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Translation of Unoss Book?

Sep 4, 2007

    1. Hi everyone!
      I was wondering if anyone knew of an English translation of the book that comes with Unoss. The illustrations are beautiful, but I'd really like to know what happens in the story.
    2. I don't own the book but I would be willing to translate as long as someone could provide high quality scans of the book.
    3. I have the book and a friend also gave me the translations a couple of years ago. I might still have it in an email somewhere; I can have a look when I get home on the weekend. Please remind me if I forget...
    4. Oh that sounds great I have the book and would like to read it LOL!
    5. Awesome! I really want to hear the Unoss story!!
      thank you so much!
    6. Page2: The World has everything, and
      Page3: (here is) the world with nothing.
      Page4: I'm just waiting. U-noss has just been waiting.
      Page5: Though the door opens, the light of the world streams (to me), and I'm found and held, Unoss is waiting. And I wonder. Is this what I've been
      waiting for ?
      Page6: Have I been waiting to be found ?
      Page7: Though U-noss is good for nothing, why do you take care of me ?
      Page8: Don't you mind that I can't do anything ?
      Page9: Don't you mind that I'm defective ? I am happy .....
      Page10: I'm not sure because who is happy ?
      Page11: Though I'm wearing a pretty dress, am I the girl who feel happy ?
      Page12: Thank you, but do I look beautiful ?
      Page13: But the more I was given kindness I soon realie about my ugliness. U-noss is good for nothing. I look ugly, I look defective because .....
      Page15: my body reflects your dark shadow.
      Page16: You see. Why did you find me ?
      Page17: Though I hurt and was hurt, I've left the pain in eternity.
      Page18: I'm broken to rebuild everything, to re-create everything in the
      world, or, is it because you are not able to leave the fantasy behind ?
      Page21: I"m sure, you will not be able to find anything looking at my inside.
      Though you know you can't stop, you haven't been able to stop in order to re-
      build me, in order to re-create yourself.
      Page23: Though you try forever, the answer can't be found, never ever ....
      Everything became scary, and
      Page25: I was thrown out as if time stopped.
      Page26: I'm left alone again. I've hurt you again.
      Page27: I don't want anyone to find me again.
      Page28: If it is fantasy reflected in the mirror, so my appearance changes, so
      I look different, so you can break me. The beauty is a glass dress which
      covers my ugliness, so I don't mind being broken. I have nothing, this is
      me. And yet you find me, and feel for me,
      Page29: is there any room for me in your heart ? Can I have hope this time or ever ??
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    7. Ooh, I would really like to see the images.. the text is so melancholy. :{
    8. twigling: thanks so much for the translation! I bought the book when my Unoss came to live with me 3 years ago, and I never knew just what it said.

      ashburyblu: and, thanks to you for asking about it! :aheartbea
    9. Thanks a million Twigling for posting that translation. I know Japanese does not translate into English very well. Do you by chance have a meaning for the book title - the words, Androlrea and U-Noss ?? I've always wondered.
    10. Thank You Twigling!!!!
    11. I would love to see scans of the pages as well!

      -- A <3
    12. Sorry I have no idea what Andolrea Unoss actually means, you'd have to ask Araki-san.

      As for scans, I do no feel comfortable providing scans of an entire book, I believe this would be a breach of copyright. I bought my copy from vercoolthings.com a couple of years ago.

      The book contains water colour illustrations of a doll (portrayed by Unoss) which someone (we only see a pair of gloves) finds at a dumpster. They take her home and clean and groom her, put makeup on and give her a pretty dress. I don't quite understand what happens beyond this whether there is another doll that attacks the first doll and destroys it or if there is a duality inside the one doll, but I get the impression the whole thing is about a circle of (artificial) life, death and rebirth.