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Totally different resin colour between same company and same skintone?

Oct 6, 2011

    1. Please combine this into other threads if there's already topic of similar thing.

      I do have been aware of the fact that there might be some changes among the same resin colour from the same company. However, I've never experienced it before by myself so I have no idea that is this much of difference considered as normal.

      I bought myself Impldoll realskin 65cm male body almost year ago, in December 2010. This summer my friend wanted that I would order her Impldoll female head. I explained her Impl realskin tone and how it matches my other dolls. So she settled with realskin also.
      The head was ordered into my address and I started to look that the head looks very brownish. Then I took the body and the head outside to take some comparsion. Well, you can see that the difference is totally noticeable. I was very surprised to see this.
      First thing that got my mind that they've sent tan skin by accident, but I have seen tan Impldoll before and it is way more darker. The head tone really looks like very light tan in person.

      So my point is: is that much of resin difference between same skintone among one company considered as normal variety with different resin batches? And how usual is it anyways to get such noticeable difference in skintones?

    2. Different skin tones even within the same company is something we've all got to accept in this hobby, I'm afraid. For some companies their resin colour will vary from batch to batch within the same year, even! The other thing to take into account is the colour additive in the resin itself that could be changing colour, this could be yellowing, or it could be certain pigments not lasting as long as others.

      Some companies' resin colour is more constant than others, in my experience Volks and Fairyland have consistent resin colours from year to year, whereas Soom's cream white will mellow to a nice ivory colour after a year or so, so it will no longer match new cream white parts.

      Blushing and using sealant can change the colour of the resin for as long as the face-up or blushing and sealant lasts. MSC has been known to make dark tans lighter (not permanently though!), so spraying layers of MSC over the head should make the head paler to match the body.
    3. Part of it could be that your body has aged over the year you've had it and the color shifted a little. Part of it could be that they changed their formulas. I THINK I read that Impldoll at some point in the last year? changed their resin completely, which would affect the colors between the 'new' resin and the 'old' resin. If they're both from after the resin change over, part of it could just be batch-to-batch difference...but it shouldn't be THAT dramatic a difference unless they're changed their resin, or the formula for the color, or your body has changed color more than you thought in the year you've had it.

      Whatever the cause, though, if your friend find a body they like that's close to the head color, they can blush the head, or get it blushed, to match the body with custom face-up.
    4. They have changed their resin completely, though I'm not sure exactly when. I have a natural skin child body from January 2010, my sister just got her boy a couple of weeks ago and they are VERY different. My boy is French resin and has a yellowish tint (not yellowing, he's always had it) and her boy is pinker and urethane resin!

      Though yours and your friend's both appear to be urethane resin, so I think it's just a variance in the resin batches. I've seen variances that noticeable in other brands too. My sister has a DZ pink boy body that is clearly lighter than most NS-P DZ dolls. Blue Blood varies too, as my friend's boy is a lot darker than mine but they are supposedly the same skintone.
    5. Yes I also did wonder if it (atleast part of the case) would be because of the faceup and the coatings as it was ordered with custom faceup, but then I turned the head around and the colour is really solid even in the places where it isn't blushed or coated and it's indeed casted in that tone.

      What I remember about arrival of that body, it has always been on the more yellow side of normal/realskin. I have Elfdoll homme skin head which resembles this newer Impl head tone and the body has never been on that shade.

      And now that I read that they would have changed resin formula, that might just be the case or big part of it. That was also one of my first thoughts that they would simply have changed the RS tone, or in this case, whole resin.
    6. Yes, companies do change their resin formulas over the years, sometimes with drastic results. It could be experimentation; maybe the earlier batches just weren't what they truly had in mind for that color, so the next year's batch will be different. Or it could also be availability; maybe they stopped being able to get the pigments they used to use. Or it could be business; maybe they switched casting-facilities, for any number of reasons.

      My 2006-7 cream-white Soom Namu was more ivory to start with (and yellowed less) than my cream-white Soom Vega of 2008. My friend's Soom Chrom ('09), who was putatively Normalskin, arrived with a vivid peach coloring that I'd never seen on any Soom Normalskin doll up till that point.

      Iplehouse's current Normalskin is way different from their original Normalskin... I have a 2006 Louis head that I'll never be able to find a matching body for without resorting to blushing. And Iplehouse's very first attempt at Tan resin (tan Soo Ri in '05) is far lighter and redder and glossier than their current browns & tans, such that he looks like another company cast him. Iples have gotten to be extremely consistent since then, with their coloring, but my 2009 tan Soo Ri does definitely have more green pigment in him than my 2007 tan Lion or 2010 tan Luo... such slighter variations will still continue to happen normally.

      In the case of Impldoll, it sounds like they just felt like changing from urethane to French type resin (for artistic reasons? economic? who knows), throwing a wrench into many people's plans. That's quite a shift! But, as with any change that a company decides to make, you either adapt & cope with it, or go shop elsewhere.