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Trying to avoid offending original face-up artist when another paints your doll

Dec 20, 2011

    1. I have this one doll, who got her first faceup from a woman who works at my local doll shop. The faceup was fine and just what I asked for, but it started to wear off, so I got her faceup redone by a nice woman from the customization forum. I'm sure that I will see the kind woman who did her initial faceup again, and in case she asks, how should I respond as to make thinhgs not awkward? (Like, how do I explain not asking her to do my doll's faceup again?)
      Anyway, thank you very much,
    2. Most people won't flat out ask... It's kind of rude. Even though she works at a doll shop, has she ever worked on resin dolls? Clearly she didn't know how to seal it. Just tell her the truth: They need a special sealant any you didn't want her to have to shell out money to buy supplies just for your doll, so you went ahead and had someone else do it who already had everything they needed.

      You may run into a similar thing on the forum. Maybe the next time you get this same doll's face-up done, you'll go with a different artist than the last one. What's important is that you're happy, not that someone else's ego has been deflated.
    3. If she asked (because she noticed it), I'd tell her that the old one started to wear off. I'd probably say that I didn't want to bother her again so soon, and decided to have someone else do the face up this time. I might also ask her what she did to the face up to see if maybe she didn't coat things properly, or if she made another error. If she did, then you could correct her, and express how she should have done one thing when she did something else.
    4. Just leave it at the faceup was wearing off and move on. It's truthful and that's already plenty of information for her. You don't *have* to explain a thing.
    5. People get new faceups all the time for a variety of reasons so I don't think anyone will say anything to you. If it's the woman at Kerby Lane you are talking about, I doubt very much that she would even notice unless you mention it. She is someone I know very well and she would probably appreciate the feedback that the paint was wearing off a bit too soon if you wanted to let her know.
    6. if you want to turn her down politle just tell her that someone you know who is more experianced whith faceups and is more convinient for the other lady to do the faceups for you :)
    7. O my, never wondered about this. Hope i did not offend anyone by switching face-ups!
    8. I don't think you'll have anything to worry about; it would seem a bit rude, to me, if she were to bring it up after noticing. xD
    9. Being a fellow austinite I think I know exactly who you’re talking about. You could just say that the faceup was coming off and you really wanted a faceup from (insert new faceup artist name).
    10. Well the truth is always best, and it shouldn't hurt her feelings! I would probably say something about how much you loved her face up but it was coming off and you wanted to try something new.
      I doubt she will ask though!
    11. I don't see why it would be awkward... it's not like you owe her anything, right?
      She can hardly blame you for getting a new faceup from someone else because her got damaged.
    12. I always thought getting a doll recustomized was frowned upon in some circles? If you run into her I would just stick with the it was wearing off and you took the opportunity to give her a different look.
    13. From what I've noticed, there are many times where a face-up needs to be touched up or replaced altogether, especially if a doll is well-loved and oft played with. I wouldn't worry about having to explain it, and in case that a query is made, simply tell her the truth of matters. There's certainly no wrong done in getting your doll a new face-up. It wasn't as though you merely did it on a whim, after all. The face-up legitimately needed redone.
    14. I think if she does ask you just be honest, as it could help her in the future if she is asked to do another bjd and stop her getting any complaints or angry customers. Im sure she would appreciate your honesty.
    15. Just tell her the truth. It's not like it should really affect her life in anyway that she didn't redo your doll's face up. She is YOUR doll after all, you can have anyone you want do her face up.
    16. As a faceup artist, sometimes I DO hate to see a particularly well done faceup I did get wiped, but the reality of it is that people change their minds, dolls get new characters or new looks. I might be sad to see it go, but it's not my doll and I wouldn't really be offended that my faceup got changed. You've paid the artist for what they did, so they have been compensated for their work and it is now your property, you can do what you want with it. I wiped a faceup that a friend did, because, for one, it was starting to wear from so much play, but also because I upgraded the doll and used the old head as the original character's son. It was nothing personal, she did a great job and i liked it a lot. It just wasn't going to work for the new character. Yes, I was sad to wipe it, but it happens. It's part of being in a customizable hobby.
    17. But it's not like she wiped it to change the character or because she didn't like it - it was damaged and wearing off. You kind of have to get a new one at that point.
    18. I think it's nice that people are sensitive to the faceup artist. I also think most faceup artists who are familiar with BJDs know that faceups are sometimes changed or modded--or the dolls are sold and the new owner wants something else. It's not fun for the faceup artist, so it's nice that people realize that, but if they are doll-owners themselves, they know how things work and can deal with it.

      Telling the truth is good. But also, maybe, just letting the person know that it wasn't because their faceup sucked in some way. I think in this case, saying "I liked the faceup, but unfortunately, it started wearing off." That will tell the artist that maybe they didn't protect the faceup well enough--but that it wasn't because her work wasn't appreciated. That should be a good thing all around.

      About going back to the same person for a touch-up or fix... well, I guess you could leave that unsaid--since it's up to the owner to do what they want. But if she asks, you could just explain you wanted to try something new. She shouldn't freak out about it as long as she knows the commissioner wasn't doing it because there was something majorly wrong (aside from the faceup wearing off too soon, anyway!)

      I've done only one faceup for someone else and I just understand that they can do what they wish with their doll, so I don't get attached.