[ U-noa Quluts] 50cm Brother | Zest / Xyle |

Oct 4, 2012

    1. [ 50cm [ U-noa Quluts] Brother | Zest / Xyle ]
      [Upd] | 30th September 2012
      Pre-sale lottery | 50cm U-noa Elder/Older/Big Brother / ユノア兄 ( fresh skin )
      ◎ pre-sale lottery of limited number of products used for test shots.
      Prices and specifications may differ from the following 'Dollybird'(★) pre-order.
      In addition, the inspection criteria will be slightly lower than usual
      [Registration Period]: October 25, 2012
      [Result Notification]: November 10, 2012
      [Payment Period]: November 12 - November 26, 2012
      2 different "X" & "Z" Face Characters.
      the upper body/torso also comes in two different styles.
      [EDIT:] the preorder in this magazine turned out to be for fairy skin U-noa Quluts Zero
      [EDIT:] the preorder in this magazine turned out to be for fairy skin U-noa Quluts Zero

      ......mod notes......

      [ U-noa Quluts] 50cm Brother | Zest / Xyle | Discussion Part 1:
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    2. Wow... just wow... I definitely need one of these. I would love to see more pictures. :aheartbea
    3. HOLY CRAP they're wonderful, and is that a mocha chibi?
    4. I need both T^T oh my god!
    5. yes, Mocha and fairy chibi,Mocha and Fairy 2.0, Fairy decadent Boys and fairy Elder sisters are all also scheduled to come out at some point or the other..(if they haven't already)
    6. I've been wanting a big Unoa boy for years. Xyle has such a gentle and honest face, he's very special. So one will have to order an issue of Dollybird to try for one? Anyone know if Noppin will be offering the service where they will enter on your behalf if you buy an issue of the magazine through them, like they did with Unoa Zeros (I believe?).

      The only thing is i'm worried they'd be out of scale with my other Sd-sized dolls. The height is allright..especially with 1 or 2 cm added to the leg length (which i've had done to another doll) and then with shoes on, there would hardly be any difference to my other Sd10 size SDs. But it's the proportions... I see this discussion was started under mini, rtaher then larger dolls. What do you guys think?
    7. Oh my...my mind has just...*pop*! These boys are gorgeous! And a mocha chibi! Oh my! This is almost overwhelming my senses! I actually have to admit I like the size difference, I am just afraid of how much taller than Minifee they are, since I know Unoa is taller than minifees. But, I think I have to get one (or both) of these guys at some point. Definitely glad to see more from Mr. Unoa <3
    8. I am hoping and praying that Noppin will have an event at some point because I just need myself one of these!
      Possibly two... I love their lanky bodies, kinda makes me think of them as MSD dollshe's which is precisely what I want!!
    9. I'll agree with Lady White Raven, omg ;^; I actually do not like the faces as much, but I'd really really love one body to hybrid it >-<!!! It is JUST perfect for one of my characters who's supposed to be short and fit >.<
    10. ohh.. I'm really starting to flirt with the idea of getting a nocturnal Zest.. i like the curled-up torso idea but i'm not sure if i like it more than the normal torso..(it does make them look more original though)..

      guys in order for Noppin to participate fans must ask Noppin for their participation,around 2-3 weeks before the dollybird magazine comes out someone has to inform them about the pre-order so they can prepare themselves for this and make it happen..
    11. I sent a message to them to ask if they'd take part in it but they never replied...
    12. http://www.amazon.co.jp/Dollybird-v...=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1351291421&sr=1-1

      Weird..the magazine is set to be released in a couple of days (26/10/2012) but it doesn't mention anything about the brother dolls or preorder however it says something to the extend of "mail order for fairy skin u-noa quluts zero" from what i can read (?)... Is it a typo of the magazine or maybe they didn't have time to prepare the printed material for the brother's preorder so they went with fairy zero instead?

      Noppin usually don't reply to these type of messages but they do take these suggestions into consideration..however if there isn't a preorder to participate i don't know if they'll consider participating in a lottery for a small handful of doll (unless AL decide to register some of these dolls for an international lottery with noppin like they've done before)
    13. mrrrmmmm who puts flyers to faceplates that sells Noppin? Alchemic Labo himself or Noppin?
      Came faceplate Lusis from Noppin, packed in a "Big" Brothers Jino's flyer (whis the stomach and arms:)))
    14. aaahhh that's so nice!^______^
      from what i understand Noppin orders them from AL and they send the materials packed and Noppin resends them to the international customers

    15. Seems like they are quite small in proportion compared to other SD boys. They probably wear MSD sized wigs if not any smaller. Then again L-Bi/B-El are also a bit tinier compared to other dolls that are same size. Judging from the pictures, they would probably look like a Zaoll standing next to a SD13 boy?
      But OMG... Zest's teeth. My weakness! I really hope they will be available through Noppin in the future!
    16. "Sorry but we don't know when we can sell the doll but it is sometime in next year.


    17. Oh dear, there go my dolly plans out the window. Must have a Xyle! Sometime in the new year is great news, as it gives me a little time to start putting money aside. I wonder what the cost will be?