True MSD scale size

Sep 4, 2016

    1. I ordered my boy on August first or second and he is the Akagi doll 47cm Yair sculpt and I know that 40cm to like 49cm are basically MSD sized but a lot of the clothes say between 40cm and 46cm....or 45cm depending on the shop. So is 47cm's really an MSD size? Because a lot of websites consider MSD to be small like the minifee slim msd size. So is my boy really MSD sized?
    2. Hmm... this is a tricky question because colloquially, we say that all dolls between 40-50cm are "MSD-sized". However, while we may attach that word "sized" to the end, MSD stands for "Mini Super Dollfie" which is a term exclusive to Volks's BJDs. Long ago Volks was the first company to make BJDs commercially popular. So when they came out with their "MSD" or "Mini Super Dollfie" line, we started picking up a bad habit of calling all BJDs in 1/4 scale "MSDs".

      But this is now even more vague because
      1. 1/4 scale = 1/4 the size of a human. But humans vary in height and body structure. While I am 173cm tall, which means a 1/4 scale doll of me would be 43.25cm tall. But I have a friend who is 180cm. A 1/4 scale doll of him would be 45cm tall. People's sizes vary, so obviously dolls will vary as well.
      2. Many companies are now coming out with big baby or more baby-ish looking dolls in 1/4 scale. So while we will call them "MSD sized" colloquially, they don't have any of the proportions of what we've considered to be MSD sized until now. Their height is the same as a standard "MSD" but they're much thicker everywhere else.
      3. In between sizes are becoming popular. I would never consider a 50cm doll to be "1/4" scale because that would mean if we blew that doll up full size, it would be 200cm tall. That is an extremely tall human. Like touching the ceiling all the time tall.

      The short answer is Yes and No. Your doll is not an MSD because he's not from Volks. "MSD-sized" has now become a very vague term. Your doll will be considered "MSD-sized" pretty much everywhere because his proportions still fit in with the 1/4 scale. He'll just be taller than the average "MSD-sized" doll.
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    3. Thank you very much.