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Twigling (Twigling.com) Feedback

Sep 4, 2011

    1. * What did you order? A cream Oryx with long hips, long legs, additional hands, and, due to Reese being accommodating, an additional pair of arms
      * When did you order? June 12, 2017
      * How was the communication? The initial communication was great.
      * How easy was it to pay? Very easy * How long did it take to ship? It didn’t.
      * If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem? I eventually received a refund, but it took 16 months for that to happen.
      * Would you order from this company again? No
      * Would you buy this company's products second-hand? Yes probably

      Ok so. I’ve had some time to calm down, so I’m going to try to level-headedly as possible explain what happened.
      Sixteen months ago I ordered a doll from Twigling, a cream Oryx with long hips, long legs, additional hands, and, due to Reese being accommodating, an additional pair of arms. I was going to mod the doll to have an additional pair of arms and an extra pair of eyes, then dye her teal with blue gradient. I was beyond excited for this doll- she was going to be a super beloved character of mine.
      This totalled to 1,000 USD, which I paid in full immediately after placing my order.
      On July 11th I received an email from Reese saying they forgot to order the additional arms I paid for. I was disappointed but very understanding, and after some back and forth we decided on a solution. Since they were planning to redo the arm masters anyway, it was decided they would send me their old masters with the rest of my doll, despite the color mismatch. I did not request, nor did Reese offer, a partial refund for this mix up. Since I was planning to dye the doll anyway, the color mismatch didn’t bother me too much.
      Then, this past thursday, the 13th of September, I received another email from Twigling, informing me that through another mixup, my doll wasn’t among the dolls they received from harucasting. After some back and forth- I learned that somehow, sixteen months ago, they never ordered my doll. Somehow this mistake went unnoticed by Reese until they received the dolls from Haru, despite their admitting that Haru sent them a checklist and they missed the lack of my doll on the manifest.
      The solutions they offered me were 1) a refund, or 2) wait until the next batch, where they would upgrade my doll to have free sanding (if I reminded them) or possibly a teal doll, since they knew I was planning to dye her.
      I decided on a refund, because I waited sixteen months only to have them inform me they forgot to order my doll, and I no longer had the confidence that I would receive my doll even if I waited longer.
      After I chose the refund option, Reese sent me a refund via friends and family- but due to changing exchange rates I received forty dollars less than what I initially paid. This definitely upset me, as it felt essentially like I paid forty bucks for 16 months of waiting and disappointment. I politely but firmly informed them that since I wasn’t voluntarily backing out from this sale, and was only doing so due to their error, that it wasn’t fair for me to end up short, and that this was a difference they should be covering. They didn’t respond to my email, but did send me the remaining forty dollars. I sent them a very polite thank you email, to which they also didn’t respond.
      Despite getting all my money back, I am still incredibly disappointed and unhappy with how things turned out. Those are 16 months that I will never get back. I’m really upset with how Twigling handled this, as this was a major mistake, one which should have been caught at multiple previous points, not only directly before shipping to the buyers.
      Unfortunately Twigling has lost my business, as I’m not sure I’ll even have the confidence to buy in stock from them after this degree of mismanagement. I’m really hoping to someday be able to shell this character of mine, but I don’t know if it will ever happen now.
      If anyone would like to see the emails between me and Twigling, let me know and I can post them. I worked very hard to be polite and understanding despite what happened, but towards the end I’m sure I was rather rude due to my frustration with the situation as a whole. Honestly I was a total wreck all Friday, because one thousand dollars is a huge amount of money for me, and it was a horrible shock to learn that the doll I paid so much for was never even ordered in the first place.
      I’m very sorry if this description of what happened is over-emotional or prosecutorial, I really don’t mean it to be. I’m honestly still very upset, but I feel I should explain what happened. Hopefully in the future Reese will improve their business practices- personally I think it would be best for them to hire an assistant to handle the business end of things while they focus on the sculpting they love and excel at- but where things stand currently I cannot in good conscience recommend ordering from them.
    2. * What did you order? Gamine Head in grey resin
      * When did you order? August 2018
      * How was the communication Excellent. I received confirmation of my order very quickly. Reese also sent my an email to explain possible delays since I wasn't ordering a full doll, she wasn't sure which casting company would produce the head.
      * How easy was it to pay? Very easy, via PayPal.
      * How long did it take to ship? Excluding August five months. The head shipped in early January 2019.
      * Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion? Yes. The head is excellent quality and very sturdy in it's build.
      * Did the item look like the sales pictures? Based on the blank images of the head, yes but just in a different colour.
      * Were you satisfied with the product? I am very happy with the finished product.
      * If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem? N/A
      * Would you order from this company again? I'd be tempted to order again in the future :)
      * Would you buy this company's products second-hand? Definitely