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Training outfit for Yukinojo

May 23, 2006

    1. Well, surprise! Tonight in my mail I got a notice that I got a training outfit for Yukinojo! I thought that I was out of the running long ago - maybe these are for the 'unclaimed' ones?
    2. I got mine too - 2 emails total. No, I don't think anyone was out of the running - its the first emails sent out winning this for the US market - Alex
    3. This was posted several days ago over in the Larger doll section by Ayaka.

      **I heard back from Volks USA ^^

      Their response:

      "Thank you for your inquiry about the Yukinojo's
      Since we have not received the items from Japan, we are not sure about the exact date of receiving or shipping date, as soon as we received them, we will ship to the winners.
      So, all we can do now is ask for your understanding and patience.
      Thank you very muhc in advance."

      So, there you have it. We haven't heard because they don't know yet XD; I guess they will not do the lotto drawing until they've received the tracksuits.****

      :) Volks USA didn't know details until just recently to notify winners. :) So these emails are for the US drawing.
    4. I got a shipping notice from VolksUSA about my tracksuit. :-D

      But there shouldn't be any unclaimed tracksuits from VolksUSA yet because the payment deadline isn't until June 30th. I imagine after that there will be a few more lucky people in a 2nd drawing of unclaimed tracksuits.
    5. HEY!!!! Its here!!! Wow, just ordered it on Thursday - it came superfast!!!! Nice tennis shoes and towel - haven't opened the suit yet....the comic that came with it doesn't make sense though, should I be reading it from right to left? Alex
    6. Yep, you generally read the comics right to left and top to bottom. If anyone can scan the comic in for me, I'll attempt to provide a translation. (I'm assuming it has text, anyway. :) )
    7. Interestingly enough, the comic does not have text - it is about Tsukasa, Shiro and Yukinojo
    8. There's some text on the front cover, though....
      (Whatever it means.)

      Click on thumbnails to see bigger versions.

      <- Front cover | Back cover ->

      <- Read from right to left, as Cassiel mentioned.

      Sorry about the lopsided scans.
    9. Thank you so much for the scans! :sumomo:

      Okay, I did a basic translation of what's written on the front cover, sorry it's not great, I didn't want to spend too much time on it:

      Note that the "their" in the Japanese is "three of them", both times, so refers to Isao as well as Shirou and Tsukasa.. it just translates poorly if you want nice natural English. *grin* Also I think it's implying he went off to LA or something, hence him not being there anymore... his story did seem to say he travelled around a lot.

      I think it's so cute that they call him 'Jou. :)
    10. Oh dear, I call him "Yuki!"
    11. OMG!~ I called him Yuki too!~ XD