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Troubleshooting: Iplehouse Lt. Aaron resin coloring

Aug 23, 2008

    1. Hi everyone,

      I just opened my brand new Lt. Iplehouse Aaron, and am extremely let down. He is MUCH lighter than the other Aarons I've seen, much lighter than his promotion shots, and much lighter than all the other user pics I've found on DoA.

      Has anyone else had this problem with an Aaron (or a Cocori?) Is this a change to the Iplehouse Resin? I know they don't offer "dark" Aaron anymore, but I was still expecting a doll much darker and browner than the one I got... In fact, he's very tan and orange, like Luts tan.

      I'm probably going to go post on the IH message boards soon, but I was wondering if anyone else had had this problem or been surprised by the color of their Aaron.
    2. A picture would help, I know there were a Lighter Aaron and Darker Aaron, maybe they could have changed the resin color, but I would post on Iplehouse and ask just to be safe.
    3. I'm definitely taking pictures alongside another (albeit first gen) Light Aaron tomorrow at a meet. Iple actually no longer sells the Dark Aaron, which limits my choices some, but they still use the promo pics from the first Aaron, which implies a certain skin tone. Additionally, the pics I'm comparing him to have been of Light Aaron, and he still looks very, very light.

      Thanks so much for your advice!!!
    4. I would say that IH has probably had a lot of problems with the dark skinned dolls during casting, reportedly only 1 in 10 dolls are actually suitable for sale. Quite possibly the lighter resin mix was also giving them enough trouble that they decided to make it a bit lighter again, although it's odd that they didn't make an announcement about it.

      This post mentions how the light Aaron's are now as light as LS Cocori, and this thread has a more in-depth comparison of two "light tan" IH dolls from different time periods.
    5. I kind of had a feeling something like this had happened. Honestly, I know the stats on tan dolls, hence why I was willing to pay for one -- what really bothers me, though, is that I DID pay Iple for that one doll in ten who survived the process and I feel like I got short sheeted. Especially since they still post the original Lt Aaron photos on the website; it's very misleading. (The light color isn't even what bothers me so much as the orange base.)

      Thanks though. You've helped shed a lot of light on this situation -- it's frustrating, but now I just need to wait for IH to get back to me.