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Trades with Nytshaed, Buyer/Seller Feedback here!

May 19, 2006

    1. AR Cien Boy 2005 "Lucien"
      Purchased from www.Freespiritz.com
      Doll Ordered on Dec. 7th, 2005
      Payment made via Paypal.com
      Doll Shipped on Dec. 13th, 2005
      Doll Received on Dec. 19th 2005 :)

      AR Tanned Jade "Marzo"
      Seller: Janice Herman "Cactuskids"
      Purchased on Layaway.
      Payment #1 Made on Dec. 18th 2005
      Payment #2 Made on Jan. 9th 2006
      Doll Received on Jan. 16th 2006 :)

      Volks FCS SD13 F16 Boy "Daeron"
      Volks USA Store, Torrance, CA.
      Ordered on January 9th 2006
      Doll arrived on March 22nd 2006

      Luts Delf El SD Boy "Moordai"
      Doll ordered on March 29th, 2006
      Doll Shipped on April 15th 2006
      Doll Arrived on April 17th 2006

      Special IL MSD "Jack Frost"
      Doll ordered on May 12th, 2006
      Doll shipped on June 5, 2006
      Doll received on June 7,2006

      Dollzone MSD Leng
      Seller: Change8023
      Doll won on Ebay May 14th, 2006
      Contact Made/Payment sent May 21st, 2006
      Doll Shipped June 29th, 2006
      Doll Arrived July 3rd, 2006 :)

      Punk Pirate Outfit for MSD
      Seller on Ebay: Bittenbefore
      Item Won on May 22, 2006
      Payment Sent: May 23, 2006
      Item Recieved: May 27, 2006

      Many SD Outfits Custom Designed
      Ordered from: eBay User SnowKaguya
      ALL arrived fast, perfect, and BEAUTIFUL.
      One of the BEST places for outfits at bargain prices. :)

      So Boy Body/Vampire Head/Eyes
      Doll ordered on May 29th, 2006
      Payment sent May 29th, 2006
      Doll shipped on June 9th, 2006
      Doll received on June 12th, 2006

      Leekeworld Wine Wig & MSD Sized Guitar
      Bought from Shannen
      Payment made: June 17, 2006
      Items Received: June 28th, 2006 :)

      CP Soo Dark Elf Head/Eyes/Hands "Deadly Nightshade"
      Bought from Mae
      Payment sent on June 18th
      Items arrived on June 23rd :)

      So Ji Vampire Girl Version 2, Wig, 2 Outfits.
      Bought from www.theorientdoll.com
      Ordered/Paid: July 19, 2006
      Items Arrived: July 24th, 2006

      Doll n Doll "Rumi"
      Doll Ordered September 2, 2006
      Doll Arrived September 19th, 2006 :)
    2. Nytshaed bought a Yo-SD Kuuta from me on layaway and was very good about making payments and communications were very nice. I highly recommend Nytshaed as a buyer!
    3. i bought a DES head from nytshaed, she arrived today safe and sound..thanks again!!!
    4. did a face up for nytshaed - the entire transaction was done at dollectable which was an interesting experience, but it was a lot of fun to do ^^ very very nice person to deal with.
    5. Nytshaed bought a set of Yo-Tenshi wings from me, she was kind and paid quickly!
      Thanks so much!:)
    6. Nytshaed participated in a group order I ran for Cherishdoll items, communication and payment was clear and quick! Thanks a lot! :)

    7. Nytshaed bought a Wishel from me, complete with original packaging, and was great to work with. She paid very quickly, was patient with me and had good communication.
    8. Sold a YoSD to Rengemaru and everything went very smoothly. :)
    9. I sold a Bobobie Erin boy and everything went great. I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again. One of my first sells as Bobobie's US distributer.
    10. Awesome buyer! Bought an Unbeknown Wishel off me. Very nice and great communication. =) A pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
    11. Nytshaed bought an MSD wig from me and came to pick it up in person. She was totally great about making it easy for me to meet up with her and very good natured when the place we met was harder to get to than expected. Thanks for everything!
    12. Sold a pair of MSD/MNF Aloha shirts, and received fast payment and excellent communication! :dance Would not hesitate to deal with again!
    13. Bought a Soul Little Kimmy doll from Nytshaed. The whole transaction went wonderfully. EXTREMELY great communication!, fast shipping, very well packaged item... I am very happy that I decided to buy from her :)
    14. Sold a pair of jammies to Nytshaed and they got lost in the mail. She was so great about it and waited for her new ones to come. Thanks so much for being patient and understanding.
    15. Nytshaed was one of the first perople to pay in the fairyland group order in late december/early january. She was very patient and nice after order problems arose. :) Love to work with her again <33
    16. Nytshaed was great to deal with and paid me with c-a-s-h which is always appreciated!!!
    17. Nytshaed bought several items from us. The transaction was great and she was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much!
    18. Another perfect transaction with Nytshaed. A+++ buyer. Thanks so much!!
    19. I picked up a sch. B at the NY Dolpa for Nytshaed, and she paid quickly and was quick to answer PMs... and she was fun to chat with, I must add. :B
      In all, a great transaction, and I'd definitely do business with her again.
      Thanks a lot! :D
    20. Nytshaed bought my SD10 boy body- it was a great transaction! Very smooth :) :) Thank you!