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Types of clothes (and other BJD stuff) that you JUST CAN'T FIND ANYWHERE!!

Jun 15, 2011

    1. I'd like to find a Japanese style set for 70cm plus guys. All the ones I've found (out of stock!) have been fantasy European style swords.
    2. Perfect for 1/6, but they are 8 inches long. I'm going to end up making my own, sheathed at least. My guys need 16 inches from handle top to blade tip. The thing is, there are people who make imitation swords, and I've seen slightly bigger ones sold as daggers at Renfaires, but they are too bulky, real metal and all. One more thing on my list of stuff to do. *sighs*

      Thank you!, By the way! ^_^
    3. If you sign up and wish list them, Lindsey will probably put them on the big restock order when they are available to her again, I've noticed my wish list gets stocked up pretty suspiciously. Usually when i don't have money. >.>;;;
    4. ballet shoes (like the heeled version) in various colors, fabrics, etc; all doll size drum set, piano, Nook and/or Kindle (yeah, that would be awesome if they actually worked O.O), a bigger variety of 1/4 sized heels (like the modern heels of today's fashion-something you would see in Vogue Magazine and the like) and more fetish goth stuff too, like corsets, chaps, babydolls, etc. It's frustrating.
    5. Finally!!! Thank you!!
    6. Wow! Cool letter openers but I was hoping to look for something like a European sword n__n

      Hahaha XD Thanks for the information, I love the European swords which is suitable for my doll's style n___6
    7. I found a wooden school desk (finished) and a bed (unfinished) on etsy ...very well made and worth ever penny. Also found chair (wicker) on Ebay. As far as the really dark wood ornate stuff, I havent found any either. I do know that sport equipment stores have the cutest miniture tents and some camping stuff that they use for display so they dont have to set up the whole thing...you can put your name in for the ones they are going to dispose of. And High End furniture companys also make minitures of their products but they arent cheap and are hard to find.
      Check online under demo furniture....I found a overstuffed leather chair a couple of years ago and got it for 45 $ . Just some ideas.
      I can never find any!
    9. Yes exactly! Ditto!
    10. Yes, I agree with everyone here who said plain, ballet-flat type shoes. NO frills, no add-ons, no sparkles, just simple classy leather or cloth flats. Also, awesome swords and guns--mature MSD and SD sized would be nice. And no nasty cheap mold-injected plastic, either. Yucky.
    11. There are a lot of really detailed metal swords available as letter-openers. Many of them are only MSD sized, but it's definitely worth Googling.

      P.S. I found some plain, low-heeled shoes. They have small heels and flowers but the flowers only clip on. http://www.ndoll.net/skin/shop.php?PG=view&uid=8462
    12. JunkySpot has some pretty accurate 1/3 guns and rifles, ready made and in kits. I'm just sayin', not encouraging anyone with doll fearing friends to make them even more afraid of the 'creepy dolls' :lol: :XD::thumbup
    13. Dale Rae http://www.dalerae.com/BJDs.htm Has just what you're looking for, SD and MSD size simple flats. I have a couple pairs for my MNF Shushu, and they're wonderful. There are also other simple designs, some for LTFs as well, in a multitude of different colours. :) I believe that Denver Doll also carries them.
    14. Hello, everyone!

      I'm curious to see what kinds of clothes you would like to see more of BJDs. It can be a certain kind of clothing style in a BJD size that it doesn't often come in, it can be a kind of clothing style that isn't easily found(Aztec, panda), or simply any costume ideas that you have lying around.

      I know I'd like to see a little more fashionable winter-wear and scarves, along with mittens.
    15. I'd like to see more "normal" clothes!

      All of my dolls' characters are set in today's timeframe and live as humans (even the ones that aren't). It seems SO many outfits are either fantasy, old-fashioned, costume or outrageous. I just want my "kids" to look like normal, everyday people you might see walking through the mall or on the subway or at Taco Bell. lol

      For my boys, I'd like to see more tshirts. Especially band tshirts or "attitude" shirts with funny quotes or pictures. Stuff that doesn't relate to them being a doll, since my dolls are not aware they are dolls. lol Also, more shorts options. Like skater shorts, Tripp shorts, dickies style shorts, cargo shorts....and funny boxers. Gamer prints, adult cartoon prints (Family Guy, American Dad, ATHF/AUPS1, Squidbillies, Metalocalyspe, etc). Typical teen/college guy stuff. Also, more suits that are not lacy or ruffly. Business suits. So many good looking suits get passed over by me because the shirt is ruffly or there is lace detail or the jacket has some shiny ribbon on it. I don't own girly boys.

      For girls, less frilly stuff, more casual. Capri pants, tank tops, baby Ts, halter tops, shredded jeans, more high heels for MSD.

      For MSD in general, less childish stuff. All of my MSD dolls are preteen or older, but a lot of MSD fashions are very childish. My 30-something business men don't want ruffly short sets.

      For Yo-SD, more tshirts and casual pants. Even my kids don't want to be covered in lace and ruffles. Just normal, realistic kid stuff. Though my AE Adzuki Bean will be needing "punk" or "attitude" baby stuff.

      And flip flops! Flip flops for everybody!
    16. DBDoll 1/3 clothes. :P

      Schemer, I couldn't adore you more for saying this. I have a perfect MSD in mind for my older teenage character, but I can't find non-KAWAII DESU~ clothes for him unless they're super goth or not his style. :|
    17. More nice, classy clothes in all sizes. Suits, tuxedos, and sleek dresses that actually look like formal wear, not costumes covered in ruffles and frills and over-sized buttons.