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Too much too fast?

Aug 19, 2009

    1. Hi,

      I'm "kinda" new to the BJD scene, besides browsing galleries and doll molds.
      In May I ordered my first BJD, a Brownie Tiny.

      I got my parents to buy me a DOC for my xmas/birthday present.
      Then I saw a Luts Bory on the marketplace so I ordered him myself.
      And THEN I saw a Luts Cherry on the marketplace and I really really wanted him >.<
      But I stopped myself, though I'm feeling regrets to not getting him.

      And I haven't even had one arrive to me yet (Brownie should come Thursday)

      My question is :

      Do you think that's too much too fast?
      How long was it till you got your first BJD?
      How has it been since you got your first?
      What do you do to stop the urges?

      :( I think I'm getting obsessed. Just wanted to know everyone's thoughts.
      o.o If there's a thread like this anywhere, please tell me. Sorry if I made a new one.
    2. Hmm... I think that, for me, that DEFINITELY would have been too much too fast! However, different people work in different ways. <3
      I've very obsessed with BJDs, but for me to maintain a hobby steadily a couple things need to happen;
      1. I need to WANT something in/from that hobby (for example, I WANT certain BJDS, or with an MMORPG, I WANT to get a certain item that's only available at a certain level)
      2. I need to be able to take breaks. (Again, for example, I come and go with BJDS--during the summer I super obsess, then I chill out a bit again during the school year!)
      3. It needs to remain about the same as it was when I started (I only have an MMO example with this, but for example, I get tired of playing MMOs when I get high-level because it becomes such a pain to level up/play!)

      So, had I ordered two-three dolls at once as soon as I got into BJDs, I think it would have been bad for me! But since I was broke, I ended up with Allura several months after starting research, and now (over a year later), I'm a month or two away from ordering my DOT Shall.

      However, like I said, different people work in different ways! Don't be too discouraged that you did buy so many at once, because it may turn out to be the way you live with the hobby. <3
    3. It's only too much if you find yourself not able to meet/reach your other financial needs/responsiblities, I think. (And I've been borderline there way too often lately. Ugh.)

      I got my first BJD in May (ordered in March), ordered two more tinies soon after, and then my first SD, so that by the end of the month of May I had one in my possession and three on the way. I ended up selling the tinies, and just recently got my SD. Do I regret it? I think I regret my obsessive collecting of clothing for them more, actually, and that is where I probably spent too much money, but that tends to be what happens to me anytime I get into something new and shiny. And then I settle and get smarter and do more research.

      I know what I want for my next doll, but I've set a goal for myself that I have to either a- pay off a certain amount on a credit card first or b- get a set list of extra stuff I have laying around sold off before I'm allowed to order. Only way I seem to be able to excercise some self-control from all the awesomeness.
    4. It kinda made me jealous that you had the means to, but if you can order that many that soon, why not? The only thing is that if you decide the hobby isn't for you, you'll have more to put up for sale.

      And how long was it till you got your first BJD? Do you mean since discovery, or since ordering? I discovered bjds... probably around... August 2007? My first arrived March 2008, my second June 2008, and I'm waiting for my third.

      And reality stops my urges. xD My parents helped me pay for my first doll and the boy I have on the way. I paid for my tiny with babysitting money, but she was around $150, while the other two were around $400. I'm going to have to get a job to pay for the next, and she'll set me back about $600... and I'll be lucky to get employed.
    5. ._. That's another thing. I have no source of income and well, student loans are going to kill me when I get out which will be in about another year or so. Hopefully I'll get employed right out of school...but...I dunno.

      I'm a materialistic person >.< ugh!

      After thinking about it. I canceled my order of DOC U. So my count is 2.
      Though the urge to get CHERRY is high .-.

      Thank you everyone :) I'm glad I'm not totally getting in over my head >.<
    6. well, i think im going a little too fast as well.

      My dad had just got me an Angell-Studio Momo for me a few weeks ago, but right now im waiting for my Hua Lian from Angell-Studio, my mom told me that if i babysit my little brother for the whole month, I can get another doll, so im planning to get a DollZone Chen soon,then planning on getting Mo for Christmas..

      ..i guess im ordering too much O.O i'll just get Chen for now then ^^"

      I've limited myself to only 5 dolls, and once I've got my Hua Lian,Chen and Mo, i'll already reach my limit.
    7. I think as long as you're meeting your other responsibilities, it will work out. I've definitely gone very fast - I only got my first doll in December 08, the next came a month after, and then they started to speed up. I think it's slowing down, now... once the body which is on the way comes I may not have any new ones until Christmas or after (barring ridiculously great marketplace deals falling into my lap). Fall and early winter are busy times for me anyway so I'll slow down on new dolls and try to focus on clothes and things for the ones I have. I want to challenge myself to do stories more often, and things like that.
    8. Do you think that's too much too fast?
      I can't really dictate how fast you should collect your dolls. As long as you can still pay your bills, don't waste your savings that was meant for something important like education or emergencies, and you continue to do essential stuff like sleeping, eating and keep in contact with your family and friends, fast is just fast.
      I'm in the hobby for 2,5 years and have bought over 20 dolls. Sometimes I scratch myself behind the ears and think "Is this smart?", but I'm having loads of fun in the process and don't get into financial trouble.

      How long was it till you got your first BJD?
      A month. I was actually thinking I didn't want one, but my parents kept asking what I wanted as a graduation gift and I figures I could ask them to buy me one, because it would be unlikely I would buy one myself any time soon. How wrong I was. XD

      How has it been since you got your first?
      As I mentioned I have bought over 20 dolls (and countless of heads), so you can take a deep breath and stop feeling bad for buying 3 dolls and getting one as a gift. ;)

      What do you do to stop the urges?
      I once tried to tell everybody I was saving up money for a Volks Reisner so that every time I was tempted to buy another doll I would remind myself of my goal: Saving up for a Reisner. It worked until a month later someone told me about an eBay auction with a Reisner head that was too good to ignore and I got the head and a different body. That was the end of that plan. XD

      Reality is indeed a good urge controler. I love spending money on my dolls, but now and then I need some money to do nice things with my family and friends. ;)
    9. Heh, I feel like I'm moving too fast and I don't evne have my first doll yet! I found a doll I reaaaallly wanted, and started to out money towards it. Now there's a growing list of what I want and can see buying...to me for my budget, just looking that seriously is moving too fast! Does this make me a doll-prude? XD
    10. Personally, that would seem a lot without even recieving my first. But its your decision in the end ^^

      I've had Kori since December 1st 2008, he's my first doll land will definately not be my last. After seeing him and playing around a bit, I wish I was able to order dolls as quickly as you :lol: My second doll is a Bobobie Moonie that I ordered earlier this week...so I had to wait a while. But I'm already saving towards another, and figuring out when I can get the 4th xDD

      So I'm moving fairly quickly in my books too lol.
    11. Wowzers xD. It's not too much if you can handle it.

      I wish I could get many dolls at once xDDDD

      Tenshi took a little while to get. because I wanted one for a long time and then I was offered him and I was liek SQUEAL and jumpe don him xD, But his face wasn't what I wanted and then a demon child detroyed his face up, catalysting me to get him a nice one and then turned into th eperfect Tenshi just recently which was...like a week ago an dI've had Tenshi since March xD

      but I just bought another dollie so he could be for Christmas. he's an AS Lucifer.

      the way I buy dolls is based on my characters so of course it's likeO:: PERTY DOLL but then I relax and think aobut which character the doll could possibly and then if the result is 0, I have no reason to want the doll, I just liek the face. xD. So if I were to get that doll, it wouldn't be a true love relationship like I have with Tenshi and my soon to be Luci(efer)

      and Kuro who wil be a Saint >w<!

      that was long
    12. I got my four very quickly in a short space of time this year and while there are a lot of dolls out there I would like, I keep telling myself I need to wait until next year to buy another. However, I am currently trying to lose weight, primarily through exercise and I have promised myself that the day I can do my ultimate bike trip (18 miles) in one piece, I can buy myself another dolly. I'm almost up to 7 miles now.
    13. Do you think that's too much too fast?
      no one can know if youre moving too fast but you. as its been said, if you can truly afford it, then who cares? but some people do feel overwhelmed in having many dolls at once. if yours all come in and youre ok with getting more, then get more. again, just make sure buying them doesnt interfere with important things like eating XD

      How long was it till you got your first BJD?
      i discovered them in 2005 or 6 but the circumstances were such that i didnt really discover them until late 2007. i waited 6 months, to really make sure i wanted to spend 600 on a doll (i really did!!), to save the money, and to make sure the one i wanted was right for his character and the one i really wanted. i have yet to wait that long for any doll since him...

      How has it been since you got your first?
      over a year. i got him last may. the funny thing is when xmas hit i only had 7 dolls, three of which ive since sold...i has way more than that now.

      What do you do to stop the urges?
      this is a tough one...i think an easy way to stop yourself from buying dolls is just to...not do it? wait, even if its a few minutes to hours. if i see a doll on impulse and want it i usually think about what i'll do with it, who it will be and if and why i really want it. ive stopped getting dolls that arent my characters. i dont bond with them and they go up for sale. there are some molds i really love but will probably never own, and some that i never thought id like *coughELandRyucough* that are perfect for their character and so i love them for it.

      then there are dolls like my breakaway who i came up with the perfect character for in about 5min the day he went up for sale...thats how i knew i had to get him. if i cant do that with a doll i have no pre-character for, i dont get it.
    14. EDIT: Changed my mind since then! Please ignore me. :XD:
    15. Is it too much too fast? That's up to you to decide, because it's different for everybody. There is no one right way to go about this. I got my first bjd less than a week after I found out about abjds--though, he was an LE only available during an order period, so it wasn't something I could really put off. That was over four years ago, and yes, I still enjoy getting knew dolls. How often I buy/how much I spend depends on how much extra cash I happen to have after other stuff is taken care of. I don't try and stop wanting new dolls, I just try and use some sense when it comes to large expenditures of money.
    16. LOL...

      Okay. I'll be mother here, in the land of 'decide for yourself'.

      Good grief, darling! Love one doll while you're in school, get a good job, repay your student loan obligations and then work on your doll collection. I see by your post #5 that you have, actually, decided to limit yourself and I think you're wise.

      The one doll (or two since you are being gifted) will provide you with company and an artistic outlet, and you will feel proud of yourself for honoring your financial situation.

      Good for you!

      PS...it really IS your decision...but I think you made a smart one <3
    17. Do you think that's too much too fast? Everyone is different so I wouldn't worry to much. If you are feeling overwhelmed at some point, try taking a break =]

      How long was it till you got your first BJD? I was looking at BJD for a few years D: but I fully decided on getting one the start of Nov.2008 and ordered Nov.14th 2008 ;D

      How has it been since you got your first? It has been pretty cool. I have gotten a KDf Ani boy, A KDF Ttori and a Souldoll Winy since I ordered my first (DoD leya)and a puki is coming for x-mas!

      What do you do to stop the urges? I remember that I dont have the money and my family wont fork any over till x-mas or b-day! D:
    18. Do you think that's too much too fast?
      Maybe. But I like to pace myself in everything I do so things don't loose their importance. If I got one BJD after another then the waiting and the opening might not be as fun anymore to me. But that's just because I get bored with the same thing. (Which is why I have so much on my to-learn list.)

      How long was it till you got your first BJD?
      I joined DoA in June and Sanyu got to me at the end of October. So about 4 months, counting the month before I caved and joined DoA.

      How has it been since you got your first?

      It's been great. I've had her for almost 2 years now but it feels a lot longer than that. I've gotten better at a lot of things, gained some confidence, and have made great new friends because of my dolly. She's still my only doll.

      What do you do to stop the urges?
      Not much I can do. You see, I don't have the money to just give into my urges. So I guess my lack of funds is the only thing keeping me away from the 'add to cart' button.

      That and I am actually really bad about spending money. Not bad as in I spend a ton of it, but bad as in I don't normally spend any of it. Ever. I'm used to not having much so I see things in dollar bills most of the time. I always insist that people not buy anything for me and when they do (even if it's just something off the dollar menu at a fast food place) I thank them repeatedly up to the point of almost being annoying. So I honestly don't have it in me to ask for a doll as a present. I'm trying to get up the guts to ask for a puki for Christmas, but right after buying a doll later this fall for myself I'm not sure I'll be able to manage it. I've tried asking for doll money, but that doesn't work out so well as everyone seems to think that money is an 'impersonal' gift.

      So that's what stops my urges and has kept me at one doll for almost 2 years now.
    19. Haha, Thanks Merangel.

      I know I'm being silly and that it's really only my decision. Guess I just needed some reassurance. :sweat

      I guess it's the way I shop...?
      I'm very indecisive about when to buy things that I know I want at some point. (usually it drives my friends insane when I drag them to a store two or three times >.<)
      I know I want that DOC U, but he's not going away (hopefully) so that gave me a ok to cancel that order.
      But the CHERRY is in the marketplace and he's not going to stay there even if I want him to.
      My silly internal dilemma. Hope I don't drive the DOA-ians here crazy.
    20. Do you think that's too much too fast?
      That really depends on the person. I know someone on the forums who bought four dolls before she had received any and she seems to pace well with them. Pretty much, I think that if the individual finds that they are buying dolls too fast, it probably means that they are.

      How long was it till you got your first BJD?
      Hmm, I'd known about BJDs for about seven months before I ordered my first. While actually waiting for it to come, it took about three months.

      How has it been since you got your first?
      It's really not been bad. I had plans to own about 3 dolls by now. One MSD, one SD, and one other who knows what doll. Instead I have two little MSD girls, and I really had a hard time going through with buying the second despite the fact that I really wanted her.

      What do you do to stop the urges?
      Sometimes I really have to stop and think about what I want in a doll. I force myself to be picky, tell myself that I don't need it, and do stuff like buy clothes for the doll(s) I already have. I really don't have the space for a large collection yet, and that also helps keep my developing doll collection in check.