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Touching your own doll's face

May 19, 2010

    1. Lots of threads about having strangers touch your doll's face, but what about your own? Do you do it? Do you think they're durable enough to withstand a little face touching?

      I sometimes touch my SO's doll in the face to help pose him... But I never touch him at all unless my hands are 100% clean (including sweat and so on-- I always go wash my hands before I pick him up if there's even a hint of uncleanliness on them), and besides, I did the faceup; if I did rub it off I'd be the one whose time and effort got eaten up doing it over. I think the face is durable enough for me to hold it by the cheeks or chin so I can tilt his head without mussing his hair, and like I said, my hands are always clean.

      I find that, one, it's easier to pose dolls if you let yourself get all up in their faces, and two, they are made to be durable enough for some light playing-with. They're not meant to be up on a shelf; they're meant to be held and carried around and dressed and coddled and fussed over. So face-touching seems like something inevitable and planned-for, to me. But I hear so much worry about people touching faces and I'm just not sure how much of a real worry this is.
    2. I commissioned my doll's faceup and don't trust my ability to restore it, so I am very careful to not touch her face. Sometimes I'll touch the chin, ears, or forehead, but I try to keep my hands off the nose, lips, eyes, and cheeks--areas where there is clearly visible faceup elements that could be scratched or rubbed off. I like to make sure my hands are clean before I touch her, but I'm not strict about it.

      Faceups don't last forever, but I don't want to need hers redone too frequently, so I try to be conscious.
    3. I tend to get really squeamish about having their faces touched, or doing it myself. Like, even when I brush the hair out of his eyes, I really wince if I catch his eyebrows or something by accident. I don't know how realistic it is for me to be so picky, since I'm really only going by what I've heard; it would be nice to have more professional opinions.
    4. I never touch my doll's faces. If I have to move their head, I go with the chin. If a hair is in their face, that's where it stays unless I can move it out of the way without touching their face just a tiny bit. 0.o I'm so afraid of messing their face-ups up even if they can always be repainted.
    5. I don't touch her lips/nose/eyes/cheeks often, but I do touch her ears and chin to help me pose her head. And the occasional pushing eyelashes up..
    6. I do all my dolls' faceups myself, so I have no problem touching their faces. If the faceup rubs, which in itself is unlikely, I'll simply wipe it and do an even better one. :3
    7. I suppose it depends what you use your dolls for... when I get mine I'll play with him as much as possible... and while I'll be careful I won't be too fussy to relax... Just watch out for greasy fingers and the like I guess. :)
    8. It's still easy to pose my dolls without touching their faces so I avoid it as much as possible. I didn't do their face-ups and I'd like them to last. Unfortunately for my Migidoll Miho boy, as careful as I am, the blushing is rubbing off on and below his ears (places on his head where I do touch). :(
    9. Since I do all mine myself, I don't worry about touching their faces. With my dollshe it can't be avoided, as his faceplate loves to fly off so I have to grab it where ever before it hits the ground. I don't mind myself touching their faces but I get a little angry when someone else does.
    10. I touch cheeks and chin and forhead, but not eyes or lips. I'm careful but not overly so, I would never handle my dolls with gloves because of the connection that comes from direct contact. I was just thinking today about how my newest dolls already don't smell like resin anymore... ): I feel more in touch with them when I touch their faces sometimes. /crazy doll lady! xDD

      and like others have said, I don't mind touching their faces (because I know my own hands are clean) but when it's somebody else I get a little squeamish!
    11. I touch mine all the time really. I don't feel like being super duper careful when nothing has happened before, One of my dolls has had the same faceup since january 2009 and it's been touched to death, but still flawless. I'm not scared about ruining anything really.
      I don't do it on purpose, but I don't go out of my way to not touch them.
    12. I touch my dolls' faces. Not often, but I do. Especially those I've done the face-ups on myself. I'm more careful with those who have company faces that I've enhanced. I figure it's my doll, I got it to enjoy it and play with it, and if I mess up the face, then I get the enjoyment of doing a new one.
    13. Mine get touched with impunity, and I've never had the faceups wear off. Maybe it's because my faces aren't particularly complicated (they're self-done), but it's just not been a problem - You'd have to have pretty sticky, sweaty, greasy, crisp-dust-laden, grubby hands to do any real damage.
    14. I'm really not too cautious about my two doll heads, because I do their faces myself every few weeks. However, If there's one that I like I will not touch it. If I want to move the head, I touch the bottom of the chin, or the sides of the head. If there is dust or hair I brush it out of the way with a soft fluffy brush. I also don't touch my puki's face because he has a default face-up. I grab his ears or his headback.
    15. I try not to, but I don't worry too much about it. I did most of my dolls' faceups, and I'm pretty confident I could re-do them. I'm slightly more careful with my one commissioned faceup and one factory faceup, but I try not to get too hung up about it. I try to pose their heads from the back, and when they get hair in their face, I blow on it instead of brushing it away with my fingers. I do try to wash my hands before handling my dolls (and definitely before handling anyone else's), but I don't wear gloves or anything like that.
    16. I had the luck of having him before his face up! It was runnin' all the way!(okay that did nOT sound right,lol)

      When I handled my friends doll, I used a trick of holding the back of
      his head and turning his head using the underside of his chin.

      That to me is the best way to 'grip'.
      Otherwise I'm scared to smudge them. @@
    17. Yup, I touch the faces all the time too. I haven't had my dolls for years though... Gabriel's been with me for half a year now I think. But he's just got a new face-up last week, so I can't really compare. Nothing happened before, and it didn't seem like the faceup was going to come off very easily.

      But then I seal mine with purity seal and not MSC, I don't know... might make a difference? After all, purity seal is for miniatures which are touched lots (you know, Warhammer stuff). Also, I don't wash my hands specifically for dolls, but I wash my hands like... after every meal, and generally. So maybe like 4-8 times a day?

      BTW, I'm thinking, if the face-up is rubbing off around the ears, it might be partially because that area is sealed "less" than the face itself. When I spray the sealant on, I try to catch all the areas, but mainly I'm concerned about the front - it's the most important to be properly sealed for further face-up layers, so I make sure it's done well. I imagine most face-up artists, while trying to make sure all areas are sealed, will probably seal the face best? I dunno, just a theory.

      I couldn't care less if other people touched my dolls faces... unless they're doing it with clearly dirty hands or in a creepy way or something.

    18. This is pretty much me. I only have a couple of dolls whose face ups I didn't do myself and only two have default face-ups. I am careful with my dolls but if their is hair in their face (and there almost always is) I brush it out of the way gently. I don't touch cheeks, noses, lips or eyes often but I'm not too worried about doing so either. I can always just re-do their faces. Only my Lu-wen's face up would really upset me if it got messed up, and he is over a year old now. I know eventually he is going to wind up needing a new one.
    19. I find myself trying to tuck hair behind ears or brushing it out of my dolls face and I actually rubbed off one of my dolls eyebrows doing that!!!
      I gave me an excuse to get him a new face up but now I am more careful I still touch the forehead, chin, or ears to help with posing but I don;t rub on his cheeks or eyes, and I don't stroke his face for no reason. I touch his face sometimes in posing or in passing but I am very careful and I know if I have to get a new face up for him it is my own fault