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Trying to look like a BJD...?

Mar 24, 2012

    1. So I read this article on Yahoo! and watched the video in it too: LINK

      (I'm gonna feel stupid if this girl is on DoA and reads this >>; )

      Are there a lot of people in the BJD community who TRY to look like a doll, or even their own dolls?

      I know people make dolls to look like them, but does it go the opposite way too?

      I can't decide if I'm creeped out or intrigued by this... I watched a couple other of the girl's youtube videos and... just... wow....

      Other people's thoughts???
    2. Did ya happen to notice Yahoo called every single BJD owner a pedophile?

      I think if she wants to look like a BJD, let her. She isn't hurting anyone. There have been cosplays done of some of the Dream of Doll Teens and there have been people who cosplay with their dolls. It isn't harming anyone, so why squash someone's fun?
    3. Oh my. I love this part of the article.

      "Modern Asian ball joint dolls have become increasingly more life-like, with a line of human-sized, physically mature dolls recently released for the kind of consumer you don't want anywhere near your teenager."

      Nope, no teen girls here. Only sweaty old ephebophiles. And yes, "realdolls" are EXACTLY the same thing as BJDs! Huge silicone sex dolls, little resin dolls, it's all the same in our craaaaaaazy and perverse world!

      But anyway, some people say I almost look a doll since I'm pale and frail looking. I take it as a compliment and I mostly accidentally mimic a doll. I think it's not a bad thing as long as you are not unhealthily obsessed with the venture and exposing yourself to dangerous attention.
    4. The article does seem a little slanted to me, however I do worry about her safety if the "Insane man in love" is true. But that is about internet safety, not the fact that she wants to look like a doll.

      Honestly I would love to look like a doll, but wouldn't every girl? I don't see anything wrong with trying to make ones self beautiful, as long as they stay safe and don't go into any unhealthy extremes. And the video was cute, I might try that little honey pie mask. Plus, it is all in good fun, and is just another form of fashion. So yeah, no real harm. In fact I think its kind of a neat concept, I might watch more of her videos. :]
    5. I'm with Xuchilpaba on this, hahaha. It's hilarious that they think all the people into this hobby are creepy old men. Because there are so many men in this hobby, amirite. I find it funny that they're trying to demonize the hobby when really the main issue with this should be that a 15 year old girl posting YouTube videos might earn her some creepy stalkers - no matter what she's posting about.

      Also, it could be just me, but she doesn't look like a doll. She looks like a kid wearing too much make up.
    6. Oh gosh, we're all pedophiles preying on teenage girls! I think that was the weirdest thing in the article since well, there are plenty of women, men, and teens in this hobby just because they love the dolls. I don't think preying on kids has popped into 99.9% of our minds.

      And honestly, the "insane" men on the internet don't need you to look like a doll. If your a girl (and sometimes a boy) that's all it takes.

      I may think it's a bit odd for the girl to do this all the time, but hey, to each her own...I just wish it wouldn't bring such an opinion on the hobby when they really don't know anything about it.
      Plus, she doesn't look like a BJD at all! I think she looks more like another lolita
    7. I know I don't follow the News thread very well, but...human-sized BJDs? xP Where is Piper Weiss getting this info? Why are we all of a sudden weirdos seeking out teenagers xP

      As for trying to look like a BJD I think it'd be cute for cosplaying like a BJD or doing some sort of matching outfits and what not. Or could go well with like, over the top sweet lolita.
    8. Lolwut. That's all I have, this article is really too... uninformed to be taken seriously. The video is pretty silly, I'm not sure if I can peg her as a cute little girl or an obnoxious weeaboo, but it's no different from any other early teen posting videos on youtube.

      As to the question asked in the thread, a "doll like" appearance is actually something that a lot of people go for, whether they know it or not. Big eyes and nice skin is what's considered attractive in most cultures, and that standard of attractiveness is what dolls are usually modeled after.

      The article itself is... *sigh*, where do you start? Uninformed, badly worded, and focusing on entirely the wrong thing. Not to mention the bit that implies that BJDs are marketed towards pedophiles. Way to shine a good light on our hobby >_> I suppose I really shouldn't be hanging around a forum full of those doll-loving freaks, should I? *rolls eyes*
    9. This article is pretty ridiculous~

      As for how she looks,to me...it's just make-up. If she starts starving herself or doing some sort of self harm I can see it as being a problem. She's just a very pretty weeaboo. To me,if it's just her copying make up from Japan or doing 'doll like' make up....whatever! It's simply make-up. As for the whole getting attention from people she shouldnt, that goes for everyone that posts themselves on the internet.

      Should she be educated to not give out personal info and such regarding handling internet stuff? yes. Should she stop her little tutorials? No,as long as she is playing it safe.
    10. It's a gross generalization, that's for sure. Those dolls the author is referring to probably exist, but that's still a gross generalization. No matter what it is, you should never over-generalize, because someone is always going to get mad because that doesn't apply to them. However, I think the sentence can be looked at two different ways - though I think most are going to still generalize.

      They say that there's "a line of human-sized mature dolls"; most BJDs (at least those allowed on DoA) are not human-sized, to start off. Also, they say that there's a line, which means that among all the BJD's you could ever have, only one segment is populated by dolls intended for sex. I can only hope that this person did the research and found that most BJDs from Asia are not intended for anything seedy - and if they did, they should preface that sentence with a disclaimer of some sort, stating that most aren't like that.

      This girl needs better management so her unsavory fans don't get too close to her. If her mom is really helping her out, she needs to learn when her daughter's fans take things too far, and step in. She would probably do better with a manager or PR rep that's dealt with underage celebrities.

      With YouTube, make-up/skin tutorials are rampant. Lauren Luke (who isn't a minor) even has her own make-up line in Sephora because she gained such popularity with her spirit, personality, and her tutorials.
    11. Ugh I read that article earlier today. I absolutely cringed when they compared REAL DOLLS to BJDs. Way to make the hobby acceptable, Yahoo, THANKS.

      I don't see how the BJD thing has anything to do with her making herself up like a doll. That article was the WORST.

      Edit: I just realized I didn't even comment on the OP's question, but I was just waiting for someone to bring this article up so I could gripe about how bad it was :P
    12. Obviously the purpose of the article is not to promote the BJD-fandom but rather to make a point about the ways certain parents
      chose to handle their children's interaction with youtube.

      As for the OP question, from the photos I've seen in a thread in the picture request forum, of BJD and their owners,
      I don't see that many owners are trying to look like dolls – most people look pretty "normal." Personally I wouldn't
      want to look like a doll, would I love to have perfectly smooth skin without any imperfection as a 30-year-old female
      I would be lying if I said no. But I am not a fan of big bulging eyes on dolls or on people – if the doll is very stylized then
      I don't mind super large eyes and humongous rises but otherwise I find it incredibly creepy (especially in humans!).
      And I have to agree with the person that said that the kid in the video doesn't look anything like a BJD, at least not any I've seen. >_<;;

      - Enzyme
    13. I can't take any of this seriously; the article I mean. It's just ridiculous.

      Especially since that girl just looks like a typical pretty Asian girl now (and is just a complete weeaboo). Whoopie. How is she related to BJDs now . . . ?! *laughs* Seriously. Just Google something typical like "cute Asian girl" and you get hundreds of others who look like that. Seriously. Try that exact search. They aren't related to BJDs now are they. If anything that girl would just be good for cosplaying or something.

      Anyway. I've seen people who cosplay as some dolls. ^^ ; Also some who dress to try to match or look like their dolls. ^^ If that's what they want to do, then so be it. ^^ ;;
    14. I agree with many.

      She doesn't look like a BJD. She just looks like a lolita-ish, cute Asian girl. If she wanted to look like a BJD, try drawing on some joints or something.

      The article is horribly-written, and while it's not really about dolls themselves, it still does a horrendous job at trying to be readable. It's a joke. A complete joke.
    15. I was just going to post about this article and RAWR about how offensive it is!! I am glad someone beat me to the punch. As an article that may be someones only reference for BJD's, how dare they write a statement like that! Offensive!

      As for her...she knows what she's doing and everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. For me, it falls under the category of "if you don't like it, don't watch"
    16. Unfortunately Yahoo! is full of terrible writers and editors. They are always getting their facts wrong, which is why so many people in the comments make fun of them. They also tend to post articles which they know people will click on, but, for the most part, serve no other purpose whatsoever. Notice how Y! puts all the crappy news at the top, and the stuff people should read towards the bottom. I'm pretty sure it's just a marketing thing.

      Meanwhile, BJDs have next to nothing to do with the article. It seems to mostly be about perverts targeting her, and her mother not doing anything about the situation. Notice how they mention BJDs in Japan, but no where else? That's an obvious point to me that they didn't do their research on them, but more on the pedos going after the girl, her blog, and her youtube channel. If you read the article, the part where they say "Modern Asian ball joint dolls have become increasingly more life-like, with a line of human-sized, physically mature dolls recently released for the kind of consumer you don't want anywhere near your teenager" isn't even needed. Omit that part, and you have the rest of the article. It's just very out of place, and I think it's only used to slam us collectors. :/

      I'd just like to say that while she may be trying to look like a doll, as people have pointed out, this is nothing new. Remember the woman who had so much plastic surgery because she wanted to look like Barbie? Guess Y! forgot to mention that part, along with the fact that this style has been popular in Asian countries for awhile now (and in others as well).
    17. I'm planning to cosplay one of my dolls. Just saving up for materials to make a pair of hooves.

      As for the article and the video, meh. She's a lolita, not a doll.
    18. The girl in question vaguely resembles a doll... but not a Bjd per se. I use the term 'vaguely' because I personally find no resemblance between her and a bjd. Rather, she resembles a young girl's 'perfect idea of a made up doll' in lolita. Also... Y! has long been putting up sensationalised articles that are stongly influenced by the personal opinions of their writers.
      I sincerely doubt that the writer in question has even bothered to do proper research. Most of the human-sized dolls that have ball-joints that are normally mentioned in the media are crash-test dummies - the kind used for testing the safety mechanisms of cars. I really doubt that 'consumers you don't want anywhere near your teenager' mentioned in the article would collect those for the kind of personal amusement indicated. This is simply another article showing the narrow-mindedness of people who try to impose their views upon everyone else who might listen, and strip the joy out of life whenever they can. (I wave my bjds in your face!! I own bjds and am PROUD OF THEM! SO THERE! NYAH! :P)
      And I have seen people who try to cosplay as their dolls, or rather, they show up with outfits close to identical (I'm not sure who is cosplaying whom XD!) And I would safely say that they are far more like bjds than the girl in the video.
    19. lol wow, love all the thoughts here. I wish i hadn't been so tired when i originally wrote the thread b/c i had more to say and forgot XD

      I agree with all of you - it's a grossly mis-informed article. I know the odds of the yahoo writer that gets the article job actually being BJD-savvy is pretty low, but you'd think they could research a little more! another even 10-15 minutes of research could have gone a long way for the article's writer. sad...

      and while i find the girl adorable, i'm a little afraid for her. i know what she's doing she fully does with innocent intentions (though that could be debated for some of the things she does... i think she's very naive...) but b/c most of the world is oblivious to the BJD world, they aren't viewing her in the proper light. most of her viewers are either young girls like her that are looking for something to fanaticize over and don't necessarily understand BJDs at all, or they are creepy older men who have the dirtiest of thoughts. what she's doing isn't promoting her fanatical views most of the time, its objectifying her to an uneducated audience. even her desire to be a BJD by having pale porcelain skin and wearing contacts and eyeshadow to make her eyes look huge is detrimental to her in the long run. while a little makeup and some cute clothes is a perfectly fun way to emulate the dolls she loves, she seems to be taking to a rather extreme and kind of unhealthy level. it's cute for now while she's 15, but what if this is something that completely consumes her life when she's 18? when she's 25? when she's 40? if her only aspiration in life is to be a living BJD, then that's so bad for her... while the article on her was highly misinformed, I do agree that she may be heading down the wrong path to a degree if at 15 she's already worried about perfect smooth skin and being beautiful (even if it's doll-standard of beautiful).

      idk... while it's an interesting notion and harmless up till now, it could easily spiral out of control for her in the future.

      and on one last note, i'm REALLY surprised she's not on DoA. I looked for Venus Angelic and variations of her on DoA and couldn't find her. Maybe she should join DoA to have a healthy outlet for her BJD-obsession..?
    20. on a side note, I am so going to try her facial mask xD

      I don't find it weird. I personnaly would not want to look like a doll or anime character, but to each his own! some people like to have tattoos and piercings all over, colourful hair.... who cares? it's their body they can do what they want with it! it's not hurting anyone.

      the article however, kinda piss me off! ¨>.<
      "Modern Asian ball joint dolls have become increasingly more life-like, with a line of human-sized, physically mature dolls recently released for the kind of consumer you don't want anywhere near your teenager." sooooo, I guess that means I can't go to school anymore? after all, since I own dolls that are very detailed, it must make me a pervert/rappist!

      and as some people as said, she doesn't actually look like a doll. she just look like a girl following the typical japanese fashion trend :/