Troublingjokers feedback thread :)

Nov 13, 2016

    1. Hey there!! Sorry I haven't gotten around to making this yet I wasn't sure how, but it's here now :)
    2. Just got done with a transaction with Troublingjokers, sold them a Soom mini boy body. They were great to sell to and let me know once it arrived, a pleasure to do business with.
    3. I sold a Bobobie body and a Buff headback to Troublingjokers :) They paid quickly and let me know as soon as the items arrived. It was a positive experience, I would def do business with them again!
    4. Troublingjokers was great to deal with. Quick responses to emails and really nice.
    5. Troublingjokers bought soom little mermaid faery Verna from me. She is super nice and prompt in conversation response, paying and confirming shipment :D
    6. Troublingjokers bought my LumeDoll Koit. It was a very pleasant and quick transaction! Good communication and prompt payment! I would be happy to work with Troublingjokers again!
    7. I sold Troublingjokers my Alchemic Lab Azurite. Prompt payment, prompt communication, an all-around smooth transaction. Recommended highly.

    8. We made an awesome transaction with absolutely darling Troublingjokers ! :hug:They were perfectly kind and very cooperative, payment was fast and it was a great pleasure!:XD: Looking forward to keep in touch!:celebrate:chibi Thank you Dear! :whee:
    9. I sold my 5StarDoll Miss S to TroublingJokers 12/10/18 immidiate payment, pleasure to chat with, reasonably fast response time to messages. I'd gladly do business with again!
    10. I sold some Obitsu doll parts to Troublingjokers recently. They were very polite, they paid very promptly, overall they were a joy to deal with. I would highly recommend them. (P.S., sorry for the late response, I forgot!)
    11. Troublingjokers bought my Batchix - Clever Little A and everything went nicely. They were a pleasure to do business with; they were polite, quickly paid, and had a quick response time. Highly recommend them!
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    12. They bought a Clever Little and a May from me. Very friendly, paid right away, and they let me know when they arrived. I would gladly work with them again. A+++