New Doll Two new dolls are coming"Snow and Gray"

Jan 19, 2016

    1. Hi friends,
      Two Adult dolls are released.
      The body is our new body"B60-005"
      We sell them the fullset.
      Also we sell the outfit,wig,and the bow separately.
      More information pls click our
      Hope you like them!
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    2. I have two questions: the bow included in both fullsets? In fact, are there any arrows with it?
      2. are these fullsets limited in time?
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    3. Dear Lilla,

      1/ The bow is not included in the fullset price. It's available at extra cost.
      There's no arrow with it.

      2/ These fullsets are NOT limited.
    4. Are Gray's and Snow's heads swapped in the blank pictures on your website?

      'Gray''s blank head looks to me like it actually belongs to Snow, and vice versa.