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travel to live in another country.

Jul 23, 2019

    1. my question is if someone have go to live to another country and have too many dolls.. i actually have 7 and i´m thinking of how can i go with all of them.. plus they have big boxes.. maybe i have to pay customs but i really don´t know the procedure.. :eek:
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    2. Are you moving there permanently or just going for work? If it's just for work, maybe you can just store the boxes along with other stuff you want to keep in a storage facility. You can wrap the dolls carefully between your clothing and take them with you, if you want to keep them beside you.

      If you are moving permanently maybe there is a way to flatten the boxes so that they don't take up too much space, then wrap the dolls carefully separately from the boxes, use the spaces in between to put the doll clothes and accessories.
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    3. i go to study! but maybe to stay there for more years.. good idea about flatten the boxes! i really am nervous about my dolls haha :lol:
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    4. How exciting! Good luck with your studies!
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    5. I tried to carry one of my 1/3 dolls on to the flight ... it was so heavy, if possible I will just recommend you to ship them to your new address.
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    6. I would honestly move your favorite ones with you and then mail the rest to yourself later if you can, of course not all at once. With the boxes I would try to flatten them(as one user said before) then you can throw them into your luggage. Slowly but surely move them all over one by one!
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    7. Were they big dolls?
    8. for shipping dolls, you can avoid custom fees if you write Personal beside it, and even leave a nice note in the box for custom officers... maybe times ive shipped dolls to countries and back that usually get custom fees and i marked my items as personal and never got charged. i havent shipped more than 1 or 2 at the same time, but still, it might be worth it to look at that option.

      I dont usually keep boxes unless its a beautiful box as shipping from canada is outrageous to anywhere, so maybe a parent can hold onto them if you cant flatten them to take too.

      Depending on what you have on hand when you travel, it might be worth it to take 1 or 2 big ones or a few small ones depending on your collection, making sure they are wrapped well but easily removable for airport staff if you have to take them out, but i would put them in a secure bag or backpack too.
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    9. When I've flown to Japan to visit Roxy, I take the doll's hands and faces in my carry on. It's not too heavy and I know they won't get lost. I unstring and wrap the bodies, which are probably easier to replace, and put those in a plastic tub in my luggage.
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    10. thank you all! the comments and sugerences are very helpful :3nodding:
    11. Is it easy to string/restring a doll? I am new in BJD and for me it looks kind of difficult :atremblin
      I think that my doll also needs some restringing, I was thinking to take her to a specialist.
    12. i think there are some tutorials in youtube.. its not so difficult. some dolls could be a little more complex but i think you just have to have patience, when i was new in the hobby i was horrify to see my doll all disarmed but now i see that as a easy thing.
    13. I saw some tutorials but still...I think I should find an expert to show me how it must be done. I am scared I will damage my baby....:...(
    14. It's easy to restring a bjd if you're able bodied. It's harder if you have arthritis or fibro or something that limits your range of movement.

      There's some tutorials around, but basically all you need is a music wire with a small hook on one end and some ribbon. Larger, fatter, ribbon is easier on your hands, but it might not fit through the doll's holes.

      If you DO unstring your doll and put it in your luggage, remember that some airlines have weight restrictions and you should weigh your suitcase before you leave to make sure it's under the weight restrictions.
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    15. Thank you for the advice...my kid has a guitar with musical wires :apirate: I will attack it tonight!
    16. I only had two (1/3 and 1/4) when I moved, and I ended up having family ship them to me. I didn't have to pay customs. (I did have to pay customs on an expensive musical instrument that I had shipped, even though it was my own personal item.)

      If I were to do it again, I may bring the 1/4 with me on the plane, although there is so little space under the seat. He may actually be safer in the suitcase... I like batchix's suggestion of removing the heads and hands. You may also want to leave some dolls at home. The dolls themselves are heavy enough, but you'll also have their clothes, shoes, props, etc., which take up extra room and space, both in your suitcase and in your new room. Whatever you bring, you'll also have to bring back when you finish studying. I've lived in Japan for 11 years, and my doll furniture is still at my mother's house!
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    17. I actually moved abroad myself 6 months ago.

      I have around 10 bjds and countless other dolls in my collection. I decided it was probably best to leave them at home with my parents rather than try and bring them all here with me! (and then back home again someday).

      I brought 1 doll with me, and I've gained another one since I moved here. It's nice being able to focus on just one doll but sometimes I do miss the other dolls back at home.

      I'm only planning in staying abroad 1 or 2 years, but if I stayed any longer I think I would get my parents to ship the dolls to me/I'd pick them up when visiting home.

      I guess my advice would be to bring one or two dolls? It's safer to bring the dolls on the plane with you so I guess how many depends on how much room you have in your cabin bag!
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