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Two Homes?

Mar 23, 2011

    1. Hello! I don't recall seeing a thread like this, and I was just curious on the topic, so here you go! (I apologize if there is a thread like this already~ ^^; )

      So, I was wondering if they're are other doll owners that live between two homes. Like, with divorced parents, or maybe between a dorm and home. In my case, I live primarily with my uncle, but I visit frequently with my mom. I was curious as to how you manage with your doll(s). I currently have one, and he's not too bad to deal with, but sometimes he gets irritated with going back and forth between homes. Also, I tend to forget things like clothes or his toys. I wonder how people with multiple dolls manage, because I can't image bringing many dolls back and forth. ;)

      Just to make this clear, post stories and/or tips about living between homes with your dolls~ ;D
    2. I go between two homes. I live with my boyfriend, and then go a few towns away to visit my Dad sometimes. However, because my Dad has three dogs, I just leave my dolls at home with my boyfriend, as I'd hate for any of the dolls to accidentally get ahold of a doll and start chewing on the resin...
    3. I'm currently at college, so you could say that I have two homes. Whenever i go back for breaks, I lug my two 70cm and one 60cm dolls back home with me. My 60 cm one is in my backpack while the other two giants travel in an old telescope bag. It's extremely inconvenient, I'll have to admit, and as my doll collection increases, I will probably have to start leaving some of my dolls at home instead of bringing them to my dorm with me. My hallmates already think I'm the crazy doll girl, so it'd be better not to enforce that idea any further. XD
    4. My husband and I live apart for work reasons and bringing a doll when I visit isn't complicated at all. It's just one more thing to tote, really. A bag or carrier works wonders for keeping track of accessories and protecting the doll.
    5. Heh, cute typo... those vicious dolls, must be a werewolf or something with fangs.
    6. Yes, I have 2 homes in different parts of Canada. My home and husband's (partner's) home are in Toronto Ontario but I live and work in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Far apart, 2 different worlds within the same country.

      I am currently in Toronto enjoying my 1 year administrative leave which ends next month. My non BJD collection are in Saskatoon while 3 my resin dolls traveled with me to Toronto. They have been sent back to Saskatoon 2 weeks ago as I prepare to return for work. Only 1 resin doll is still with me in Toronto. It's hard to juggle things around, not just dolls but personal items such as clothes etc , life is very hard for us.

      I have learned to cope and accept the fact that home is a time and not a place. At this point in time, I shuttle between places for work. It has become a way of life. Silverholly I totally agree that a carrier works wonders.
    7. My parents are divorced but I live with both of them switching between houses every week.
      Though I only have my dolls at my dads house. My mom isn't supportive of the hobby to begin with plus we have two cats that shed like crazy and I'd pefer to keep as much hair off my dolls as possible ^^;
      Although it would be nice to have my guys with me at both houses, it makes things easier for me to keep them at just one place. c:
    8. Going between my college and home, it wasn't so bad with two 1/4 dolls at first because the Dollzone box fit the both of them and their clothes.

      ...then they got lots of clothes...

      ...then I got Quinlan.

      @_@ So now I drag around a significantly larger box and I leave the outfits they don't wear very often at home. I don't play with them as much as college and they just sit on my desk to make me happy and sometimes for art reference.

      I have no idea what I'll do when I get another 1/3 doll... Maybe I should wait until college is over.
    9. I live with my boyfriend, but goes to my parents place for about 3 days in a week as it is nearer to where I work. I just leave my dolls at my place since my dad were'nt supportive towards any sort of hobbies anyway. Mom however, wishes to see my dolls, she would like to make dresses for them ^^;

      The last time I had any sort of doll at my parent's place my cat tried to push her off the table, soo no dolls for 3 days aweek. Not really that bad.
    10. I do carry my msd boy around between places, so far its not difficult at all.
      When taking him out I don't need extra clothing or anything since its only couple of days
      I take em around me arm :)
    11. I go between my place and my boyfriend's place. Although I spend four days at my place, since I work full-time on that side of town, I leave all my dolls at my boyfriend's. When I'm at my place, it's mainly just because of work so when I'm at my boyfriend's, I actually have more time to play with them. If I'm staying at my place for a week straight though, I'd take one or two dolls with me. XD
    12. Not too long ago I lived between 3 homes. Because I didn't want to carry my dolls with me every time I went back and forth, I split up my crew and kept 1 or 2 of them at each house. I couldn't make group shots, but at least I had a doll with me all the time, without having to drag them across the Netherlands, nervous that they might break something.
    13. I live at my college apartment and my permanent home. It's a hassle to transport my dolls everytime I switch locations (even when I had only one) because my dolls are big boys. :sweat I should really just leave them at one location, but when I go home I feel like I need them because I tell myself I'll finally get around to painting/coating them. When I go back to college I want them with me so I can photograph them whenever I want. The sad thing is they often just end up staying in their boxes the entire time I'm at one location, and I feel like I wasted the effort of lugging them with me.... but I still don't have the heart to leave them behind.
    14. I go back and forth between my mom's home in Michigan and my grandma's house in Ohio. I only have one doll, and he's an MSD, so it isn't too difficult just yet, though even then I usually forget some of his things. When I get some of the other dolls on my wish list, most of which generally range from 60 cm to 70 cm, I'm sure it'll get quite a bit more difficult. 8D; Good thing I don't go back and forth between the two places often. >w>;;;
    15. I live in a dorm and at my parents place. It's really annoying. I always carry so much stuff with me when moving from one place to the other. So I gave up on lugging my two big dollies around except when I go home for a longer period of time (all dollies are at the dorm). Though I miss them then as at home I have the most time and best places to take photos. But now I have a small anthro kitty and he comes with me on weekends. I always take my camera with me when going home and he fits perfectly in my camera bag. :D
    16. I've always had masses of dolls and bears and whatever even before the advent of BJD's I had this problem

      When I was a student living in digs and at home, I just had to decide each time which dols went with me and which didn't, and how much of their clothes/stuff (if any) I could also manage to transport. If anything got forgotten or left out, hard luck, pick it up next time you're back there and do without in the meantime.

      Sometime the decision was about which dolls(s) I wanted with me that trip, sometimes about which ones would physically fit in my luggage and sometimes a combination of the two.

      Pretty much the same as decidign which BJD's to tak to meets now... I could manage all 30 at a pinch, but usually decisions need to be made about whioch do and don't go this time.

    17. Even if I stay at my mum's place for the summer, I don't bring my dolls with me, mainly due to laziness and size XD This could change now that I've got a puki.... but I'd still be worried about the Canadian sun and heat :P

      If I was staying somewhere for a week or so, there's no point in hauling them there just to haul them back :) I'd feel better if they were in a dark box and safe than out with me I guess.
    18. I stay with my sister's childrens for days or weeks at a time when her disability flares up. I bring with me one or two of my dolls, typically whichever one I'm sewing for at the moment. It's silly, I suppose, but having my doll sitting beside me makes me feel a bit more "at home" when I'm not!
    19. Right now I go back and forth between the apartment I live in while at school and my family home (the distance between them is about a 6 hour drive). Currently I've got my doll crew split up between the two homes, I've got 3 of my dolls here in my apartment and my other 5 in my family home. However since I stay in each place for long periods of time rather than go back and forth very often I usually bring all of them to which ever one I'm staying at so right now this is a little abnormal for me. Having my dolls split up like this kind of sucks. I keep wanting to photograph the ones that aren't here which is frustrating.
    20. I live primarily with my mom, but go to see my dad on some weekends and holidays. My dolls stay at home, since my dad smokes and having myself come home smelling like smoke is enough for me. xD Plus, I don't want my dolls to yellow any faster than they have to.