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Too little and too much

Aug 17, 2019

    1. We all have items we seem to just collect or horde...or just seem to magically come to us. Others remain enigmatic and aloof, much to our frustration.

      So what items do you have in excess and what items do you find yourself lacking?

      For me, I seem to find tons of accessories. What I lack are wigs and shoes. Yikes. Always want more clothes, but that's a given. XD
    2. Too much: props, furniture, room diorama stuff, eyes. Seems like every time I sell a bunch of stuff off, I find something else awesome I have to buy.

      Too little: shoes! Mostly because I can't ever find exactly what I want in the size I want, not leather. Also need more girl clothes. All of my girls are just different enough in size and proportion that they can't share much, and have very different colors/styles as well. One of them is really really hard to shop for.
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    3. Too many eye and wig rejects! I need to cull the wig drawer and the eye box now that I've really narrowed my wishlist and I'm truly comfortable taking a doll buying hiatus. I may not have everyone’s wig or eyes sorted perfectly yet but I have a decent sized stash of mistakes and things that no one is claiming.

      Too few guy shoes that aren't ridiculous goth boots! Fun but not with a tux, maybe! Too few ’large girl foot’ feminine shoes. Looking at you Unoss and Souldoll Zenith gals. You may all just get some kind of geta or okobo later this year and call it good for now!
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    4. I have too many wigs that did not work well for the doll they were originally intended for. A majority of my wigs will definitely go unused, but it is also a great way to figure out the right hair color and style before investing in a proper wig for a doll. I have a lot of spare eyes as well. I mainly use them to gauge the proper eye size for incoming dolls. This helps me save money that might have been wasted on too small/big eyes. :3nodding:
      As for the too little category... Dolls? :lol: I say I have a general lack of complete outfits for each doll. I want them all to wear high quality clothes. I really need to step up my sewing game. :sweat I am in need of more furniture and props as well.
    5. I honestly don't feel like I have too much of anything at the moment... can always do with more stuff lol! But if I had to choose, I would say necklaces? I mean, not really, but considering that I hardly use them :sweat yeaaaah...

      And as for too little, I could REALLY do with more eyes. Most of my dolls have random eyes that don't really suit them, but are "better than nothing."

      This is a fun thread! Thanks! :thumbup
    6. Well, too many umfinished projects in general. The range stretches from wigs over entire outfits up to a complete diorama. This bugs me so much now that I decided to step back from additional doll purchases. If I am being honest to myself, I have projects to not get bored for the rest of my lifetime. That may sound a bit drastic, but that's the way it is.
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    7. Oh this is such a fun prompt!

      Too many: wigs, tops- especially jackets & sweaters, floating heads/dolls (I'm all out of space to put them, but I love them all!)

      Not enough: pants, props & accessories, SHOES!

      I have a lot of eyes too, just not the right fit so I've got to keep looking :c
    8. Too many: Eyes and wigs.
      I don't change their looks very often. I feel bad because I have some really nice eyes I'd like do something with.

      Too little: YoSD clothes and shoes, MSD shoes, props, stands, and backgrounds.
      I'd take more photos of them if I had new places to do so. It's all grass, brick, wooden railing, and a tree. I only have a small Nintendo Switch, Hello Kitty Chinese take out box, and a shopping bag to use as props. My poor MDD only has her nice Mary Jane's to wear, even with her play clothes. My Tinies are such set in stone characters I find it hard to shop for them.
      I don't have an for excuse the stands. I didn't bring them with me when I moved. :•|
    9. I have too little everything since I only bought the bare minimum for my first doll and never explored further because I was way too broke but you know when I get my SD girl in she's gonna have 100s of outfits haha.
    10. Too many: wigs and eyes (I have a huge amount of shoes too but they are a necessity xD)

      Too little: Clothing, specially summer clothing for my SoulDoll Vito.
    11. Too much: Eyes and MSD clothes. I sew them the wear it once or twice and then I throw it in the box and thats it. o.o

      Too little: Shoes I don´t know why I don´t buy more shoes. SD clothes I have two SDs but just a few outfits. I love my SDs but to buy or sew clothes for them is not as much fun as to sew for MSD. v.v
    12. Too much: heads. So many heads. Heads everywhere.:nosebleed

      Too little: Clothes. Each doll has one outfit at present, with no spares. It’s hard for me to find clothes I like in sizes that fit (70cm average) and I like broader bodies.
    13. I'd say I had too many floating heads and extra eyes. I only just really started filling out my dolls' wardrobes the last couple of years and it takes me a bit to plan out and make things, cause I don't usually buy clothes all that often. And I need shoes. Not everyone has their poor tootsies covered... :(
    14. I only just got started in the hobby so I really don’t have a lot yet but I already have too many wigs. I bought a few thinking I could test them out and then the colors weren’t right so now I have a plethora of wigs.
    15. Clothes and wigs. I sew differently outfits every week for years now. My friend and I have been doing a project runway like challenge for dolls for going on 10 years. It started with our grocery store bride dolls from the 50's and then when I got my first bjd I started sewing for her. My friend is now in the end stages of cancer and we still meet but no sewing as of the past few months. I am going to miss her terribly but lots of good memories and doll clothes and stories to go with them.
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    16. Too many: wigs, clothes that aren't quite right, shoes that aren't quite right, floating heads

      Too few: clothes that are just right, shoes that are just right (Yes, those things are on both lists, what can I say?), eyes (lately), character ideas for the floating heads, doll bodies
    17. Too many: Eyes.

      Not enough: shoes! I have seven dolls and two pairs of shoes. 8'D but to be fair, most of them don't need shoes.
      I also don't have enough clothes or wigs.
    18. I have tons of wigs but I have only 2 pairs of shoes
    19. Too many: Wigs. I have so many SD wigs that I just couldn't tell were not going to work until I had them in hand, and that's after each of my dolls has 1-2 wigs that are "theirs". Eyes too, my dolls settle on one pair of eyes. I've got at least a half a dozen eyes.

      Not enough: Shirts, apparently. I just culled my own closet and a lot of the fabric with good patterns or small enough prints has been moved to the workbench for doll shirts.
    20. I don't think I have "too much" of something, my dolls need many things, hahaha.
      But I know what's not enough: SHOES!!! I just can't find what I'm looking for in the size I need.