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U-noa boys!

Feb 21, 2005

    1. Alchemic Laboratory has photos of new U-noa boys!
      To see the photos , click on "Diary" in http://www.alchemiclabo.com.
      The one with gray hair is "B-el" and another one is "L-bi".
      They are prototypes, and AL has not made any comment about when they will be available for sale yet.
    2. wow.. that grey haired ones actualy vaguely hot...
    3. That L-be's pretty hot. Wonder what the body will look like.

      That tiny stuffed man is pretty cute, too. Although... is he doing what I think he's doing?
    4. XDD; ::snort::
    5. Does anyone else think the grey-haired one looks JUST LIKE Volks Isao?
    6. Cute! I like them both!
    7. Personally, I think they look like Lusis and Sist heads on boy bodies. :oops: I'm not complaining, though, I've always thought Sist would make a good boy. :3
    8. Oooh, the grey-haired one is really hot. :3

      Is it just me, or do the eyes look painted on? Are the 1/6 dolls are Unoa-sized? :?
    9. I like the grey haired one<333
    10. wow.. does anyone know what the page translations say about them? I'll be sad if theyre going to be sold at dolpa's only ;_;
    11. *____* WANT!
    12. Thank you, Yuzuko. ^^

      I wondered if he'd ever get to the point of making a boy Unoa. I love all the dolls he's made. I hope he introduces them at the next Dolpa, which isn't too far away... ^^

      Thanks again for the news..
    13. I hope they come as real boys and not just faces on the current bodies.....I too really like the grey haired boy, mmmmmm my little Fay cant wait to get her hands on him!
    14. Yeah, like the look of the grey haired one...I held my Sist ( still no name.... :( ) up to the screen for comparision and I think the chest looks different on the first boy compared to a girls flat chest. Going on Gentaro's work, these boys could be as anatomically correct as the U-noa-lite boy :lol:
    15. Uh, no. Not at all. They look like slightly modified Unoa heads on boy bodies. I really love the grey haired one too. Can't wait to see more pictures. :)
    16. I like the 1/6 Unola better. :oops: I've always thought Sist made a nice androgynous being.
    17. I want one! :( They're so sweet-looking.
    18. I hope they release more info on them soon! >___<
      They look so beautiful! I'm curious to see the whole body...!
    19. Hey, at least he's wearing pants in that photo. :p
    20. What I want to know is...

      ...will the boys have the optional O face? :chibi