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Torso Joints: Poll

Mar 5, 2010

  1. No joints

  2. One joint (two part)

  3. Two joints (three part)

  4. 4+ joints

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. I was just wondering how many torso joints people prefer on their dollies, so I thought I'd put up a poll.:) Personally I prefer single joint, or two part torsos, I only have one doll with a double jointed torso, and I had a HARD time bonding with her.
    2. Interesting, I'd never seen this come up in general discussion, or if it did, I've missed it. I am a diehard single-jointed doll fan, it seems. Any double jointed I've had, it was impossible to bond with. I like the look and feel of 1 jointed torsos even if their posability is more limited.
    3. I love the half-turn one-jointed torsos can do - beyond one joint, it seems sort of superfluous to me; no offense to the people who love more than one joint! :)
    4. I prefer single joints, but for me the number of joints is less important than the placement, I LOATHE any body that only has a joint at the waist or hipline, and none in the chest. I must have a chest joint and have made most of my dolls into hybrids to fix this issue. In fact I only have one doll now with a hip joint, my vamp Yder, and he is meant to be a very vertical teenager who oddly enough is very prissy and does not slouch
    5. I seem to be the first multi-joint lover XDD
      I like my DZ 70 boy. I also have a thing for slouching ;D It looks so much more natural to me, and I love the fact that my boy can lay on his belly and bend up so he can still put his hand under his chin ^^
      I love his posing, it's awesome. Looks real to me ^^ He can do almost all teh same poses as minifee a-line bodies!!! -another double torso win- but I don't know how I feel about 4+ torsoes... that might be weird... o.0
    6. I actually prefer the aesthetic look of no torso joint. I tolerate 2 well and enjoy the possibility and I will do 3 if the doll poses super well and I love other aspects of the body sculpt (and that is just how the dolls default body comes). 4 or more I just do not like the look of and would rather not own a doll with that many joints, but I will if it a rare doll and that is the body it comes with.
    7. no joint makes doll not very posable. i have dolls with both one joint, and none. must say one joint is just perfect. more than one might look creepy. must be careful with that one
    8. I love the added flexibility of multiple torso joints, but there's just something about the solid feel of a doll with no torso joints. My Volks SD10 body has become my favorite to handle and play with because she just feels wonderful and solid to hold. When it comes to pictures, I do like the added joint, it helps the doll pose more naturally.
    9. I prefer to have a chest joint, I don't mind the line cutting up the torso.
    10. I generally think one or two joints is best. Adding more can be good for posing, but too many joints and the torso starts looking kind of like a centipede or something! No joints certainly looks nice, but I wouldn't want to sacrifice the posing potential for it.
    11. While non-jointed torsos look nice unclothed, they're tough to restring and don't pose well for obvious reasons. Three-part torsos tend to be more effort than they're worth, IMO, although this isn't always the case.
    12. I'm happy with 2 so far. My dolls will probably never be displayed without their torsos covered though... My love of fully-clothedness is transferred into my dolls, though.

      I could see trying 3+ though. I'd have to play with it, and decide if I thought it was more or less real.
    13. Interesting question! My Megu has an unjointed torso (which looks so gorgeous photographed), while my Narae, Rosy, Zaoll have two-part torsos. I think the two part adds some posability, but some sculpts can have snappy two-part torsos. My three boys have three-part torsos and I like that quite a bit. XD
    14. I don't care if it's a two-part or three-part torso, as long as there's a joint just under the chest or ribs. I want my dolls to be able to slouch and bend, it adds to the expressiveness.
    15. I didn't used to like three part-torsos, but after getting my Mano, I have to say I wish all my dolls had multiple-part torsos (4+).
      Aesthetically speaking, I don't believe it is the amount of joints that take away from the look, but the way the sculpt is done
      to begin with. Some dolls are sculpted so well, that their joints are practically seamless, but others are not so well done, so their joint-lines
      are almost eye-sores. I would love to own dolls with seamless multiple jointed torsos (but more joints on the rest of the body wouldn't hurt either!).

      - Enzyme ^ ^
    16. I LOVE a well engineered torso joint. Granted, if they're not 'well' engineered they can be kind of annoying to work with always popping into poses you don't want them to be in. But a well made one, OMG L:aheartbeaVE.
    17. I like the 2 or 3 part torsos. Really I wouldn't like if there was no joint at the ribs. Slouching just looks more natural.
    18. I've never owned a non-jointed torso, but I'd love to! The look is amazing, and I'm sure I wouldn't mind it at all. I prefer as few torso joints as possible. Ormie has 2, but I like 1 or less. The body looks better, and feels better. I always feel like I'm playing with an action figure with more joints, not a doll. :( Having said that, there is a poseability feature that you don't get with non-jointed, or single jointed dolls. And sometimes that's pretty desirable too.
    19. I only own one larger doll, and he has a 3 part torso. I really love the poses he can do with it, but sometimes it looks like he's wearing flesh-colored boxers that have a weener on them. =/
      It takes away from the delicacy that his character, and therefore his doll, should have, but it isn't that big of a problem because he's always wearing clothes.

      My puki has a two-part torso, which doesn't limit posability because his torso is so small! He can't do the fetal position, but I like the way it looks.

      I love the souldoll double body because it has the perfect mix of posability and aesthetics. It has three parts, but the hip part is so thin that it doesn't look unnatural.
    20. I can't really decide... I like the aesthetics better with no joints, but I also like the posing better with one or two. Once it gets more than that the aesthetics tend to get "displaced" in favor of posability.