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Trouble with Delf - Standing?

Dec 11, 2006

    1. I've been reading many comments about the CP dolls have trouble standing, and the infamous "kicking" habit...

      Many people also seem to have trouble with it, even when they rewire and suede and such. Is it really such a problem? The more I look at it, the more I'm wary of CP boys...
    2. Of all the probably 8 different SD boy bodies I've dealt with, CP has been the easiest to work with after just simple restringing. I think some people just don't know what they're doing, so ti doesn't really work. Not to sound mean or have a holier than thou attitude, but I'ev restrung a lot of dolls and Cp is great @_@
    3. My boy's legs are usually really quick to bend instead of stand. And when I try to make him stand, he's a lot like an angry toddler who wants to sit down. He's a type 1 body, and was strung really loosely. I don't know how to restring him, but I personally like how he's a bit more floppy than other dolls I've come across. I tried hot gluing, but it really didn't go well, and his joints either stuck in weird positions, or popped out completely. As loose as he is, standing him isn't too much trouble. I don't expect him to do any crazy poses, so a minute or two of patient leg straightening works well enough.

      For any difficult poses, you would definitely have to make sure he's strung tightly, and/or sueded and wired.
    4. I think if you own one, and therefore handle them a lot, you'll find ways to fix it and get the feel of how to stand them. I've only handled CP boys at meet-ups and have yet to get one to stand, but their owners don't seem to have a hard time doing it. But I think it's harder to make SD-sized dolls in general stand >_<
    5. I hot glued my boy's legs, and with alitte bit of fiddling, he's standing within 5 minutes. Many a times if the place he's standing is stable, I can pose him in almost any way, at least in the upper body, w/o any problems. The knees are an issue, butI think if I sueded him more smoothly he wouldn't pull up as often.

      Overall, they're good posers...I remember hearing someone say that although they can't pose in every way known to man, when you settle them into a pose it looks natural, with their own little flair X3 hope that helps.
    6. Hiyas

      I have 7 CP/Luts dolls... and all of them stand fine... occ they have a kicky moment but if you know your doll its not a prob.. yes was strange with my 1st doll... but I soon understood how to stand and pose him... Ive owned 2 others aswell.. but I dont find it a problem... and agree if you can re-string that can help aswell..

      I would still recommend them 100&#37;

      Hugs Maz x
    7. I agree with everyone else! Once you have your doll you learn to know where their own centre of balance is. :lol: My boys have been sueded and they stand just fine now! ^_^ (Well, apart from when they're in an uncooperative mood. XD)
    8. I had no problem getting my CP boy to stand, I had him standing minutes after he was out of the box. I've had him for a long time, and haven't restrung him yet or sueded or wired him and he still stands fine. It's just a matter of knowing how to move their legs around so that they're well-balanced~
    9. ano's had a few diffrent variations on stringing tension, and i have to say, tighter is good >: he wasnt as floppy when i had him tightly strung and he would stand fine, his knees locked perfectly, all i had to do was get the balance right
      but now he's a bit looser and his knees are prone to giving out ;;'
      but i got some boots for him at a meetup and that seemed to help alot with his balance o_O i just set him down and he stood fine >:
      so yeah, practice, and fiddle with the stringing tension, you'll get it
    10. Kagami re-strung my El and wire him but at that time he still kicky ... until effigy help me with sueding and now he can stand on both legs very easy. I think the combination of all will help CP doll stands wondefully.
    11. I've owned CP dolls since July 06 when the first one arrived. I've got the restringing down. Just take a few minutes to get the feel of their balance and they'll stand!
    12. I'm pretty bad at judging stringing tension... but even after several restringings and elastic tightening/loosening, my CP boy stands just fine. He's not as easy to stand as... say... my Volks MSD, but he also doesn't have locking joints.

      I personally love CP posability. They have a greater range of motion than Volks SD/SD13, and their lack of locking joints means they can achieve the loveliest of lounging poses.

      If you're worried, you can always use the hot-glue sueding method on the knee joints :3 I did that to mine, and he stands even better now.
    13. It's an interesting phenom that this issue seems to be really split! And I've owned nine CP boys and never had an issue with any of them, so I'm always curious why some members have such problems and others don't seem to have any! :(

      Definitely, holding the boy firmly by the waist, pushing down on his feet and then "feeling" the balance of the body in your hand really goes a long way to steadying and standing a CP boy. They used to come with "directions" - is that no longer true?

      They are "kicky" but that doesn't really interfere - or shouldn't - when the doll is being stood on a solid and level surface.
    14. I've never had an issue :B Lewis has always stood great for me in a variety of areas. You just have to know how to put the legs and balance them~ Lewis can stand like a rock XD I could leave him for an hour and he wouldn't budge.

      edit: he's not wired or sueded, by the by.
    15. Standing was never a problem I believe. CP sends their dolls usually very tightly strung and produces a kicky problem instead when you're trying to make them pose in other more interesting positions I guess. But when Ciar first arrived, just plopping him down on his feet would result in him standing.

      After restringing him with help, he stands marvelously and poses amazingly with the kicky problem gone. I didn't wire or suede him. A lot of people say that CP bodies have a lot of problems but it's alright with me so far. What's really important is getting a feel of the body and adjusting their weight distribution when posing so that they've a good balance. When restringing, it's probably better to use new longer string than the one provided by CP but tight enough so that he can stand easily.
    16. I've never had a problem with my CP boys either. They're by far the best posers out of all the dolls I've ever handled. :)
    17. I think the whole issue comes about because CP boy's aren't immediately just 'plonk on the ground and I'll stand' types of dolls. Their knee joints aren't built in with a latch like some dolls.

      However like many have said, just playing with and getting to know your boy/girl will help. Start off with flat footed shoes rather than say...stilletto heels ;) and on a surface that's not too slick or too varient (like thick shag carpet)

      I always managed to get Xie to stand but he was pretty loosely strung so his legs liked to flop a lot ;) especially in the high heeled boots I had him in. He just wasn't super easy to stand like my DoT boy
    18. My two type 1 boys and one type one girl can all stand. They also have kicky legs. They have never been restrung or wired or sueded or altered in any way. They don't stand easily, but they all stand...

      Merethien posed my Elf Yder and Juri at a meetup. She's VERY good at posing dolls, though!--

      Here's my Elf El standing out in my sister's backyard--

      My SD-13 is easier to stand... he doesn't want to bend at the knees and hips as much. But really, it's not a big problem. I don't really like having my dolls stand on their own much because I don't want them to fall and get damaged.
    19. My CP EL Air is terrible at getting to stand, he's got very kicky legs. I think it's because he's strung too tightly because he bends at the hips too, but I've not have time to restring him yet.
      I got him in May and have managed to get him to stand on his own once for about two minutes before he fell over.
      I'm interested in the hot glue idea, could someone explain it to me? I've tried putting moleskin on his knee and hip joints but its not helped at all. My three other boys are from Dream of Doll and stand beautifully in about two seconds on all type of surfaces so it'd be nice to take a group photo of them all standing.
    20. I had a problem with having one of my boys stand. He's scraped his butt and feet because he wasn't strung tightly enough so I restrung him so tight that he can't ever trade heads with anyone without me being sent to the ER :x If that didn't work, I was willing to wire him. Now he poses and stands better than his twin who was the best and easiest to pose.

      And I don't mind the kicky legs 'cause I know that once I get those suckers down in two seconds, my boys can stand for quite a long time on their own.