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Types of Dollshe Hound - Q and A

Mar 25, 2006

    1. For those of you that own a hound or such derivate I have a few questions.

      There are the following types of hounds:
      Haute Hound
      Normal Hound in Normal and White Skin
      IM Hound (impressive I think that means)
      SA hound
      Tan Hound
      IM Tan hound.

      Right. Now, explain to me how they differ. O_o;;;

      Haute hound is said to be different than a normal hound in terms of looks. Husky is a hound with a frown ( heee it rhymes XD ). IM hound looks worried and a Tan hound is a normal hound just tanned. Right?

      Anything I missed?
    2. I think Husky's eyes are a different shape and he's got hollower cheeks, ne?
    3. Haute Hound is version 1, the difference between him and normal Hound [version 2] is pretty big.

      I quote:

      Normal, white and tanned Hound is of course only the skin color. => this is version 2

      IM hound, also in Normal, white and tanned has a frown and he doesn't smile but the rest is the same as Hound version 2.

      SA Hound has half closed eyes, only in Normal and white skin...rest is the same as Hound version 2.

      Husky is another doll, but his head was made using the Hound mold...but he is very different....you can compare him with Hound IM but without the frown...but he is still different from IM as well.

      Tan Hound and IM hound tan see up ^_^

      I hope this helps a bit

    4. I was acutally waiting on you to answer this. XD

      Thanks for the imformation. *cookie* @_@

    5. hahaha , okay...well I guess I am a Dollshe fan XD *munches on cookie*

    6. Husky has a similar look to hound, but he's actually a different sculpt with a bit more of a scowl rather than a slight smile.

      V1 Hounds are narrower in the chest than V2's, which is all anyone carries anymore with the exception of Haute Hound which is a V1 like a few of us who bought him early have.
    7. wahahaah!! sabriell is our in-house hound specialist!! god bless you!
    8. How can I be...you're the one with the most Hounds, I'm just getting my first one ^_~*
      But we all love you for it!!

    9. XDD!! there are many ppl in this forum who own numerous hounds and certainly far more than i do in variety too :D but yay danke!

      IM Hound: frowning eyebrows and downturn lips
      SA hound: with 1/4 opened eyes also available in whiteskin and normal
      Husky: hollower in the cheeks, face is more angular, jaw and temple lines are more straight and severe, the eyes slant more making him look more like a wolf heheh.
      Tan/Tan IM Hound: Tan is just to describe difference in skintone, there's really only 3 different skintones so far.
    10. An additional question: Are the little wrinkles between an IM Hound's eyebrows part of the face sculpt or is it just the faceup?
    11. I think it's the sculpt. very >(

    12. Thanks.^^ I think I want an IM Hound.. :D
    13. They are part of the sculpt...I received my Hound IM normal skin yesterday from LUTS, and he is wonderful.
      It al depends on his eyebrows of you want to make him look pissed.

      Here are some if Die's first pictures...seen here with a black wig.
      The other doll is my SA Bermann Kaoru ^_^


    14. Thanks!^^ Ooh..your boys are hawt!! :D
    15. OMG it's the Dollshe gang. LOL!

      Yeah, Husky is quite different. His lips are thicker and he has sharper nose as well. His eyes are slightly sharper (and smaller). An analogy would be El/Breakaway difference. Here's an example. ^_^. http://www.atziluth.org/viewdoll.php?doll_id=18