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Twigling Minigenue Discussion Thread

Aug 21, 2016

    1. So okay, no one has opened a thread for this beauties yet? Well then, here we go!

      The first run of Minigenue was introduced earlier this year via Early Bir Pre-Order special including a SA face as well as a very wide range of colors from Haru. The first batch shipped last week, the second batch is currently in production.

      Currently twigling hosts a poll which mold should be next released as a Mini on her Facebook!

      Height 44.5 cm
      Neck 7.8 cm
      Bust 18.7 cm
      Waist 14.4 cm
      Hip 23.4 cm
      Crotch to floor 22.5 cm
      Thigh 13 cm
      Ankle 5.4 cm
      Foot 5.5 & 2.3 cm
      Head 15.3 cm (5/6 inch)
      Shoulder width 10 cm
      Shoulder to wrist 14.5 cm
      Clavicle to belly button 10.5 cm
      Nape to Venus dimples 10.5 cm
      Eye 10-12 mm

      I did a quick comparison of my girl with dolls I had at hand today:


      Atm some of my dolls are out of my reach but I should be able to take comparisons between the minigenue and the following bodies too if needed: Unoa ES, Iplehouse JID boy and girl, Limwha 45cm boy, Resinsoul/Bobobie male, Cerisedoll Classic V1 and Freakstyle Salome

      Let's discuss these lovelies and show yours off! :D
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    2. While I dont have one yet (near the top of my wish list though) I want to say thank you for showing her by a dollshe boy! I was curious of how she would blend with more mature minis.
    3. Having seen two of the Miningenues in person on Wednesday, I can confirm they are lovely. Great to see them holding a pose on one leg with the other leg in the air. I also really like the articulated forefoot (as in, the toes aren't individually articulated, but you can move all the toes up or down as a unit, if that makes sense- it adds that bit of extra expressiveness!)
    4. I love the jointed toes feature and am so glad it got realised in the MSD version as well! :D
    5. I am waiting for a pastel violet Minigenue... I couldn't resist the dreaming ingenue any longer and I have to admit I prefer msd dolls...

      The unique violet are lovely, I wonder how they compare to the pastel violet ones...
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    6. Oooh can't wait to see her Skimo! Violet sounds like a lovely color for her and I can't wait to see her in all her glory!


      Adding that one pic of Nubia in her gear just for kicks xD
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    7. I seen pictures of them and I wanna add one or two for my sci-fi cast I have ahaha. I just love how realistic stylize their faces are :D
    8. Forgive me, I'm having trouble finding the official info about the pre-order details -- were there choices about body type, as with the big Ingenue girls?

      (Yours looks like long torso/shorter legs to me, if I'm spotting her right.)

      LOVE that resin color, and the cowhide shield looks fabulous, perfect for a lady warrior. I can't wait to see her with the face-up and tattoos you have planned!

      Great comparison shots, too :D

      -- A <3
    9. From what I know ATM she only has one option, hopefully this line will go well enough for her to offer that in the future.
    10. Thank you! I hope so, too! :)
    11. I'd have loved the option to combine different torso / legs like the big girls but as Miss Heny said, there was only one option.

      But I have high hopes that the line might do well enough for it to get offered!
    12. Yeah, crossing my fingers that it will be practical to offer different torso/leg/hand options in future, plus more headsculpts! I'm really hoping for a mini-Gamine, but at the moment it's trailing in the fan poll for which should be offered next (current leader is Pietá).
    13. I love them all ahaha, my only slight dislike is how knock knees they look from the front, but it nice too because it gives more diversity for the mature side of minis.
    14. [​IMG]

      As requested by EchoUndine, a comparison with FreakStyle Salomé and for good measure I threw in a Cerisedoll xD
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    15. [​IMG]

      Double-post but my girl has an 'outfit' now! Kinda xD
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    16. I think I've already said it on tumblr, but your girl is so gorgeous, Roter. I can't wait to see her finished.

      I finally got around to making my girl a wig; it's not fully fleshed out in the middle yet (need more braids, I only had 80 pre-done), but when I keep it braided like this it works nonetheless. For once I may try my hand at her face-up myself, as all my fave artists either don't work on dolls this dark or have super long wait times.
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    17. I am soooo gutted that I missed the ordering for these mini Twigling creations...and I hope that I manage to order the next mini casts which Reese decidedes to do. Meanwhile I am really happy to see everyone elses great pictures, keep them coming !!!
    18. Your girl has the best hair Winona! <3 I actually love how it is styled xD

      But yeah, the dark skintone is a issue when getting he Painted, I am glad I found someone cause I can't face-up a doll to save my life.

      HoneyRyder, we are glad to ride you over till the next ordering period ;)
    19. Aww, thank you! It's actually gonna be braided most of the time anyway, but I want the braid thicker too, which I'll get by finishing it at the top. When I have the time to braid that is :P

      I tried painting one of my other dolls again now, and it went badly, so I may have to find someone after all. Can I ask who's painting yours?

      Ahaha, we'll try to keep the pictures coming indeed. Soon the rest of the Miningenues should start arriving, so then there'll hopefully be more people posting too :D