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Toys for tinies

Apr 4, 2010

    1. Where can I get toys for my tinies? I have seen so many cute little toys in people's pictures and would love to have some. I'm looking for toys like the little balls you put the different shapes into the holes, push/pull toys, drums, xylophones, board games, the bead maze things on the metal rods, etc. I really like the classic toys. I would love to have a Raggedy Ann doll for my girls too. Thanks for any help!
    2. For the Fisher Price type toys you can search Ebay for key chain toys. I have the push/pull toy, xylophone, glow worm, the stacking doughnuts...all are key chains with the chain removed.
    3. I went through a period when I had my Lati Yellow where I was buying tons of miniature toys! it's really addictive but also kind of frustrating when you can't find things in scale. I dug up my old photos of her so I can share my findings.


      the dollhouse is a Sylvanian Critters set of four scenes that linked together and stacked. I got it from eBay.
      the little blue and red ball with the shapes is a Tupperware keychain, also eBay.
      the pull toy and toybox I got from www.prillycharmin.com. she doesn't have those anymore but her stock rotates, so check back. she has a miniature radio flyer wagon on there that would be perfect for you!
      the blister packed Woody doll was from a coin machine but you can also get those on eBay. I love that they come in blister packs that are also miniature. Sooo worth the four quarters I spent on it. I bought too many.

      here she is again with Woody taken out of his box. the detail is really nice!

      you can find a lot of classic toys in miniature like milton bradley board games, Playskool toys, aforementioned Fisher Price, and radio flyer on eBay.

      Also a couple of years ago people were collecting miniature playmobil playsets. a DOA search will bring up cute photos of those.
    4. I don't have any, but I've seen Mini Playmobil sets that seem the right size for Pukifee and Lati Yellow. :) They come in all sorts of themes and are way adorable.
    5. I love the play mobil stuff too cute... I have several keychain mini lincoln log sets, and the fisher price toys. i also got some sute keychains that were disney pull toys. Donald duck with cymbols that actually clink together. My friend sells tupper ware so i had a bunch of those shape balls at one time. Sometimes they even have them on e-bay that are the pastel colors and i have seen a black and white one too.
    6. Some of the Hallmark Christmas ornaments with Barbie theme are nice as well.
    7. Is there something spooky going on here !! Just yesterday I made a little knitted toy soldier. Pictured here with my PukiFee Zoe


    8. Sweetiemom, I know this has been said by many before, perhaps even I have said it but...
      Can I come over and play at your house?!:D
    9. haha I feel the same way! My kids would have so much fun at your house! thanks for all your advice-- I'm going to check out that keychain website now.
    10. If you have a boy that needs toys, check out the toy train section at Hobby Lobby (or other craft or hobby stores) for cute vintage cars in a smaller size. They also have tiny people, animals, etc. They can be pricey, but if you have a coupon it helps (Hobby Lobby used to have the 40% off one item coupons pretty regularly). I also have some 144th scale (I think that's right) plastic army men and little knights/horses for my Littlefee. I'm sure all this can be found on eBay too.
    11. Another option is to get the "only hearts club pets" that are meant to be key chains but are used as stuffed animals for tiny up to YoSd size resin kids. The best place to find them is in store at Target. Bed, Bath & Beyond says they carry them but a lot of times it's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Target is a much better, more reliable option. I also find little toy sets in the Target dollar bins. I found a 15 pc little plastic farm animal set that works pretty well for the pukifee size.
    12. So many adorable toys and ideas on this thread! I love the Sylvanian Families dollhouses! I collected Sylvanian Families when I was younger and still love them!

      My Bisous have a mixture of toys to play with. I like to buy classic looking toys that will never date.



      The hobby horse and jack-in-a-box are from Robert Tonner's Anne Estelle line. The little mouse and the gollywog are by Deb Canham - I've bought a whole bunch of these little hand-made treasures - there are hundreds to choose from! The pull-horse toy is by Berdine Creedy to go with her BJD doll line.
    13. I've got a bunch of these stuffies for my little ones, as does my friend Kearsy. They just work so perfectly! I'll have to take a look to see if nmy Target has dollar bins - I don't recall seeing any.
    14. This is great! Thanks for all the links. I'm having fun looking through them all. Sweetiemom, where did you find your tricycle?


      I would love to have a hobby horse too. Yours is very cute, Valentinegirl. Lana, thanks for the tip on the Fisher Price keychains. I can't find the glow worm or the xylophone anywhere (I found all the rest), so if anyone knows where to find them, please let me know!
    15. The tiny tricycle my Pukis have is a Hallmark ornament from a couple years ago.
      You might check ebay for the gloworm and xylophone keychains.
      My kids also have a great rocking horse I got in Germany many years ago:

    16. I can't say it happily enough: Keychains and dollhouse stuff! Miniatures.com http://www.miniatures.com/hbs/global/index2.asp?D=4758&T=shopping&I=aa_ProductsDirIntro.asp is one of my go-to sources, and so is Tabloach Productions: http://tabloach.auctivacommerce.com/ACCESSORIES-TOYS-C125364.aspx
      ReMent and similar japanese collector miniatures or novelty erasers are another great source for accessories.
      Some things made for Barbie and Kelly/Shelly dolls will work, but mostly I prefer things from the dollhouse/miniaturing hobbies because you get less pink plastic and more realistic detail.
      You can get pretty much anything in dollhouse size for Pukis, CCC Fireflies, Latis, SLeeping Elfs and Brownies if you start hunting.

      Here's Pip and Nikos playing with a formerly-keychain Candyland set they got for Christmas. I bought it from Tabloach.
      Beside Nikkos you can juuuuuust see a little harp that was part of a Christmas floral arrangement. Pip's little pink mug is a novelty eraser, and the other props and toys visible are mostly found objects like bottlecaps and stamped pennies, or things from Miniatures.com.
      Mister Tibbles the cat started out as a Hobbes-like companion toy for Pip, but has since taken up residence as the Puki's Valet.
    17. Thanks for all the help and links. I will have to look at Hallmark ornaments for toys. I did try Ebay for the glow worm and xylophone, but I didn't see any. I think that they must not be made anymore, which is unfortunate. Know where else I might check?
    18. I love those keychain games - I know I've seen pictures in the forums, and I need to look them up again. And I want a Wooly Willy keychain, LOL - memories from my childhood!