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UGG boots for minis!

Nov 18, 2006

    1. Yeah, I've been gone for a wicked long time since I'm not really into BJDs much anymore, I did a search and nothing came up but I was in UGG earlier and they had mini ugg keychains which look like they will fit mini-size dolls. They might even fit SD size...I'm not sure though since its been around a year since I've owned a doll. They were mini ugg keychains and at the UGG store near me they only came in a coral color but they were really cute and I thought of you guys when I saw them :)

      They were $5/each at the store.

      There are a lot of them on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-UGG-Austral...1QQihZ019QQcategoryZ45237QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem heres one for example! I know a lot of people dont like UGGs but even though they're kinda ugly I LOVE how soft and comfy they are. I think they'd look cute on dolls :)
    2. You have an UGG store? Daaaaamn.

      They look so cute~ I prefer the talls, but I guess they don't bother making keychains for them, lol. I think the 3" size is too big for MSD, but SD maybe? (not sure)
    3. Yup, I posted this find over a year ago, I dont think anyone posted on my thread:( It's long gone now so I am glad you reposted!
      I have had my girls lilac pair for a long while, I think I paid $25.00 for both, but that was back when people ripped each other apart for anything that had the ugg label, so I was lucky and I am sure they are much cheaper now.
      They do indeed fit mini sized dolls, and give a cute "moon boot" look. They fit my sd13 girl perfectly too, and matches her scale better!
      Here is a pic of my MSD Nasya wearing her uggs (sorry it's huge! and her wig is all loopy, lol)-

      I'll try to get some pics of my sd13 wearing them.
    4. Aww, cute! I was wondering about those, I'm glad someone posted!
    5. I don't know if its just the angle, but they certainly look too large for MSD ; 0; Or, at least compared to human UGGs on humans.
    6. ^
      Yes, like I stated in my first post, they are more "in scale" with SD or SD13 and fit well, too.
      Since they have wool throughout the WHOLE inside of the boot, the MSD foot fits nice and snug without falling off, and yet the wool "gives" enough to fit the larger SD or SD13 feet.
      They give a cute chibi, moonboot look for msd sized dolls, and a very stylish in scale look for SD and SD13 sized dolls.
      I am planning to get a pair in cherry red for my soon to come F-07!! I cant wait!
    7. Oooh, how absolutely lovely! I'm a total ugg boots whore (and not necessarily of the Ugg brand since genuine sheepskin boots are a plenty here in Aus) and these are such a brilliant find! My first doll's not here yet, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for these boots for him in the future! :)
    8. These Ugg keychain boots fit MSD and some SD sizes as well.
    9. Oh really? I'd love to have those Uggs for my future doll.
      But where can you get the keychains?
    10. http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=2940
      i have these in black and beige - the ugg slippers. this weekend I saw a girl wearing EXACTLY THESE coming out of Barnes & Noble. It was pretty cool to see them IRL. LOL.

      these are REALLY cute on the dolls too - and they fit my dollfie dream girls, too, since their feet are small.