Traveling with tinies

Apr 15, 2016

    1. I was wondering what is the best way to protect your tiniest while taking them out and about? I have 2 realpuki's I'd like to take along with me and want to keep them protected (probably while in my purse) Thanks!
    2. I have a hard case meant for eyeglasses that fits a couple realpukis perfectly!!
      *edit: Also some little makeup bags can work great for tinies! :)
    3. I'd love to know some ideas as well, as my purse can be particularly destructive.. :sweat
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    4. I hate tinies not because of any other reason but this. I'm afraid that I'd accidentally sit on it and crush it to pieces. I have a pencil case that will do the job, but still.
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    5. Speaking of wich, do anyone of you have an idea for travelling with pukifee ? Realpuki are so small they indeed do fit in a glasses case... but Pukifee are way bigger ><
    6. I don't take my two Real Pukis anywhere because I'm terrified of loosing their little hands! However, I do take my Puki Puki places with me. I made a felt bag that he fits in that works pretty well at protecting him.
    7. i use a hard eyeglass lined with polarfleece for extra padding for my tinies like realpukis, pukipukis etc. for the pukifee size i use a padded rectangular lunch kit instead. it holds 3 or 4 pukifees, each wrapped in a small polar fleece blanket or a padded sleeping bag. i also have a soft flute case that i use for my dolls minifee sized and down. they are easy to find relatively cheap on e*ay. i take mine out with my for pictures a lot and either case is easy to clip onto my camera bag. i also have a great backpack camera bag with movable padded compartments that works really well for a doll or two + my camera stuff. but that is a much pricier option. my dh and i got those because we hike a lot with our cameras.
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    8. A small hardsided makeup case or purse can also work well for transporting Pukifees. I use a soft, thick washcloth or little fleece blanket for protection.
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    9. Has anyone hit on a good method for transporting Realfees yet? I've been taking one of my girls back and forth to work with me lately and she normally rides in the smallest front pocket of my computer bag. Nothing worse than awkwardly-bent limbs has happened so far (*knocks on wood*) but I don't want to take any chances.
    10. A friend of mine has used a hard pencil case as her carrier for her Pukifee. I thought it was ingenious.
    11. Michaels and hobby lobby have just random boxes with magnetic lids. They come in all different sizes and I know for sure one of those sizes fits a realfee perfectly, even with her big heels on and wrapped in a blanket (with shoes she fits snug length wise)