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Transaction feedback for Dream_of_isis

Jun 28, 2006

    1. It was very pleasant to deal with her, a good and fast trader and also very understanding. :)
    2. Sold a Dollheart outfit to her, had consistent and good communication and would definitely sell to again :)
    3. Sold a pair of eyes to her, really sweet and quick to pay!
    4. I was commissioned to fix her boy's face-up, everything went perfectly!

    5. I bought a pair of eyes from Dream_of_isis, and wow, they're great! :D
      She was very helpful and friendly, a real pleasure to deal with! Thanks!
    6. Also bought eyes from Dream_of_Isis in a quick and friendly transaction ^^
    7. Sorry for the late feedback ^^||||
      Dream_of_Isis is a nice buyer ^^ Everything goes smoothly~~~
      Thanks a lot~~
    8. Bought a fun hat from Dream_of_Isis! Super fast shipping (less than three days to get across the continent :o ), prompt replies to all my PMs, she's a nice person to have a transaction with :D
    9. I bought a pair of eyes from her. She was accomadating with changing the shipping. I just got them to today. They are awesome. :aheartbea
    10. I bought a tiny microscope from Dream_of_isis - she was excellent to work with, great communication and comes HIGHLY recommended from me! X3
    11. bought some snake print pants.

      thanks alot.
    12. I was commissioned to do a face-up for Dream_of_Isis. She was very patient, concise, and knew exactly what she wanted. Was very clear, and detailed to assist me in providing her a face-up she enjoys :)

      I've also done work for her on numerous occasions including outfit making, wig making, jewelry making, Hot-glue sueding, etc. She is awesome to deal with EVERY time.
    13. Bought an SD sized backpack. Very nice person to deal with.
      Would recommend. :)
    14. Dream of Isis purchased a wig from me. She was super nice and great to deal with. Thanks!
    15. Took part in a group order I placed, was very nice and paid promptly ^^
    16. Bought a lingerie set from me... So very nice, paid quickly... an absolute pleasure to deal with. Would sell to again! ^_^
    17. I sold a pair of eyes to Dream_of_Isis - replied to pm's promptly, paid promptly - what more could I ask! :) Thanks, it was a pleasure doing business.

    18. Sold a bunch of socks to Dream_of_Isis -- she paid promptly, and was very understanding when I was delayed. :) Excellent buyer!
    19. participated in my dollmore order. quick payments and very friendly. a pleasure to do business with!
    20. I purchased a pair of lovely Olive Green eyes from Dream_of_isis - she responded promptly to my pms in a polite, attentive manner; the item shipped quickly, arrived perfectly intact and the whole transaction went super smoothly.

      I would definitely do business with her again. :3 Thank you!