Traveling with face-up supplies?

Jul 10, 2017

    1. I'm going on a trip soon and will be on a around 9 hour plane ride. I don't know if I can bring my sealant in my check baggage. Like I know people bring hair spray and like spray deodorant so would it be the same for some sealant?
    2. I mean... it gets shipped overseas if you buy it from overseas? I'd just put it in a bag in your suitcase.
    3. You should check with your airline, but as far as I know, you shouldn't travel with pressurized containers. Sealant is usually shipped via ground transport, because it is both explosive and flammable. I may be wrong about this, though. Most airlines have lists of do/do not items about what you can bring in both carry-on and checked baggage! Check that! And if you still don't know, I'd contact the airline directly - they'll know for sure.
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    4. Having just flown across an ocean with my faceup supplies as well, I would agree completely with Saltcat in that it's entirely up to your airline, but most likely, it'll be a no. I had to leave all my MSC and even my acrylic paint because their flashpoint was not even close to what is supposedly safe for air travel.

      And depending on the airline and airport you're flying to and from, it's probably gonna get clocked at inspection and if it's not allowed, you're gonna have to toss it then and there. So yeah, not really a definitive answer, but your best bet is to contact the airline directly.
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    5. You should be good to bring a brush on sealant, because as others have said spray seleant is a no-no on planes.

      But the rest of your supplies should be good (but I'd check about paints to be sure, after what @AlekInexelsis said about having to leave their paints!). I've traveled fine with paints and pastels, but every TSA experience is different. (:
    6. I will !

      Oh good Idea! I will do that for sure

      very true however I don't have any good brush on sealants, worst comes to worst I can buy it in europe
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    7. I just did a fly to texas to see a dolly friend and brought faceup supplies but no sealant or paints because i didn't wanna get stopped or have to throw it out. I wouldn't think that it could go through a plane since it's always ground shipped? they also have a size limit so it's gotta be really small amounts?
    8. Yep but luckily I can buy it there... hopefully