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U-Noa coming to doll event in Germany

Nov 25, 2005

    1. U-Noa is coming to doll event in Germany 20,21,23th January 2006!!!

      Event Bonenkai is a Manga, Anime , Japanese culture event , and this year they are going to have a Japanese doll special. momokoDoll and Azone international are on sale also.

      U-Noa(girls and boys) are going to be sale at this event.
      Araki Gentaro exhibiton is held same time.

      So please chek it out!

      Official web


    2. It's in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, that's the south-west of Germany. On a map : http://www.bonenkai.de/eng/bk,travel_guide,24.html
    3. JEEZ! selling Unoss too!!!!
      SOOO want to go, its such a long way away!

      U-Noa and Araki Gentaro dollsOne of the most popular ball jointed doll is Gentaro Araki´s U-Noa Quluts series. As they are not being produced by a large company, but by Araki-sensei himself privately, they are very limited and it is only on very rare occasions that some are even on display. We can not only exhibit them but you will also be able to buy them at event for the very first time outside Japan.

      Andolrea-U-Noss: BJD. Released 2000 from Volks. 58cm. (discontinued.)

      U-Noa Quluts "Girl": BJD. Lusis and Sist. 2 types. 42cm. Released as personal bases in 2003.

      U-Noa Light: Ball Joint Figure. 2 types. 25cm and 26cm. Released as personal bases in 2004.

      U-Noa Quluts "Boy": B-el and L-bi 2 types. 43cm. Released 2005.

      You can observe those dolls’ amazing details, with a commentary by Gentaro Araki, at our exhibition in BK 2006! So don’t miss it!!

      Parallel exhibition by U-Noa’s official tailor “Shitate-ya”

      How to make doll outfit
      Outfit sale
      Manga and Dojinshi
    4. Nearest airport is Frankfurt Hahn.
      From Eurrope, Ryanair flights are cheapest, then travel by bus and rail to reach Neustadt.
    5. yeah i worked out 3 adults on flight from UK to Frankfurt and back again is less than £60 (inc all charges etc) :D
    6. I don't think they will sell Unoss.
      They are only stated on the list of Arakis creations. Just Unoas will be sold.

      There's a topic with unoa questions in their forum........ but no answer so far.
      .... can't wait.. XD
    7. Only ONE model will be sold for about € 380 on Saturday. And each person can only buy a single doll.

      Probably only one model.. aw..

      ~_~ I think it's going to be a girl ... (or maybe a girl and a boy? :D)
    8. I have just found this forum today morning and posted an explanation but it seems that it was not posted and I was too busy afterwards to check again, sorry.

      First of all, we want to thank you all for being interested in the exhibition and the U-Noa sale.

      We are very sorry to announce that there seem to be a missunderstanding about the exhibition.
      Araki Gentaro told us he would love to come to Germany but his bad back forbids long flights.
      Therefore he is sending Shitateya (his assistant and U-Noa's clothes designer) to be in charge of the exhibiton. She is bringing his U-Noa/U-Noss dolls, artworks, figures, doujinshi and other stuff for the Araki Gentaro Exhibition and, being really close to him and knowing him very well, she can answer all your questions about "The Alchemist".
      Araki Gentaro has been very generous to our magazine by drawing a front page picutres (parts of it are posted in his diary of September here:
      This picutre is the cover of the MangasZene 30, this issue is hitting the streets the next few days. Inside is also a long interview with Araki Gentaro and beautiful illustrations, one picture is another very recent artwork by Araki-sensei which also has been published in his Montparnasse Artbook.
      At the end of the interview he tells our readers that he is glad to have his artworks presented to his fans in Europe the first time and that he hopes that many U-Noa fans will come and have a look. And he apologizes for being not there to answer their questions himself.

      Shitateya has her own exhibition with her original clothes desings for U-Noa and she is selling the U-Noa dolls and some very popular clothes desings too.

      The other doll companies who have promised to come are Azone (doll outfits) and sekiguchi (Momoko doll). We are still working on Volks but we cannot promise that they will come too (we still hope...).

      One thing about the U-Noa sales, we still do not know for sure if boy or girl dolls or both will be sold, I will check again and then I can tell you.
      The number of dolls will be very limited, the exact number is not known yet, but it won't be a lot because of the tax costs, the customs, the insurance and all.
      Shitateya is bringing them on private basis not as company representative.

      Lady Raven
    9. I understood that U-Noa boys are also on sale, BUt not 1.5ver for U-Noa girls.
      I understood that U-Noa girls would be the old type. but U-Noss is not on a sales list.

      but I'd like to say that ,, if it is a event we do not know what exactly will happen there. things would be changed. (in good way )might they can sale more that a little,,, I do not know that

      I would like to post soon as I get some info.:-D
    10. This month, there is sales on web (U-Noa) in Japan so, I have to wait for answers a little bit.

      But I got some answers today, not all, but some:

      There will be sold eight dolls:

      girl type sist 2
      Lusis 2

      Boy B-el 2
      L-bi 2

      so, total 8.

      How to get there? Please check out this page:

      These are all the answers for now, I hope I will be able to tell you more soon.

      The sale will start on Saturday, if not all dolls are sold that day, the sale will go on on Sunday.

      The times for the bk 2006 are:
      18:00 - 24:00

      11:00 - 24:00

      11:00 - 18:00

      Lady Raven
    11. Well, the limited number is because of the custom fees that must be paid by Shitate-ya herself at first, and it is better for her to bring just a small number that has a good chance to get sold instead of a larger number and paying again at the customs when she has to takte some back to Japan, right?

      I have asked about a pre-order possibility so that she really knows how many dolls she can sell for sure.
      We will see, there are still some weeks time til the event.
    12. Well it has to do with export laws in Japan, and it is a bit complicated, but we don't think that there will be more than these eight dolls. It is better to inform you now instead of later when you are already in Germany, right?

      Additional information would be added on BK official web site. so please check it. Exhibit and sales plan woul be change without notice.
    13. We will update the page as soon as we know more about a preorder possibility.
      Something else. As I have promised here is the picture of the latest MZ issue 30, cover artwork by Araki Gentaro:

      Hope you like it!
    14. Oe oe Lady Raven can we buy this issue? And can dutch fans subscribe to the magazine? ^_^

      Because of Mangaszene I got into Asian BJD ^_^...I still thank you guys for it..(except when my wallets empty..I always go screaming how I curse the day I layed my hands on a Mangaszene copie..hehehe...*shame*)

      But I think it's really cool that you guys are doing this..cause I tried to bring BJD among Manga and anime fans here in the Netherlands..and they didnt see how special it was..THE FOOLS I still get tears in my eyes for this failure *twinkle*..

      But really I would be a bad idea for me to go...I really would hit some1 iff I couldn't get my hands on something I want so long so close...to me..*gasp* and we wouldn't want that right?

      Anyways I was also wondering next to the 8 Unoa's does she plan to sell special parts like hands, feet, breatsplates or clothes?

      Cause iff that's the case I might think it over...unless she got 8 of each item =_=..sorry for that comment..but I really feel hurt...there's got to be more than honderds of unoa fans in europe..*gasp*..

      is she gonna do a lottery for the 8 dolls that are for sale?
    15. I don't know who of the members of this forum really entered the event, but I hope those who came were satisfied.

      Since it was not a doll event only, there were not so many doll fans with lots of money.
      As a result, not all of the eight U-Noa dolls were sold. Each doll was sold for 380 Euro, no "light"- dolls, but the real big ones. Therefore offering eight dolls was not "mean" but too many....

      The girls were loved by most of the fans, so there was a lottery on Saturday and those who won got the girls.
      It was the boy's who did not sell, I think some of them had to return to Japan.

      As a special surprise there were four U-Noa at the auction (two girls, two boys) all completed and painted by Araki Gentaro for 480 Euro starting bid.
      The highest bid was about 550 Euro (I was not there but that is what I heard from others) and all four dolls were sold.

      So there are now four happy owners of U-Noa dolls painted by Araki Gentaro out there, maybe even members of this forum.

      Wigs and clothes by Shitate-ya were also sold.

      I want to thank all doll fans who travelled that far in order to get a doll and to see the exhibition.
      I hope you enjoyed it.
    16. I entered the lottery and was able to buy a Lusis kit. Currently I am sanding and assembling her. I will need a little bit time for this.
      Tibiloo bought a Sist kit and won the auction of a painted Unoa Girl(480E). Rhibops won the auction of a painted Unoa Girl(550€).

      It was a lot of fun. The woman from Shitate-ya was so nice. I bought a lot of stuff from her! Of course I bought some of the pictures of the exhibition too. X3
      Anyway I 'd like to write an big report about this event for my blog. Maybe I will post it at this forum too. I made a lot of photos and a video. I hope I can post them soon. Just have to edit the pics and the video. ^^'

    17. Hello! I travelled from England to Germany for the con. I got the Araki painted Lusis... the auction was so nerve-wracking. I bid 550 euros - i'm sure the cosplay / anime people thought i was mad spending that much for her. Most of the painted dolls went for their starting price of 480 euros - in fact Lusis was the only one where bids went up higher i think. For the kits, I believe all the girl kits were sold but not all the boys. I also got a Sists kit after my number came up in the lottery.

      It was great to meet Gentaro Araki's assistants and we were able to write a message for him, and they took our photos to show to him (he'll probably think i'm a freak, hee!) They were really nice. I got some Shitateya wigs & outfits, in fact we were even given some extra pieces for free, which i totally did not expect. I really enjoyed the convention & exhibition and I appreciate the effort they went to bringing it to Europe (it was a lot of stuff to set up & transport)

      It was also really nice to meet Suzu & Tibiloo!
      I will post pictures of my Lusis in the gallery now ....
    18. You got a lusis kit too???? Wow! I didn't know that!

      What kind of extra stuff did you get?? I got an cute little hairclip, 2 autographs of araki and she sold one unoa freak book to me!!
      Araki's assistant was so nice! I dropped a paper without noticing it. Later she brought it to me! She looked for me only because this little paper! X3

      It was great to meet you too! I was so happy that I am not the only one there who wanted to buy an unoa.

      Rhibopos I have to apologize! Sorry for my bad english! Usually I don't have that much problems to make wise sentences. It happened a lot that the things I wanted to say got muddled. Writing in english is much easier than speaking... ^^'
    19. No way, your english was great! Far far better than my german, i only know the food words! hee!

      The ladies who worked with Araki were so lovely to us all :)
      I got a long black coat in my Lusis box, an extra wig, a top and skirt, all for free! It was so unexpected.
    20. never mind