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TWO.S.Doll Discussion

May 11, 2010

    1. Hi ^^ I didn't see any thread for these girls, so I thought I'd make one. I think they're pretty! I like Dorian the most ^^
      What do you all think?
    2. I have some other pics ,take outside:
      Wish it can help you make select!
    3. Oh, they are really sweet! Mayi in particular is adorable.
    4. i like Dorean better ^^
    5. does anyone know if they would match volks skin tone?
    6. Really pretty dolls and the price is very reasonable as well. I'm seriously tempted to get one through Mint on Card. At least then I can pay her off on layaway. I'm not sure which I like better but after seeing the second set of photos, I may choose Dorean, in the company photos, I prefer Mayi. It's a hard decision. They're double jointed as well. Wow!
    7. Very lovable!!! *_____*
    8. I really like Mayi :D

      They both look somewhat like a variation of volks 4 sisters (F-01) though ^^;;;;
    9. Heh, lileychristie, that's more or less what I was thinking -not so much that they were variations but that Mayi would do as Himeko's girlfriend because they have a similar bug-eyed-sweet style. They are very oldschool.

      ETa: There are some really nice pictures on taobao: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=4937432549 Seriously considering one of these girls. It will be a while before I could afford one, though.
    10. aha, so I'm not the only one xD Yep my first thoughts when I saw them is "uuhh.... sweetier version of volks four sisters?" :)

      They indeed look oldschool or "classic" toward the newer "modern faced" dolls... Which is unique, I think :D
    11. Thanks for the pictures. They are cute and remind me of Volks dolls.
    12. When I saw Mayi I thought of Souseiseki/Suiseiseki + F01. This is just perfect for me.

      Edit: YAY my Mayi is on the way home! I'll post some pics here when I get her!
    13. Has anyone gotten their hands on one of these yet? Mayi is precious and though I can't buy her right now, I'd love to know how well she moves and can hold a pose. She looks pretty good in the official pictures but I'd like to hear more about it from someone who's actually gotten their hands on one.
    14. I got my Mayi home now, but they sent me the wrong head without makeup...T_T I have to send it back to get a makeup...so I don't have any good pic to show you yet.
      The body itself is great and can pose great. Resin surface is very smooth. There's no stains or any bubbles in resin. I am more than happy, 200% satisfied with the body. Though you have to 'open' the fingers by yourself, if you want.
      About the head..umm... because I'm unhappy with the blank head so I can't say much at this stage. Don't want to give biased opinion.
      I will tell more when I get the makeup finished head.
    15. That's great to hear about the body, thank you. I wasn't quite sure of the elbows when I was looking at it in the pictures, but I'm glad to hear she poses so well. Are the knees double jointed? I couldn't tell from the pictures.

      Thanks so much for the review, I'd love to hear more/see some owner pics when you get the right head. :D
    16. Nope the knees are not double jointed.
      One thing I forgot to say is that the upper torso really can't move much.
    17. Pointyhat, can I ask what the wig and shoes were like?
    18. Darn, and I've been spoiled with my MSDs' knees by now. My single-jointed SD is driving me nuts. When you say the upper torso can't move much, do you mean front to back, side to side, or just....at all? With that odd thigh groove can she at least sit up properly?
    19. autumnrain, I didn't get the wig/shoes so I can't tell. (I ordered from taobao before the int'l site open, so the package was different. I didn't choose any extras.)

      OutBriefCandle, LOL what I mean is something like "front to back, side to side". She can sit straight without any support in back. A little bit leaning backward when sitting, like all the single joint bodies do.
    20. Have you gotten your head back yet? Can't wait to see your mayi.....

      It's a pity about her body though...