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trouble with latidoll! please help!

Nov 27, 2007

    1. hi there. i'm brand new to bjd and i'm looking right now for my first.

      i think i see one i want at the latidoll site, but i have several questions.

      my problem is, i registered with them, and they sent me a confirmation email and everything, but i still can't use the site!

      i wanted to use their Q&A forum, but after i log in, and click the "write" button - that i assume lets you compose a question - it just jumps right back to the log in page! ???

      also, i can't put anything in a wishlist because it says i'm not logged in!

      i feel like i'm kind of in a hurry, because the restock is coming up, and i want to make sure i have all my questions for them answered before i chose.

      can anyone tell me what i might be doing wrong?

      thanks so much!
    2. What brower are you using? Have you tried switching?
    3. Hi orphansparrow :) Welcome to the board!

      Firstly, this post belongs in the Buying/Selling Q&A board over here, so don't be surprised when a mod moves it.

      Now, I'm not a real professional troubleshooter or anything, so you must realize that what I tell you might or might not help, but to take a guess at your problem... Generally log-in problems happen because you don't have cookies enabled, or possibly your firewall is blocking the redirect to the page your trying to get to. Or your browsers privacy setting may be on "high".

      So first, make sure you have cookies enabled. If you don't know how to check or do so, gmail has a great list for various browsers.
      Second, if that doesn't work, try turning your firewall temporarily off and then try to logon. If you use windows XP, here's how to do that too.
      And last, if neither of those work, try lowering your browsers privacy setting. Once again, google to the rescue :D

      If none of those work, then I'm just as flabergasted as you are O.o Good luck!
    4. oh, thanks so much for the advice! i'll give it a go. ;)
    5. it didn't work. :(

      i don't know what else to do...

      does anyone know..can i order through them when an item becomes available, even if i can't log in and stuff?

    6. well, i actually made a new account using my friend's email address, and it worked. ?? but now, when i compose a question, it doesn't show up on the q&a board. is it supposed to?