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Two.S.Doll Winter Promotion!

Dec 13, 2010

    1. Two.S.Doll Winter Promotion!
      December 13th - January 13th

      Customers who pre-order a Two.S.Doll will receive the following free gifts:

      Order a doll with make-up: Get outfit A-1 and a wig. (Outfit A-1 can be viewed at the 'Two.S Fashion' section).

      Order a blank doll: Get make-up and glass eyes.

      Outfit A-1 will be either pink or blue, (random, you can't choose). The wig and eyes are random in color and style, (random, you can't choose). The free gift items will be added to your order after it is submitted, and then viewed by us. We will email you to confirm that your event gifts have been applied to your order. Offer applies to pre-ordered dolls only! Doll bodies, doll heads, and in-stock dolls do not qualify for this promotion. Layaway orders ARE included in this offer!

      In addition to the above promotion we still have an ongoing offer for customers who purchase an in-stock Dorean.

      Two.S.Doll Dorean Promotion!

      Order an In-Stock Two.S.Doll Dorean and receive a Free Wig, Shoes, and Nightgown Dress! The color and style of the wig and shoes will be random, the nightgown dress is white with lace. Customers must purchase a full doll; doll body orders are not included in this promotion. This is a 'first come, first served' offer! Once we run out of gifts this offer will no longer be available. Layaway orders are included in this promotion!




      A - 1 Outfit:



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