Trouble with Dollshe bodies

Feb 11, 2019

    1. Hi! There appears to be a problem with strength of the right calf of the Dollshe Mystic and Khan bodies in the knee joint area.

      Recently I found out that a piece had suddenly broken off the right calf of my Mystic body on the inside of the knee joint. The doll had not suffered any damage, that happened when it was just lying still, not even while bending its leg. The piece adjusting the knee joint just broke away without any reason.

      [​IMG]DSC_0866 by Peregrina Tyss, on Flickr

      Subsequently it turned out that the same problem with the right calf had happened at the same time with two other BJD-owners from Russia - in one case with a Mystic body as well, in another case with a Khan body. It was always a piece of the right calf adjusting the knee joint from the inside that broke off. None of the breakage cases happened because of severe usage, drop or hit. The dolls were just lying/sitting.

      Юлия ~Asano~ Зенкевич on Instagram: “Я просто не верю своим глазам!!! Я сняла штаны с куклы, которая тупо лежала в персональном кресле 2 недели!! Чертов Мистик!! Что за…”

      My Mystic body and other owner's Khan body were suede-glued, another Mystic body was not, so that should not have been the reason for the breakage.

      All the dolls were casted and sent by Dollshecraft in the summer of 2017. Such a coincidence seems weird and we suspect that there might have been a defect in the casting molds, or that the wear resistance of this detail might have been poorly calculated during the 3D-stage of creating the bodies.

      We wonder if there are any other cases of such a breakage with Dollshe bodies. Has anyone else come across similar breakage?
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    2. Well, this is bizarre. My Mystic body (also made in summer 2017) has had exactly the same breakage. I fixed it with epoxy. Thanks for posting this, it's good to know I'm not the only one with this issue.
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    3. The casting looks very thin there. Seems like a design flaw. On my IOS dolls knee join the socket of the thigh is about 2 mm thick.
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    4. I’m waiting on a 33cm mystic body, which will probably be especially fragile/prone to this flaw, so thank you for the heads-up!

      I’m very sorry it’s happened to so many, that’s really not good!
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    5. I'm so sorry this happened with your doll. I will receive a Mystic body from Dollshe soon (hopefully, I just completed 10 months waiting but I think I will be waiting a year). This is really useful for people who also ordered it in that summer and for recent batches.

      It would be great to compare the thickness in that area with another Mystic body in perfect condition. As Mikeg said, that part looks like a casting defect as it looks very thin.
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    6. In the discussion of this problem on the Russian forum one more similar case was found out - with Diana body (( Diana body is newer (just recently casted), and it seems, unfortunately, that this flaw was not fixed in a newer model of body (

      Thank you for sharing! Was your problem also with the right calf? And I'm very curious about the way you fixed the breakage. Did you apply epoxy only to the surface of the chip? Didn't you add a thin layer of epoxy from the inside?

      @mikeg Mystic, Khan and Diana bodies have the same knee joint model, it really seems that it is their common design flaw.

      @nattherat Hope this problem doesn't occur with fashion bodies - since they are so much smaller there must be less load on the same pieces.

      @Hisomu I wish you to get your body soon and without this defect! But it doesn't seem that the construction of the body has been somehow improved since the first release (
    7. This is very bad news :( Dollshe has atrocious wait times, but I thought we could rely on pristine quality!
      Has the issue been brought up to the company?

      Also could you provide us with a link or screenshot to the russian forum regarding this?
    8. @peregrina I have just checked, and it was actually the inside of the doll's left calf :I it's the exact same area though, and the piece that broke off looks the same as yours. The only thing that's different is that it was on the left calf, not the right one.

      As to the repair I did, I glued the piece back on and then added a layer of epoxy to both sides of the breakage, to reinforce it. I wanted to make sure it wouldn't snap off again along the fault line. I plan to sand it to make it as neat as possible when I have time. So far there hasn't been any issue, it hasn't broken again and I'd even say that the layer of epoxy helps his knee be less kicky/prone to buckling (as that tends to be a common problem with the Mystic body). If you're interested, I can take a few photos for you!
    9. So sorry this happened with your doll and many other ones! That's really bad news. The resin seems too thin.
    10. Argh, thanks so much for sharing this info, and I'm so sorry that it's happened to so many people. (Sigh it's like the ridiculous Rhythmos wrists all over again.)
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    11. Exactly! Doll is Diana classic 61cm. This thin leg part has cracked. Practically fell off... Here:
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    12. Yikes! That definitely looks too thin. Thanks for spreading the word. I hope someone is collecting this info to send it to Dollshe?
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    13. Good to know they are having such issues. I wonder if they will replace the broken parts?
    14. Hello, everyone! I would like to cover the common problem with Dollshecraft company. Recently I’ve asked the Russian bjd-community of how many doll owners were affected by the problem of broken shins on different Dollshe dolls.

      I'm the owner of Dollshe Diana 16F maxi, I got the doll in December of 2019. Doll was treated carefully and gently, I stored her in standing position inside of cabinet. In July 2020 I took her out to play, and when I put her on a chair I saw a crack in her shin. I addressed this problem to Dollshecraft, then in response I got free shin replacement and accusations that the crack was my fault and that the company have never heard about the problem of cracks on their doll’s shins. That statement turned out to be a lie, as we, Russian community members, managed to collect proofs that such problem occures frequently with different Dollshe dolls owners.

      On BjdClub (biggest Russian bjd-forum) I’ve gathered stories, reviews and photos of broken dolls from different people (photos and screenshots are posted further). Dollshecraft refused to send free replacements to almost everyone and offered to buy spare parts for 70$ - 110$ instead. Dollshecraft also accused doll owners of mistreating their dolls and that the cracks were completely their fault.

      I was consulted by different doll masters (sculptors, doll repairers and etc.) and they confirmed that occuring damage is not the fault of the owner but the fault of the company. You can see further on the photo how thin the plastic is on the spot of the crack.
      I think that it's time to inform Dollshecraft and demand the company to fix this problem. I'm asking everyone whose dolls got damaged because of thin plastic to respond in this thread and to give me permission to use photos of cracks and damages in the complaint to Dollshecraft.

      Broken shins are not the owners' fault, if you want to play with your Dollshe dolls without fear their shins may break from ripple of wind, please don't be silent! Please respond here and upload photos of the damages.


      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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