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Dec 3, 2008

    1. Hello, all.

      I wanted to give as many people a head's up as possible about this company.

      I've been looking long and hard for a good pair of wings for my Mephistopheles since a lot of my favorite wing makers are no longer doing commissions. With that in mind, I stumbled upon eProductSales on eBay. It's a company that specializes in making different style wings--and, lo and behold, they made BJD size wings.

      On October 13, 2008, I ordered a pair of black wings from the store. I paid $145.99 with free shipping. The given turnaround for the completion time was two to three weeks.

      The wings were gorgeous, the price was decent (especially for how detailed the wings are), and I was happy to wait.

      November 20th rolled around and I hadn't received the wings. Okay, I thought. Maybe it's just taking a bit longer to finish. A little concerned--but not worried--I sent off a message to their eBay account. The next day, November 21st, I sign onto eBay to see if they had responded to my message since, before, they had taken only a few hours to respond to any of my questions.

      The eBay store was no longer a registered member.

      Seeing that and realizing that they had deleted the store AFTER I had inquired about the wings, I immediately filed for a PayPal claim. Lo and behold, several hours later, I got an email from Karen at eproductsales@flash.net apologizing for the delay and explaining that wings were delayed because of Hurricane Ike. Okay, maybe I can buy it. But Hurricane Ike formed on September 1st and dissipated on September 16th (or so says Wikipedia). I ordered the wings on October 13th, nearly a month after the hurricane died. I sent a message on November 20th--about two months and a week (rounding) after the hurricane died. To make things even more suspicious, the eBay store had been deleted either the night before or that morning.

      Needless to say, I was not impressed and asked for my money back. To that, Karen again immediately replied and told me that the wings had already been shipped. I told her that I hadn't received them and I hadn't been told when they were supposedly "shipped"--and that the fact that the eBay store had been deleted without warning didn't exactly give eProductSales any brownie points. To that, I received no reply.

      The next day was Saturday, the 22nd of November. After that was Sunday the 23rd and then Monday the 24th. On Monday, I received a package from eProductSales. It was a pair of wings. While I am VERY glad that I got my wings, there are several issues that occurred during the transaction that did not at all please me:

      1. The eBay store had been deleted without warning.
      2. I was given no notification of this.
      3. No email had been sent out when the wings had been "shipped."
      4. When--politely--informing Karen of my suspicions and why I wanted a refund, the replies stopped.
      5. The black wings were mailed out on November 22nd--the day after I filed a PayPal claim and asked for my money back.

      What also makes me suspicious is that, in the store description, Karen (or the other seller) mention that the wings take two to three weeks to make--so they are NOT ready-made at the time of the order. In the box with the wings, there was a letter that mentioned the set I now own as being the "replacement" set. However... if the wings take weeks to make, how is it that a "replacement set" was able to be mailed out to me the very next day after I filed a PayPal claim? Perhaps I'm an overly cynical person, but I'm not buying it. You may, however, come to your own conclusions.

      For future reference, eProductSales is selling here:
      -- http://myworld.ebay.com/eproductsales (gone now)

      Essentially: Yes, I received my item in question, but after the given time limit and only until after I filed a PayPal claim. If you decide to shop from this store, please proceed with caution.