Troubles in Sizing - A RS Clothing Headache

Feb 9, 2019

    1. So I just purchased my first SD doll and she is a RS. And since I don't know what her equal in measurements are in the more popular/expensive dolls (or the proper key terms to use while hunting), I am having a difficult time finding clothing or clothing patterns for this naked child.

      Here are her measurements...

      Height: 58cm
      Chest: 22.5cm
      Waist: 15.5cm
      Hip: 23.5cm
      Shoulder Width:9.5cm
      Neck Size: 9cm
      Arm Length: 16.5cm
      Leg Length:: 32cm
      Foot Length: 4cm (no I didn't typo, I purchased a Ai RS and she has goat/fawn legs)

      Thank you for your help.
    2. Congratulations on your first SD doll. I have a Mei (Ayla) and a Mi (Iris). Ai is another RS girl I've had my eye on, but at the rate I'm going I'm going to have a purely RS collection. I seem to just love most of their sculpts.

      Mi is 60cm, so most of the clothing I have made for her should be around the right size for your Ai. I have MSD patterns that I have resized for my SD girl. And some SD patterns.

      If you want to look on etsy for some great, easy to follow patterns, I highly recommend DGRequiem She has some awesome designs - including a hooded cloak that I think might go well with your Ai. Her patterns are super easy to adjust too, with alterations already penciled in for different bust sizes etc. Plus, she gives directions to have them better fit whichever doll you are sewing for.
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    3. I also have an RS. Yes, finding clothing can be a challenge indeed! Most SD13/SD10 clothes will be very baggy. So you may have to alter any patterns you find that you like.
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    4. Taking clothing in isn't a big problem for me. But knowing ahead of time is helpful so I can pick clothing I can take in. Thanks