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Toy Fair 2006 in Nuremburg - Volks is there!!

Feb 5, 2006

    1. Yesterday I went to the international toy fair in nuremburg. ( I life near nuremburg) In the first hall I saw a stand from a special company: Volks! Since I heared from the owner of my favourite comic store that volks is at the fair I decided to take my girl with me. The people from volks were so nice! We talked about dolls and they asked my to send an e-mail before I come to japan (I said I want to attend a dollpa in the future). Yamanaka-san told me some things about BJD in Japan. It was very interesting. Volks is looking for resellers in europe. They want to find one until 2007 (if I understand them right) and they plan to release the SDC as a standard but it's not sure when this will happens.
      They took a photo of me and my sd sara 'cause they want to show it to the president of volks. ^^
      At the stand you can see dolls from WTG, Emma, Liz, Rengemaru Sweet dream, Suzuna Sweet dream and the new SD16 boy.

      It is not allowed to take photos of the samples. I am sorry I can not show photos of their stand.

      The toyfair ends on Feb. 07th and is only for resellers.
      http://www.spielwarenmesse.de/index.php?id=171&L=1 here are some informations about it! ^^

      I hope they will post an report of the fair on their website again! Can't wait so read it! ^^