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Trouble with small dolls? X_x;

Aug 1, 2005

    1. Anyone else have any trouble with their MSD-sized dolls?

      I love Nai dearly. He was the first of my dolls to arrive, and I adore him to death. I don't think I could ever part with him, no matter what.

      But... Well, there's a problem with him.

      He's just... Too small. T_T;;; Even now that I have a body for him, I don't really take him outside or do things with him. He seems happy enough, but I feel horrible for neglecting him. But every time I pick him up he's so small and lightweight I'm worried I won't be able to keep track of him. >_< And he's too small to fit comfortably in my arms in any position... Lutz sits beautifully in an elbow held at a 90-degree angle against my side, but Nai... Ack. So tiny. ;_; I'm constantly worried about dropping him because he's just so small the only way for me to get a good grip on him is to just grab him around the waist with my hand. (I'm about 190cm/6'3" tall)

      Does anyone have any suggestions? We're not losing our bond or anything, and I'm not selling him no matter what... I just need some ideas on ways to make things better with him. >_<;;; I hate just leaving him sitting in his chair all the time... Heck, he doesn't even sit comfortably in my lap like Lutz does. >_<;;

      Help? >.<;;;
    2. You know, reading this reminds me of a kitten... i love holding kittens because they're so small and precious... when they sturn into cats...they kind of sit like the bigger dolls... but i've always liked the size of kittens better.. Perhaps you could try changing the position you hold your darling? Perhaps that'll change things...

      Perhaps you could put him in a stroller instead XD...that way on outings you won't have to be afraid of dropping him...and you don't have to carry anything for that matter!! :o
    3. The loveliest thing about carrying my DoD Mir around outside is that she sits comfortably on one cupped hand. I don't need two hands to hold her (though I usually support her just in case) and I can look at her all the time. I think the larger dolls are really too big/heavy to carry comfortably in a position where you can actually get a good look at them.

      Also, she fits well in little bags and (best of all) shopping baskets. She can sit on counters without taking up too much space, and when I am juggling her and her carrier and another bag and I need to get out my tram ticket, she's not too heavy to be any hassle at all.

      I admit I don't often put her on my lap; when I do I generally have my legs crossed and she sits quite nicely on just one. And since she's small, there's always something nearby that she can sit on. My computer tower, a pile of books on my bedside table, bookcases, CD towers, windowsils, the edge of my bed (it's pretty narrow)...

      Ariel is horribly uncomfortable to try and carry in one arm the way I'd hold a larger doll, though... if I tried that often I'd not want to take her out much either.

      Sometimes she does seem too small, and yes I'd love a larger doll for some things. But for other things, she's just the perfect size.
    4. I like the small size--they're nice and light, and to me seem easier to hold. I either hold Hikaru in a cupped hand, or in the crook of my arm. If I'm sitting down, he can sit comfortably on one of my knees. You could always try different ways of holding him and see if there's a more comfortable position for the two of you.
    5. I have the opposite problem, I prefer mini sized dolls (or smaller), and am not really doing anything with my SD these days. My favorite is Unoa currently, and she's small enough that she can sit in a doll chair by the side of my computer. But then I don't carry her around much, and when I do I often move her with her chair.
    6. The friends I know who have both sizes of doll (I only have minis), seem to "keep in touch" with their minis by playing with them as much as possible, bringing them into photoshoots, sitting them on their desks while they work, etc. even if the rest of their focus is more on the bigger dolls.
    7. OMG! you're 190cm/6'3" tall?! O_O;;;
      :cry: it's not fair! <-- only 149cm... (next generation Edward Elric... sad...)
      erm... I don't have a bjd/sd/msd doll yet.. x_x; though I think I sort of understand how you feel, because I'm so small, and... find trying to carry huge dolls to be very stressfull (like the porcelaine one my dad bought for me during his trip to china)...

      err... maybe you could place him in a small handbag/carrier bag? The type with soft leather/cotten inside, you could sew a strip in it to act as a "safety-belt" :D That way you can carry him around and you won't have to worried about dropping him X3

      just have to avoid bag snatcher... x_x;
    8. From most of what I'd read before this post, it seems most people find MSD sized dolls easier to carry because of their size and weight. I agree with a carrier bag, as suggested above. Several dolls comes with them and you can purchase them separate from some online stores. Or you could use a stroller, which is also a cute idea, but not as subtle in public and not as convenient.

    9. Aww, really?

      That is why I got into MSD fo their size as well, SD too big for me. >.< You can try putting Nai in a tote bag type of thing, you know how certain people carry little Chihuahuas around! :D My poor puppy prefferes to walk. :lol: But anyways, I guess it'll be better for you to carry. But then again I'm 4'11 and everything seems big. ;_;

    10. I suggest a carrying bag as well. When i take my Unoa out, she rides in my purse. I tend to carry large purses so she fits well in all my favorite bags. A messenger bag with a bit of padding or a laptop bag might work well too.

    11. When I only had my minis, I didn't think they were small--for awhile. Then I really wanted an SD-sized doll for the size and weight (also the molds). After I put Moon together, I realized I really do like the bigger dolls for their size and everything. After holding Moon for awhile and going back to Cami or Dawn, they seem so tiny! I'd say if I stopped paying Moon so much attention and only played with the minis, I'd go back to thinking they were larger... I think it's all in the mind. Your mind kind of compares the sizes. If you take a day for only Nai, I'm sure his size might seem a little different and when you go back to Lutz, he could seem larger. :)
    12. I have a suggestion - how about taking a quilted sunglasses holder - the kind with the straps for hanging around your neck, and opening two leg holes in the bottom, and carrying your darling like that? It would be comfortable for both of you - you'd know he was safe, and he can be seen by friends and you can easily see him... :daisy
    13. This reminds me of something I noticed the other day. I have lot of Barbies sitting in my room, and as I was moving one around I relized how little she weighed it was like nothing since I've been carrying my DOD around. I agree with Vox its really all in your head.
    14. I'm with the short crowd (5 foot/155cm tall), and I absolutely love the miniature sized dolls because sometimes I feel a bit miniature sized myself :| If he's not in his bag, Rémy sits perfectly on my shoulder (I hold on to his lap), or I cradle him in the crook of my arm like you do with Lutz.

      Since you're so much taller, I think I can understand your concerns about Nai... Maybe experiment with other ways of holding Nai - he could probably straddle your arm instead of sitting on it. If he doesn't fit in your lap, try sitting him on the table facing you instead... after all, he's got such a sweet face - surely you'd prefer seeing his face than just the top of his head? :D
    15. Aww, Nai-kun! >w<

      A suggestion on carrying them, when I take Namie out and get sick of having to balance her by having her sit on my forearm I just put her back against my body and have her hold onto the crook of my elbow with her arms. ^^ I think it's really cute and it's a little less of a hassle, plus I feel secure knowing she's close and not in any danger.

      I agree with everyone, though, just try spending a little quality time with Nai-kun and you'll start feeling better about his size. :chibi So glad he has a body now!
    16. You could tuck him under your arm like a little baguette? Not very dignafied for him, but cute none the less.
      I usually put my Alice on my forearm, sitting with her legs out straight and hold her feet. But I do have the shortest arms of anyone I've met. Darn.
      I think a good idea would be the "sit-on-the-shoulder-hold-him-by-his-lap" approach Sefie suggested.
    17. :lol: Old-timer flashing back to Woody Allen here. Small comme une baguette! :lol: :lol: :lol:
    18. Shin sits on the palm of my hand comfortably and he nestles nicely into the crook of my arm. I find his weight on my lap really reassuring. XD
    19. I'm very small (4', beat that ;P ), so I don't know if this would work for you, but when I'm carrying Kieran for a ways (like to the coffeehouse), I find he settles comfortably in a sitting position under my arm with his butt in my hand. :oops: He seems to balance fairly well that way, so I'm not clutching at him the whole time. It's not very dignified for him, but pfft, he's used to that by now.

      Also, I find sitting on the shoulder works well, although I hold on to his feet.
    20. I am 5'6" and have no trouble with the mini sized dolls, although I am really paranoid about bigger dolls flopping over and being damaged.