Traveling with your BJDs

Sep 7, 2019

    1. What advice or suggestions do you have for traveling with your BJDs.
      I am flying to AWA in October and want to take my girls for the first time. So, I am not sure the best way to do that.
      Do I need a special bag?
      Is a carryon the best option and if so, is there a particular type that works best?
      Best way to go through TSA?

      Thank you for any help.
      I want to make they make it safely and with no headaches.
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    2. There's only one doll that I take with me on vacations involving flying, and that's because I'm not worried about him getting super damaged as he's old and already has damage. I put a facemask on him and put him in my carry-on (backpack). I've had TSA take him out for inspection and then just kinda put him back in and give me back my backpack. They're mostly just a bit confused to see a tiny human-shaped thing in someone's bag. :XD:
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    3. While there are bags designed specifically for transporting BJD I say just stick 'em in your carry on with a face mask. I'd also recommend getting a travel blanket like the kind Bobobie dolls come in for some extra padding.

      Definitely keep them in either your carry or your personal bag, cargo holds aren't pressurized and the constant pressure changes may cause damage (I learned this from my mom who always tells the story of, when she was on her honeymoon, another passenger on the plane was a concert cellist and he actually bought a second seat for his instrument!)
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    4. I took one of my doll with me on a plane once. He was wrapped in some bubble wrap and stored in my backpack in the laptop compartment. When I went through security, he wasn’t taken out to be checked. But then again it was domestic flight so I don’t know if maybe they would be more strict if it was international flight.
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    5. I always take dolls in my carry-on, never in checked in luggage. It's easier to travel with an MSD or tiny BJD. If you do travel with an SD doll, I'd use a big enough regular bag to have them sitting rather than in a long carrier and lying down. There gets to be issues with the size of the carrier due to constraints on carry-on. My sister makes carrier bags and I use them to protect my dolls in transit. I too use a face mask and I usually remove the wig and place it in a ziplock bag to protect it.
    6. Taking dolls in anything but carryon is one big yike. Don't do it; save yourself the stress and potential damage. Once you're through the checklines, what happens to that bag(s) is up to you.

      I see you have seven girls, based upon your posts? If they're smaller, I can see them fitting well into a carryon. But if they're MSD+, maybe pick one to three and leave the rest? It can be difficult to manage multiple dolls during travel.
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    7. I put tissue paper around the face of my doll (and tattoos if they have them) to protect the painting and sealent and a facemask on top of that. The wrap my doll in a small blanket and put the in a bag/backpack.
    8. You will go there for a longer period? If positive...than you must take all your girls, else you will miss them too much...:pout:
      How many dolls you wanna take with you? What size? I have a feeling that you have big dolls....:dance
      You will go there alone? If you go with friends - you could maybe pack some dolls in their hand bags :thumbup
    9. I took an SD on an international flight. I put him in my rucksack and he was fine. I did get stopped at security, but the officer there was mostly bemused and very nice about it. She was curious and asked about him!
    10. Carry on is best for anything precious, too many horror stories of luggage being sent to other countries or being lost entirely or squashed beyond recognition. If it can't be replaced easily it travels in carry on. For TSA make sure to mention that your doll is hollow and has a metal hook inside and string holding them together. You might want to pack some extra stringing materials and eye putty in your carry on or regular bag for when you arrive just in case. Depending on who you have and their size you might want to pick just one to be your travel buddy and let the others stay home. Larger dolls, dolls with fragile fingers, pointy ears, fantasy parts, tails and other easier to break parts or harder to pack pieces and sizes are less travel friendly compared to a tiny doll without any fragile parts and a pocket sized pal can explore with you easily whilst a 70cm friend is no fun to carry around all day and gets heavy quickly. I'd recommend msd or smaller. Tinies and pet dolls are especially great travel buddies.
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    11. I do this for normal travel. Only flew with a doll once and that in her original box. I called the airline to ask for permission because of the size.
    12. Would it be terrible to dissemble your dolls for the flight, and then restring them at your destination? They would certainly take up less room that way, though I’d recommend putting a picture of the fully assembled doll and put it on the box with the pieces.
    13. Wow this is relevant considering I’m just past security in an airport with three dolls in tow :) I have a YoSD, MSD, and SD sized with me. I have a papoose for the Yo and zippered cushions for the MSD and SD. Unfortunately, TSA made me take the MSD and SD out and swabbed each for bomb residue :sweat Luckily, the TSA agent was very gentle and put them back nicely when he was done. They didn’t take out the YoSD at all, and I’ve flown twice with her before and they haven’t flagged her before so maybe they only take notice of bigger dolls.
    14. That’s a really good idea, actually!

      I’ve only ever flown with a mini-sized doll, but she went through security in my carryon no problem. Depending on the airport, I’m sure the staff have seen weirder. A large OT doll I brought back from France years ago raised some eyebrows in the smaller Nice airport, but none at all in New York. Be prepared to explain it if they ask, but based on my experience, it shouldn’t be a problem.
    15. I took my little Elena with me for holiday three times. She has been to Japan, Korea (her origin) and Thailand. I put her in a small sleeping bag like shown in the picture and put her in my backpack with her leg joints bend.

    16. I frequently take several dolls with me when I travel - I usually just put them in my carry on with something wrapped around the ehad to protect the faceup (same as I do when taking them to work and other places in my everyday workbag/backpack).

      No harm has come to them so far and I've been doing this for nearly 15 years.

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    17. I have traveled multiple times with my MSD and tiny dolls in their "sleeping bag" in my carry-on. I've put large dolls in my hardsided suitcase, also in foam & cloth carriers, and sent them through cargo. Always use some kind of hard face-protector. I've never had an issue or problem.

      On my upcoming trip, I want to bring an MSD on hikes, so I've been scouring everywhere for a hard-sided, small, lightweight box to put dolls in, and then place in my backpack. I finally found the perfect one! Harbor Freight sells plastic tool storage boxes that are exactly the right size. I think it will be perfect for the added protection against rough handling in my hiking backpack! I just need to add a layer of foam on all sides (or put the doll in her padded sleeping bag?)

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    18. For Volks' sake, do not, do not put your dolls in your check-in luggage! Just don't. Truly. Carry-on is the only option.

      That having been said, I pop Chaeri in her padded carry pouch which I made for her, and if I want extra protection I wrap a towel around her.
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    19. Carry on is likely your best bet. Checked luggage gets tossed around like no one's business.

      I recommend a ZÜCA, personally. Great storage space, durable and fits in most overheads.

      If you can't get a special bag in time for AWA, some small plush, a blanket and a face cover can go a significant way. And tetrising. You can get overhead storage dimensions off of most airline websites.

      OR You can do what my friend does and literally carry a doll through security. You'll get weird looks and you'll still have to put her in a bin for security, but at least you can keep a close eye on her. She's never been stopped for having a doll. And hey, maybe a little kid will get a kick out of it, spark some interest in a future bjd collector.
    20. That is a fantastic idea!
      I would have never thought ti look at tool boxes. I drive back home at least once a year and this would be a great idea for driving also. They would be protected from the sun and moving around.
      Thank you

      Thank you everyone for your wonderful suggestions and ideas!
      I have msny different things to try and see what works best.
      I have an msd and sd that may come with me.. i will let you know how it works out!

      I do have bigger dolls, msd and sd.
      I think that i will just take one of each this year. I go every year, so I could switch out who goes each year.

      Thank you, i will look into these bags if I can have it in time for AWA. If not, then for future flights.
      The other suggestions are wonderful too.

      Thank you for the information. Hope you had a great flight and the return is wonderful also.
      I have an msd and sd also coming with me. So, knowing what you just experienced greatly helps. I will make sure they are easily seen and accessible to take out if needed.
      Thank you