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Transactions with belladurmiente87

Apr 10, 2006

    1. On January 31st, 2006, I ordered a custom-made doll carrier from bella and paid her instantly in full ($38) via Paypal.

      I waited patiently for over a month, and then sent her a PM over the boards to see what the hold-up was.

      Originally Posted by Jibrille

      I ordered an SD carrier & paid for it in full over a month ago, but still haven't received anything or heard anything from you. Could you please give me an estimate on how much longer it would take?

      Also, I ordered before you stopped making the extra pockets, will I still be getting an extra pocket on my carrier?


      ~ Jibrille (Laura)

      Her response was:

      Re: SD Carrier Order


      yes of course I will update the page I am sending the carriers next week ^_^

      I waited until the following week w/o any further response as to the shipment, and left her another message:

      Originally Posted by Jibrille

      Just checking to see if my carrier was shipped yet. And if so, do you have a tracking number for it?


      ~ Laura

      Her response was:

      Re: carrier


      I was not able to get to the post office so carriers will be sent out monday morning ^_^

      On the 15th, I asked her about it again:

      Originally Posted by Jibrille

      Just wondering if you have shipped out the SD Carrier yet. If so, could you please send me the tracking #? Thanks!

      ~ Laura

      Her response was:

      Re: SD Carrier Order


      it does not have a tracking number but it has been insured ^_^

      That just seemed a bit odd to me ... to have a package insured but not have any sort of tracking or confirmation number on it?

      On March 28th, she posted the following in her custom carriers thread:
      I've decided since I've gotten so many complaints, that even though it is not up to me when the post office makes their deliveries, everybody who ordered and preordered last can have their carriers as a free gift from me. please enjoy http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24229&page=9

      After waiting for awhile more without receiving the refund or carrier, I posted again asking what was going on. On April 5th, she started sending refunds via Paypal in the form of echecks. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24229&page=10

      Originally, the echeck she sent me was stated to clear on April 10th. When I checked today, it said that it would not clear until April 21st. This has also happened to one other buyer that I know of, and have heard of several others with this problem as well - please, if you are having the same problem(s), post it here so we can get the word out.

      Even though her current transactions are not settled yet, Bella is still continuing to sell and take group orders here on DoA as well as TIB. Please use caution when doing transactions with her at this time.

      Here are the current sales & orders she is offering:
    2. Yes, I have linked to that thread several times in my post. I have responded to that thread several times, and am just one of the unhappy customers - but I wanted to post here to make others aware of what is going on in case they didn't read that thread.

      I've just gotten a rather snarky reply in that thread, as well as through a PM from her. She states that I do not understand, but I do. I understand that she sent "refunds" without actually having the money in her bank to refund with - I also understand that she is still taking money from others for group orders and other customizations. I suggest that she should put a hold on any further transactions until she settles the ones that are currently pending.
    3. I'm sorry If I came off as snarky or rude but I told several people that I could not send refunds until there were funds in my bank account but nobody cared to listen to my side because everybody was yelling "thief thief!" I tried to get my money in before the transactions cleared but the check has still been uncleared. I told you all this and I know it wasn't the best time to ask for patience but that was all I needed and you refused it to me
    4. I too have had exactly the same experience with bella. this will be a long-winded post, because I don't want to leave anything out.

      I paypalled belladurmiente87 for an MSD-sized carrier on 24th November 2005. I have kept all my PM correspondence with her.

      I heard nothing from her after Paypalling her, and so PMed her asking about the carrier on the 21st December 2005. I received this reply:

      I finished it ... I will send it out this friday ^_^

      Pleased, I waited.

      I then enquired on the 10th January 2006, when I had not yet received the carrier, if it had indeed been sent out. I received this reply:

      I am sending it out today ^_^ yay I also wanted to know if your liebchen can fit into MSd shoes I wanted to send you a couple of things for being so nice and patient with me ^_^, I've had so much to do in the past month that I kind over stressed myself out, but hey you live you learn ops: I guess I'll have to start reserving spots for my carriers instead of saying yes to everybody but have a nice day I hope to get it to you when you are at home ^_^

      So from that, I gather that she had been very busy over the Christmas period, and was apologetically sending me extra items to make up for the oversight. I was happy to accept this as just "one of those things" that happen to all sellers. And so I waited some more.

      Also around this time bella posted this thread:


      in which she stated that she'd lost the addresses and files of everyone who had ordered a carrier. I PMed her straight away to tell her which one was mine. Another reason for delay...

      Again, it was I who had to write to bella to ask if the bag had been sent out: she replied on 23rd January 2006:

      yup I sent it last wednesday so it shoulkd be there soon ^_^

      A third date for the sending out of the carrier.
      Again, I waited.

      On the 13th February I contacted Bella again to say I had not received it yet, and did she send it airmail? - she replied:

      I sent it airmail, if they don't forward it to you there might be a chance they send it back to me or keep it but if it makes you feel better I can make another I'll just ask that you cover the shipping because I have all the materialsand maybe possibly I can make it a two doll carrier this time and you can put all three of your dolls in it ^_^ please let me know what you think ^_^

      - which I thought was a kind offer, coz mistakes like that do happen. I took her up on her offer, and paid her an extra shipping fee to get the second carrier sent to me.

      I then noticed that on the carrier thread, other buyers were all saying their first parcel had not arrived either, and that bella was kindly making them free second carriers if they paid postage again. Alarm bells started to ring softly for me, but still I was willing to give bella the benefit of the doubt. At this I asked her to make my second carrier recorded delivery. This she said she would do. I began to be suspicious because of the experience of my fellow carrier-buyers, and this shows in my correspondence.

      PM correspondence from the time:


      yes it's ready I already posted saying that it was going out this friday ^_^, if you want it sent with tracking it will be a lot more expensive as registered airmail is expensive I'll try and get a price estimate for you ^_^

      Originally Posted by nat
      hi - wondering if my replacement carrier is ready yet? I'm trying to remain understanding, but I ordered this carrier over four months ago. Maybe $30 isn't that much money to others, but it is to me, and if I'd known it was going to take this long I would have gone elsewhere for the carrier. Also, would you please send the carrier in some form of recorded delivery or trackable delivery this time, so that it doesn't get lost a second time - it seems you have lost an awful lot of carriers recently, and I wouldn't want you to continue your run of bad luck...

      Nat x



      I don't know if you are aware of this but these carriers are handmade they take a lot of my time and energy and they are not so cheaply made, with these carriers being lost that means I make no profit, it takes $15 to make 1 carrier I barely make a profit at all, and if you recall you did not pay for a double but I'm giving you one anyways, I know how annoying it is to wait on something, and I'm sorry it got lost, but yes things do get lost and it turns out that the carriers that went missing were all sent on the same day, some were sent back to me that I had to resend with my own money already, if the post office makes mistakes it is not my fault, I do not mean to sound rude or mean I just need you to see it from my point of view, now your carrier is already finished and I'm going to send it by registered mail, I don't know when it will get there but please let me know when it does

      Originally Posted by nat
      hi -

      to be frank i should not have to pay any more. the carrier is already over four months late, and I have had to pay shipping twice. it is very odd to me that so many people have had their carrier go "missing" all at the same time - if it had been one or even at the most two I might have been sympathetic, but I find it very hard to believe that four could go missing all at the same time. I would appreciate, given the amount of time that I have been waiting, and the amount of time that you have had my money, that you can afford to put a little bit of your own funds into paying for a trackable service for those customers who have had to wait over a third of a year for a small product.

      many thanks -




      Yes of course I completely understand your point of view. I will try to dig up the tracking number, although I don't think there is one... I'll pm you in a few minutes, I have to check my receipts

      Originally Posted by nat
      it's not a question of not waiting, it's a question of not knowing, and having no idea that even this carrier will turn up. I would urge you to check the receipt - why you didn't do this before I have no idea - and to give me any possible tracking number there is on there. In the UK one cannot send a parcel registered with insurance without it being able to be tracked - I am sure it is the same in the US.

      I will wait and see if it comes. I hope it does, because I am getting increasingly impatient in many ways with this transaction.

      Regards -


      Originally Posted by belladurmiente87
      Hi it's only been two weeks since I sent it and I did send it registered with insurance so there is no tracking number that I am aware of although I could check the receipt again, It shouldn't be there for at least another week as priority mail with insurance would have cost aroun $28 so I had to send by ship which cost me about $17 now if you can't wait anymore I can just give you a refund and you can send the carrier back once it reaches you

      This second carrier appears to have been sent registered with no tracking, and it must be surface mail for it to take six weeks. An odd decision to say the least, and certainly not what I asked for.

      However, I cannot argue with the offer of a refund, and as bella stated in this PM and also on the carrier thread that she would be happy to refund the disappointed carrier customers, I took her up on it.

      She issued me an eCheck on 5th April, which originally said it would be cleared on 10th April. this has recently changed to 21st April.

      To date I still have not received either carrier. I would urge anyone thinking of dealing with bella to bear this post in mind before they hand over any money. You may draw your own conclusions as to whether you think that bella indeed even sent the first batch of carriers out, let alone the second batch.

      Many thanks.

      Also, I have just read the reply that bella has given us in the carrier thread. "now quit complaining" ? Excuse me? Please also take this as an indication of how sympathetic bella has been to our situation, and how professionally she has acted throughout.
    5. Myself and many others have given you plenty of patience, Bella. Some have given you 6+ months worth, and are still waiting. There is only but so much patience that one can give.

      Also, I never called you a thief - and I never saw anyone else openly call you one either.
    6. You did not "come off" as anything. You were snarky and rude, and it is uncalled for. I would like to see your actions if you were a buyer in this position. Your position here is untenable.
    7. No nobody has called me a thief but it has been implied as for the only person waiting on a carrier for 6 months it has only been Nat and I'm sorry that it happened. I'm trying to get the refunds to you as soon as possible but I am not a miracle worker, I am not some filthy rich brat and work for a living just like everybody else
    8. you may have read it that way but I was trying to remain as calm and as understanding as possible. I don't blame you for not trusting me but I am trying to do all that is in my power to get this over and done with.
    9. As an additional story,

      I'd ordered a carrier on Feb 11th.

      I PMd Bella asking for a progress report on March 1. She PMd back saying they'd be sent out friday next (meaning sent out on March 10). I got my refund credited on March 31.

      However, no carrier has come so far for me to send back.
      I'm in the US.
    10. I did send you your refund though, so I have proof that I have been giving people refunds
    11. Only being 13 I can understand if you all completly disregard anything I say here.
      But Bella I would strongly recomend that you stop speaking the way that you are, I don't know if you speak to others that way but I can tell you right now that your comments are rather rude, Yes, I can understand your situation, at least a little bit and that people are probably annoying you. But if this is inpart at least not your fault then I don't whos fault it is. The fact is that the evidence if I might call it such is stack strongly against you.
      But everyone ells, please try to remain calm, i'm sure if nothing ells this will work out with you getting your money back, who knows maybe a half a year from now a random doll bag will show up on your door step ^__^
      So please, everyone, remain calm for the sake of this thread not being closed by moderators, and so that no "real" fighting breaks out.
      Thank you everyone for reading, i'm sorry about my grammer and my punctuation, I hope that everything works out for everyone (including Bella), and you may all disregard everything that I have just said if it please you to do so.
      P.S Please know that I say all of this with utmost respect
    12. Bella, just some advise because this seems to be a huge mess - you really should stop taking orders & selling these until you have everyone taken care of that still have issues with you and (maybe I'm wrong) but it doesn't look like you are dealing with the oldest orders first with regard to replacements or refunds.

      It seems a bit chaotic.
    13. Thank you I understand what you are saying
    14. I know it wasn't done in order but I was simply awaiting their paypal addresses and those that came up first got their refunds first. and yes it was chaotic but I put great emphasize that I was not trying to sound rude or anything, and I am trying to remain as calm as possible
      edit: also meant to add that I am not taking orders for the carriers any longer,
      and the group order is to help a friend get her tan hound without paying so much for shipping
    15. I sent my paypal address in in less than a day after you posted asking for them. I wasn't aware that it was a race.

      I'm sure your friend will understand that you owe people the money that they paid you almost half a year ago, that you have had and spent since then.
    16. I am trying to be as calm as possible nat, and I told you before anybody that I would need to deposit money into my bank account and I did but like I said the check has yet to clear I am hoping that it will clear tomorrow so that if you'd like you can cancel the payments and I can send you a direct transfer from my paypal account. Now I am going off to school so I won't be back for a while so you can talk all you want about me but I stick by my words that I am not out to scam anybody, and even though nobody would care to defend me even after they've received the carriers I sent them then I guess I've said all I've had to say and won't retort with any more comments as they are just as useless as my receipts...
    17. When I get a carrier postmarked 14th March 2006 or even possibly one postmarked Jan 2006 then I will happily recommend you as a seller; a seller with incredibly bad luck, possibly, but recommended. I sincerely hope that I am able to do this, because, as you know, I do need a carrier, and have done since last year. Then we shall all be happy.

      As for the Paypal, you surely are able to send me a direct transfer payment tomorrow (or whenever your cheque clears) and then cancel the eCheck to me the minute afterwards? It's your call; I do not have to do anything to make it right.
    18. Well, I just wanted to say I´m also one of the ones that haven´t received neither the carrier bag (and cutie delf jeans, because the jeans were inside it I suppose) nor the refund so although I still think I will get the refund soon I will write my experience in a few words as I didn´t save all the posts and most of them were in spanish.

      I´m from Spain, I ordered the carrier bag and a jeans for my cutie delf on 24th January this year.
      On 27th January I sent belladurmiente87 47$.
      On 7th February I asked her about the carrier bag and she told me the jeans were finished but the carrier took a little more time so she would ship it all next day.
      I waited because she said she would let me know whenever she had sent the items but I didn´t receive any private message so on 3/8/2006 I asked her again. She told me she had had personal issues and hadn´t been able to send it all.
      So I waited a few more weeks thinking she would pm´ed me and then on 2nd April I found the post about the refunds and I sent her my paypal address. I got the email about the e-check but haven´t received the refund yet.

      And that´s all. I want to think it has been just that she has had bad luck with the carriers bags being lost by the post office and that because of personal issues and too many "carrier problems" going together she hasn´t been able to solve it all as soon as she would have wanted to.
      So I will continue waiting for the refund and hoping everything will be okay. :)