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Types of clothes you prefer?

May 5, 2017

    1. I think I like a mix of modern clothes and old timely style between my dolls. I know one of my doll's style I want is like Howl's Castle or The Fire Rose by Mercedes Lackey feel.
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    2. I don't like modern clothes. Don't ask me why, but I think that they ruin the beauty of the dolls.
    3. hum... fancy... clothes... XD mainly because I own really cheap clothes hahaha!
    4. Edwardian/victorian or medieval fantasy... or dieselpunk/pulp... basically anything but jeans and tees lol.

      Not too fond of frilly overly girly things either, unless it's sort of mori/boho sort of stuff. I love me some tiered skirts with lace but I do NOT like princessy dresses, little girl frills or bonnets. Not my cup of tea at all.

      I also have noticed most of the stuff I design or look at comes in shades of brown lol. Kinda like my own wardrobe. Oops?
    5. i dont really like jeans for my dolls, I cant explain the style i like but its defiantly not modern.
    6. frilly old timely clothes, lolita dresses, i also like traditional Japanese clothes but none of my current dolls are japanese so i don't have any of those type of clothes.
    7. Victorian-style clothing is my favourite, or nice suits for the boys.
    8. I like modern clothes for my dolls. Jeans and t-shirts, cute skirts and tops. I also really like business attire for some reason.
    9. My dolls supposedly live in modern America and their closes are mostly a mix of modern and vintage. I'd like to have more mori kei clothes for some of them, and I've been meaning to make a coat based on the one Howl wears at the beginning of Howl's Moving Castle.

      So it's a mix of modern, vintage, and fantasy that varies by doll/character.
    10. Super dapper tailored clothes. Freedomteller periodically empties my wallet. >_>

      I also like historical wear like early 20th century and a little bit of 18th and 19th century.

      My doll's clothes are like "cheap simple clothes so no one is naked," "painstakingly sewn to the best of my abilities and historically nerdy standards," or "freedomteller."

      I also love raouken's corsets and am literally shopping for a new girl revolving around something that fits into a zaoll size corset because I will never sell these corsets!!!!!
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    11. I think because they are dolls and they can look amazing in everything I tend to lean toward fantasy clothes. Corsets, lace, leather, dresses, etc.
    12. I definitely like over-sized, lived in looking things that are ugly but in a good way :) Or the occasional suit, just to be difficult :)
    13. I really like fantasy, Victorian (pretty much anything fancy) styled clothes most of my dolls. Dollheart and Code Noir just makes me want to spend so much. I have a few dolls that wear modern clothing because it's suits the character.

      Also I need to stop buying clothes in black. It always look so nice. My doll drawers look like a pile of black fabric exploded in there.
    14. For me, it's whatever is required for the character. Sometimes casual modern, sometimes more fantasy... I also like "tribal-esque" kind of designs. The only kind of clothes I don't really like are sort of old-fashioned, frills and big dresses kind of things. I think they kind of like...date the dolls? I dunno, they're just not my style. :lol:
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    15. Super elaborate hanfu. Unfortunately I don't own any at the moment...I hope it changes soon. I think I may have imprinted on the hanfu look hard because my first exposure to BJDs was through seeing pics of Chinese owners' historical styled dolls. And also, it just looks hella pretty.

      I also like fantasy style military uniforms and those black leather visual kei outfits that seemed really popular around 2006 or so and now are kinda hard to find, sigh.
    16. Depends on the character, but I tend to go for modern styling. I'm not fond of the 1800s-style dresses I see a lot of, since they remind me of those dead-eyed porcelain dolls.
    17. It depends... for Vince, he'll wear anything, I just like it to be colorful-- his style is mostly modern, though. Anything from simple child's playclothes type stuff to various street fashion styles to looking like a video game character. But usually it winds up being pretty simple. I just like his look to be cheerful to look at!

      For Pete, well... I'm always looking to make his wardrobe more in the new-romantics-into-new-wave scene era, and he's got a slight touch of goth but in white, but right now most of his wardrobe lands somewhere between 'preppy' and 'white party'.
    18. Gown or any Victorian big dresses for my ladies and harajuku gothic style with chains for my boys! :D
    19. I prefer (potentially ridiculous) hybrids of different historical periods for my dolls. I like to sew, and it provides me the opportunity to ignore the rules and do something that isn't particularly stylish or historically accurate.

      I like to sew for myself, so if I sew something for my doll that I'd actually wear, what's the point? :XD: (I might as well just make it in my own size.)
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    20. I prefer letting my boy wear normal clothes like tees and jeans but I'm really want to make him wear suits and modern-style korean hanbok worn like a coat. I think it looks cool haha.