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Traveling with MSDs

Mar 2, 2008

    1. I'll be flying back home to Florida on Thursday, very early in the morning. I was originally only planning on taking my Bao Fox, but I may decide to take my Little Fair Ren.

      I still have her original box from Angelregion, but seeing as I'm going on a plane, I'm thinking this probably won't work out. I don't have an expensive carrier or anything like that from any of the manafacturers. She MAY fit in my suitcase, but probably not inside her box.

      I am taking one carry-on suitcase and my other one will be my laptop bag, so I guess maybe wrapping her in some light coloured clothing with her pillow may be my only option.

      Do you guys have any other traveling tips/ideas? I would just put my suitcase in the cargo hold, but it's going to have my costume for the convention in it and it'll squick me if it's not with me. ^^;
    2. Heh, I put my Iple House Soo Ri (63cm boy) in my carry on bag when we moved back stateside from overseas. I kept him there until we'd cleared screening, then pulled him out and hand carried him. No one said a word. (I had the carry on bag and the laptop.)
      I'm sure an MSD won't cause any trouble either. ;)
    3. You might want to cobble together a face protector. I think someone said the clear domed tops of 7-11 Slurpee drinks can work for that (you could need something to hold it on the doll's head).

      I do think it would be best if he was in your carry-on. If his box will fit in your checked luggage you could stick clothes and come of your carryon stuff in the box and pack it.

    4. I actually saved her plastic face mask/cover from when I received her from AngelRegion, so thankfully that isn't a problem. I just hope she will fit in my carry-on, I suppose, with all of my other stuff.

      Thank you for your input, everyone. ^^
    5. I have traveled with my MSDs many a time on a plane without the use of a real BJD carrier. I used a small sports type bag as a carry on. I used the dolls' pillows, put a face plate on them, and wrapped a white pillow case around them so they don't get jiggled out of the pillows. Never a problem for me!
    6. I have packed mine in a carry on wrapped in a fluffy towel. Recently bought a carrier for MSD size and SD size but have not used them yet. I'm no fond of something else to carry on a plane but it is important to me that dollie is not damaged if I am bringing one along.