making himself a home in my family. His personality has definetely settled, as has his appearance.

      The point is, two months ago if you had of asked me if I was going to sell Tyler, I would have been unsure, would have answered "I don't know." Now, if someone asked me if I would sell Christian, the answer is a definite "No."

      Things can change really quickly. I'd say that you shouldn't sell the doll unless you can definitely say "In a months' time, I won't regret this."
    13. I've always thought there is no point keeping a doll you don't enjoy owning, even if it has sentimental memories attached to it. Sentiment isn't enough for me to keep a doll, so I have sold the first three dolls I ever had. One was a gift, though with that one I did speak with those who gave me the gift to let them know why I was selling it as a courtesy to them. Even if they had raised objections, I still would have sold the doll, though. It was my decision to make.

      I know for me, the second I start looking at a doll and seeing $$$ that could be spent elsewhere, I'm done with it.
    14. Too attached to be able to sell any member of my resin crew, unless a seriously bad reason makes it strictly necessary.

      Have you ever been in this kind of situation before?
      Fortunately not, but I understand it may happen in several cases.

      If not, what would you do?
      I am a sentimental one. Never felt like that, but if I was not happy with any of my BJD, I am really afraid selling would be hard for me for the memories I have about him/her. I cannot tell whether I would be able to sell finally because of it.
    15. Im very sentimental i can't think sell my first doll is a elfdoll lydia, but I a one day i think keep on box several time I preffer sell her to one to bring much love as me for her.

      Is very sad think on it T_T hopefully never I need do.

    16. Not every doll needs to be sold...
    17. If you have a lot of doubts, it might be too soon. Or, some dolls are just meant to be pretty shelf-sitters, perhaps ;) But if you're looking at it thinking of what you could have instead, then perhaps there's a shift in the tide of your collection and the time has come to move on. In your situation I'd have a hard time deciding because it isn't easy to get rid of something that was a gift from someone close to me. I sold a doll that was a gift from someone once and I felt some guilt, but I plan to someday get a different doll to sorta represent the original sentiment which I don't think she'd mind--in this case she gave me money for a doll for my birthday and to date never saw the doll I chose, so in reality it may not matter to her which one it is so much as said doll makes me happy. In the end, a gift shouldn't have restrictions, once it is your possession, it should be your choice to do with it as you wish.