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Twigling Doll Discussion ~ Part 3

Aug 1, 2015

    1. I've made a drawing of a costume for my Elbe. It's not very good, because I used my finger on my phone, and I'm not much of an artist, but it was fun to plan! The light grey parts are sterling silver, and the purple is meant to be a light, translucent purple gauze, with maybe a bit of shimmer. My Elbe is going to an alien.



      ~~Twigling Website~~
      check it out for news, ordering info, measurements, photos, etc

      Previous discussion threads:
      Part 1
      Part 2

      Other threads:
      Twigling feedback thread
      Database of owned dolls
      Ylisande and TL2/TwigLimbs2 body Discussion Thread
      Comparison Shots Thread

      Doll Info:
      Height: 67cm
      Eye size: 14-16mm
      Wig size: 8/9 inches
      Option parts: Small, medium, large bust. Relaxed hands, posed hands, long nail hands.
      Heads: Ingenue, Dreaming Ingenue, Ingenuise, Ingenue Elf .
      Limited/Sold Out heads: Ylisande, Nkiru
      Resin colors: all six Dollshe resin colors (another here, scroll down), limited release in Obsidian

      Clothes that fit:
      Note: the current "medium" bust was referred to as "large" until ~Nov 2013, at which point a new, larger bust became "large" and the old "large" became "Medium." In this post I have used the new names (small/medium/large) for the busts to avoid confusion. Source.
      make your own tops with this pattern
      Iplehouse EID woman pants and bottoms, SID woman tops, Supergem tops
      some Iplehouse EID woman clothing and 2 3
      Iplehouse SID boy sweatpants
      Soom Supergem corsets and fitted tops and 2
      Soom Super Gem outfits
      unfitted Dollmore model tops (on medium bust) and 2 3
      Dollmore Model tights, leggings, and stockings and 2
      Dollmore Model sized underwear
      some Supia60 tops
      some SD16 tops (on medium bust)
      stretchy SD girl tops
      Dollshe boy shorts

      Clothes that DON'T fit:
      Dollmore model fitted tops (on medium bust)
      Iplehouse EID plaid skirt

      Shoes that fit:
      SD13 boy shoes/boots
      EID/SID woman shoes
      and 2 and 3
      Marbledhalls shoes
      custom shoes from b_o

      wider Dollmore Model shoes
      Dollmore Model Chilo heels and 2
      Dollmore Model Dale Rae shoes
      Dollmore Model Macy boots

      Shoes that DON'T fit:
      SD16 shoes
      narrower Dollmore Model shoes

      Hybrid info & examples:
      Resin comparison ankle joint will accommodate EID woman feet
      LLT Edira head on Twigling Ingenue body
      Dollstown Rian head on Twigling body
      Ingenue head on Spiritdoll body, Ingenue head on IH SID body
      Ylisande head on Iplehouse EID body
      Nkiru head on Iplehouse EID body
      Dollstown Elysia head on Twigling body
      Dollstown Rian head on Twigling body
      Limhwa Luna head on Twigling body
      Migidoll Janus Miho head on Twigling body

      More comparison shots 1 2 3
      #1 Kiyakotari, Aug 1, 2015
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    2. [MENTION=243]Kiyakotari[/MENTION] I can't believe you did that on your phone!!! She looks so cool. I bet you can't wait to get started.

      I have a question, because I'm too indecisive xD Do you lovely folk think the pink skin or vivid skin will suit a fair freckly girl more?

      Also, a more practical question with the layaway, does it take into account the predicted shipping rates, or will this be invoiced at the end? (I'm just joining the pre-order now).
    3. That looks amazing so far, Kiyakotari! I tried to look up mock ups so I could try one for my Oryx but I am hopeless lol!

      Kamia: I think viid would look nice and natural for a fair freckly girl. It just seems like a more natural skin tone than the pink skin
    4. You can choose in the order form questions if you want to be invoiced now or later for shipping, and then depending on what payment arrangements you set up, your shipping can be included in the layaway payments or paid now, or paid at the time of shipping.

      At least, that's how I understand it.
    5. That outfit design for your Elbe is magnificent!! How are you planning on sculpting/plating the silver parts?

      -- A <3
    6. [MENTION=2315]Ashbet[/MENTION]

      Thank you! I'm an amateur/hobbyist silversmith (I'm comfortable working with silver, copper, and brass, and somewhat comfortable working on gold as long as I'm only cutting or forming it and I don't have to heat it or solder it), and have a small jewelry bench in my house. I'll be using traditional hand-forming and piercing techniques using solid sterling sheet, and silver solder for a couple places. Though the main piece, for the dress, is actually going to be modified from a vintage Taxco cuff bracelet I already own (it was the inspiration for the overall design).
    7. Kiyakotari: your doll is going to be spectacular. Great concept!
    8. @$abbatha, I'm glad everything's sorted for you :) Gah, I hope there isn't a delay anywhere along the line - December is far away enough as it is! I seriously can't wait for my doll to arrive lol

      @$avage, yeah that's what I was a little worried about with the teal resin - it looks lovely in the sample resin colour photo but I'd be a little disappointed if the doll didn't come out the same sort of colour. Also I have no idea what character I'd make with her either.
      Although I have to say that @Kiyakotari, you're making me regret my decision not to go with teal!:lol: I love your design (and well done on doing such a good job on your phone. I tried it once and... well, I'm not doing it again without a stylus lol), and I like idea of going down the route of making your Elbe an alien rather than an elf. I'd love to see what you can make with your silver-smithing skills!

      Hello @kamia! I went for the pink skin and I've been thinking that a few freckles would suit her, but freckles on the vivid skin colour wouldn't look out of place either. I suppose it depends on how fair you wanted her to be - I feel like the pink is going to end up being seriously pale lol And I've opted to have an invoice for the shipping sent to me separately at a later date when the price for it is settled - then I don't have to worry about whether I've paid enough etc
    9. I uttrely agree, you hit the nail about teal color, me neither i can think to a character with teal color so i picked-up vivid color that is much more easy to deal with an build some characters!
      I should planning also some crazy wig hairstyle for my Oryx, still thinking on color of hair maybe black would be the best choice as mathc almost with everything :wiggle
    10. I've adjusted the design slightly already - the silver chestpiece will go under the arms rather than over the shoulders (I've actually already made this piece, since it only involved reshaping the bracelet I already have), so that it does not interfere with their movement. I'm also thinking of adding loose-flowing sleeves (perhaps as optional pieces) onto the lower part of the upper armbands, in the same fabric and general style as the dress. For the other silver pieces and the dress, I will have to wait for the silver sheet that I ordered to arrive, and for dress I will have to wait for both the fabric and the doll itself, since I don't have a Twigling doll here with the longer torso to fit the dress to. I'm also thinking of doing a headpiece, but that will have to wait until I have the head on hand.
    11. Thank you everyone for your responses! I don't think I've ever been in such an active and helpful thread! You are all great!
      I really can't wait to see how everyone's dolls will turn out!

      At the moment this is my current thinking, BUT it's changed so many times already... - Ingenue (+Gamine head), vivid skin, A bust, long torso, long legs, elegant hands + white stilettos.

      I'm going to think on it a little longer though mainly because my choices have changed so many times already xD

      Just to double check, am I correct in thinking these dolls are due to be sent out at December time? Or is this wishful thinking? xD
    12. I think you're right, December could be probably shipping time for dolls, i mean from Twigling to us.
      Love so far your choices, but you have still time to setting final decision i feel you cause options are many so take your time!
    13. Is it December yet?
    14. Zaliayn thanks so much for the interest.
      To be honest i would loved to get again black resin skin, no matter the issue for the face up..but wasn't available at this time. So i chosen pink skin, basicly i got old body but relaxed hands, and Pietà head.
      I've already developed my character, no drawning or such..still big issue for me will be costume.
    15. I like the thought of having optional sleeves that can be removed to alter the look, and having some sort of headpiece is a nice idea. This outfit sounds like it's going to be amazing, I'm really interested to see how it turns out when you've finished it.

      I think most of us have had difficulty making those final choices - I thought I'd made up my mind until the order form was released with all the options! I struggled when it came to deciding on the torso piece and the resin colour, and I've come to the conclusion I'm going to have to get another Twigling doll at some point lol

      I checked my calendar again this morning and unfortunately it's still saying August. I'm hoping it's defective XD
      Argh! These next few months are going to be slow to pass, I just know it.

      I love the black obsidian skin and I'm really disappointed I didn't get the chance to get a doll in it. I hope Twigling is able to make it available again at some point in the future.
      My doll has all the original body options and I also went for an Ingenue SA head version to go with the OE head because I really couldn't make my mind up about it, and I feel like I'd end up regretting it if I didn't get it while it was still available. I've got a faint idea for a character in mind but I have so many different doll plans in my head that it's really hard to settle on just one idea. I think I'm going to need to collect some reference images and see what speaks to me the best.
    16. I love this thread, you guys are amazing. [MENTION=70274]Zaliayn[/MENTION] I can't help but agree and think I definitely need more than one twigling now. The more I look at the heads the more I am intrigued by them all. Pieta is now a contender.... but for now I may have to just stick with Ingenue and Gamine. [MENTION=38965]$avage[/MENTION] I think I feel more worried about picking because I'm not actually on the preorder yet, so this does feel pressing! But I think because twigling went away, I at least have until then to decide :P

      I currently have tabs of the different body compositions I'm interested in and double check them a few times a day to check I'm still liking the same ones... pretty sad xD

      Has anyone done photoshop mock-ups of face-ups on the new faces? I'd love to see... especially Gamine - it's her eyes that are making me need her... What did everyone decide about face-ups?
    17. Kamia i feel you, it's more hard setting a decision cause there's so many options, moreover if you didn't joined the long layaway since the start you feel pressure, i agree!
      About reference pics have you tried on twigling facebook, or on flickr?I think she also have some blog or Tmblr but not quite sure :sweat
      I was in the same boat as Zaliayn about options, i've ended up with old body but long nails hands i think that for character that i have in mind with Orix head old body would have suited better ;)
    18. [MENTION=38965]$avage[/MENTION] I live on that facebook album, seriously >.<
      Old body is so nice, it is what made me look further into Twigling, so maybe me picking long torso is dangerous?? So many hurdles in my mind >.< xD Also, I love different hands, I almost want to ask for one relaxed pose and one elegant pose because I prefer non-matching hands... (in terms of pose, but size etc have to be the same xD) The long nails are super beautiful too though....

      Right! I'm heading back to look at all the options all over again, just to make sure I won't regret anything xD
    19. kamia
      There's a lot pics there i agree with you new torso is awesome, if you prefer taller dolls you should go for it i find such interesting, and you have great idea about hands in different pose, get 2 pairs of hands isn't bad at all!
    20. I've been working on ideas for my Ingenue and I think so far one has sort of stood out to me more than the others. I was thinking about styling her sort of bohemian, mixed with some art nouveau (like the paintings by Alphonse Mucha) and also a little bit of a steampunk influence. Lots of flowy & patterned fabrics, beads, flowers, some gear and cog charms etc. I plan to keep her faceup fairly natural looking and maybe add a few freckles too, and I wanted to go for a loosely styled, pastel mohair wig with waves or curls. Here's a sketch I did of a dress idea I had going around in my head, along with some possible hair colours (I can't decide on the colour yet):

      I'd like to make it out of a peachy-coloured chiffon material and use leather for the belt, as well as a little cog for decoration (I have accumulated a huge stash of cogs and gears that need using for something lol). I was also thinking of adding some delicate loops of chain and beads to the belt, and I want to make a hairpiece out of cogs, flowers and beads.
      My other dolls are mostly dressed in darker colours and styles, and I want my Ingenue to be different in that she has a much more graceful, lighter and feminine style. At least that's the current plan - by the time she arrives, it could have changed quite a bit!