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Too many plans

Mar 17, 2019

    1. Do any of you also have the issue of wanting to do so many things at the same time ? I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to making stuff myself, I wanna do everything myself so it's exactly how I have it in my mind. Like wigs, eyes, mods and clothes. I want to do all that at the same time, but every branch of that requires so many different matierals and also requires quite a bit of time. But will that stop me ???? no. no it won't.
      Do any of you have a similar issue or mindset ? Or am I the only one here that can't control herself.
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    2. I can't control myself too well when it comes to the purchasing of dolls for plans!

      Right now, I'm trying to focus on paying off the layaway on a Dollshe Grant Phillippe head [whose name I've been continuously spelling wrong...]. I've got one payment left to make, next month, and then I'm meant to be purchasing a new body for the doll in my avatar.

      But, I've got the urge to buy another doll. It's not an impulse one, it's actually one I've got a solid plan for, but I've got other plans to work through first!! I've got floating heads that need bodies!!!

      I mean, I'm currently trying to convince myself to deviate, with the fact that the full doll I want is cheaper than the body I need. :doh
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    3. Haha I'm the same way! I want to do it all myself, and I love every bit of it, but a lot of the time I get so excited I end up drowning in it all. But we're having fun and that's the whole point, right? :lol:
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    4. I have so many plans of things I want to do! My biggest issue is the follow through, like actually finishing those projects. If it gets boring, or I find something else I’d rather do, I’m off and another unfinished project gets added to the I’ve gotta finish these someday list. I’m trying to focus on only one project at a time so my finish rate will go up.
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    5. I know this feeling very well! I am a picky perfectionist so it can definitely take longer to finish a doll. I have so many plans and some of them keep changing as I think about new plans and ideas. :sweat There's a ton of stuff I would like to accomplish and the list just continues to grow! It can be seen as something of a problem, but I do like that it keeps me busy. :abambi:
    6. Oh me too! I have too many things I want to do. I don't finish things before I am all crazy inspired by something else. While I do work best rotating through several different projects at a time, if I'm not careful I start a lot and finish little. So, lately I'm trying to follow the "you can only start another project by checking one off your list" rule. It's helping, though I still have to catch myself.
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    7. I have too many plans, but I can't stand starting something new before finishing the last project. If I have multiple projects going, I'll feel overwhelmed with clutter and end up giving up on them all and throwing them out. I just end up with lists of things that never get started!
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    8. Oh that's me for sure. Within 4 months of knowing about BJDs I bought Fairyland Rens, Eva, Ine, Carol, Cygne full sets. I am now branching off into non full sets. I'm wanting to buy different outfits, wigs, eyes. Its so fun. I have a few outfits set aside for future dolls.
      I have a list of 6 dolls I'm wanting to get. Money wise I HAVE to wait though and its killing me lol!
      I bought a bunch of supplies to do faceups. Did one, about to start another. Doing elf ear mods. Next I'm wanting to make wigs. Eventually try sewing.
    9. Yes, just today my plans switched around. I’m so disappointed in myself because this makes things complicated. I should honestly just focus on the dolls I have now instead of worrying about future dolls...
    10. I totally have a bunch of projects that I'm currently flitting in between. I have a foldable doll "room box" that I'm trying to fill with furniture. A plan for sewing items to fill out wardrobes. Making my own wigs for dolls ( just finished my first pinytail wig and I need to remake it). And I'm currently working on resin eyes too. And I have five different dolls coming that need shoes, as well as shoes for the ones I already have cause they all share the same few pairs. Wherher they fit the characters style or not. I just have way too many things going on, honestly. Oh, and I'm putting together a new storage cabinet for them too. It's all built, but now I have to put the foam on the shelves after I cut spaces for the dolls to fit in. It's been my dream to have a storage cabinet since I started this hobby. Especially since most of my dolls are second hand and don't have their own boxes.
    11. I do this all the time. The only one of my dolls who is "complete" is the one that came as a fullset. ALL the rest still need shoes or accessories or new eyes or a new face or one of a dozen different possible outfits... all of which I plan to make myself, of course, which means it'll be a long time before that's all done. :P
    12. I am the worlds worst for getting over excited and have a million idea running around my head but as I have got older I have learnt to control myself I bit more so at the moment I have two aims to get better at photographing my BJDs and to make a little box room for my Pukifee
    13. Relatable!

      I write all of my plans on an index card each, and keep them in an Unstarted/WIP/Finished envelope set, so if I get any new bright ideas I can just stuff them in the "unstarted" envelope and forget about them.

      I also find it helpful to keep project journals. This helps me pick up an old project again, more easily than starting a new one.
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    14. Yes, I am absolutely guilty of that. Not many of my dolls are truly finished. I consider just one fully done including his custom stand. But I also tend to come back to projects. E.g. if I learnt new techniques or find better materials I tend to redo things.
    15. Mee too! >.< I want to be able to make wigs, eyes, shoes, clothing, and i even wanted to try dabbling in some sculpting haha to make headdress and etc. But time is definitely not our friend, so i'm going to just have to tackle one thing at a time slowly xD
    16. For me this is props and especially clothes. There are so many projects laying around that were more fun to start than complete.
    17. i can definitely empathise with having too many plans... i've got so much i want to do with my current dolls and dolls i haven't even bought or are planning to buy yet... mods especially are my weak point, i just can't stop myself from bringing out the sandpaper!
      it can be a bit overwhelming at times, but it's nice to have different projects that you can focus on if you get bored of another
    18. I feel the exact same way! I have so many plans and want a doll ASAP that I have to remind myself to slow down. I kept debating and debating if I wanted my first doll recently. I knew if I bought one, I would've wanted to buy more clothes and props to make me feel satisfied. I have some future career plans that involve me moving to a different country if I get accepted, so I decided once I settle in there maybe I'll buy a doll instead. I think that really helped me out figure out my priorities before I rush into things!
    19. Yes! My sister has told me to slow down, and she is my #1 fan of my BJDs! Earlier this year I got a burst of inspiration for my 2 storylines and I have 6 new dolls I want to shell. But I don’t want to slow down!
    20. I know the feeling too well! I have 3 faceups, clothes, and shoes to work on. I finally made myself focus on the doll I'm having issues bonding with. I want to love her, so all this time I have to put in has got to help. Fingers crossed anyway!