Event TTYA Happy Box

Jan 9, 2017

    1. [​IMG]
      We have prepared a random box event.
      Please visit the site during the event.​
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    2. It is possible to know more or less how many items we can find in them?
      Thank you c:
    3. Will we be able to specify boy items or girl items (or mixed)?
    4. Will you be selling the boxes on Etsy??

      Edit: They added the boxes on Etsy <3
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    5. I just checked the website and they all look to be "sold out".
    6. They start selling tomorrow.
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    7. Okay, thanks.
    8. No, we are going to mix the clothes appropriately according to the amount ^ ^
      Yes You can specify the item, men and women. There is no separate words, we mix going to do.
      Yes! We were a little bit late.
    9. Hello
      Due to the large number of orders we have, Happybox events will be closed early.
      The deadline for ordering is 5:00 pm on January 18th. Thank you for the remaining time.