TTYA Child 16cm Tiny Discussion

Mar 6, 2020

    1. I did a search and couldn't find anything about these cute little guys so I figured I would start a discussion thread in case anyone has one or more of these cute little buggers.

      Measurements from TTYA website:


      Total height : 16cm

      Head circumference : 15cm

      Neck circumference : 3.5cm

      Shoulder width : 3.5cm

      Bust circumference : 8cm

      Arm length : 4.3cm

      Hand length : 1.5cm

      Hips circumference : 9.7cm

      Thigh circumference : 4.2cm

      Leg length : 8.4cm

      Foot length : 2cm

      If anyone has any of these and could share pictures I would love it! Sori is so cute I'm considering breaking my "only one 16cm doll" rule for her.
    2. She's so adorable! I have some clothes from TTYA but no dolls so far. Sori is my favorite of the sculpts, and I would also love to see owner pictures of her.
    3. I am disappointed to see that no one answered this request. I have a pocket Kkukku by TTYA and I have been searching for owner photos of other sculpts. Sori and Nana are the two I am most interested in. I would also like to see photos of the 1/6 size dolls.

      Anyway, here is a quick look at my Kkukku for anyone who is interested.

      (album link added because it seems I don't know how to add a Flickr photo)

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    4. I wanted the milk tea Sori but her blush is too dark for my taste and I don’t do faceups. I saw an owner photo of her on Instagram and it’s too much. The normal skin one is better but with price plus shipping I haven’t gone for one yet.