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Uk Kelham Double Doll show: Angel-Unlimited with a stall.

Jun 30, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Angel-Unlimited is pleased to annouce that we will be at the Kelham Hall double, dolls and bears show this coming Sunday! (The 6th July)
      Kelham Hall is located about 2 miles west of Newark, on the A617 to Mansfield. There is on-site parking, as well as toilets and a small caffeteria. The Show involves all kinds of dolls, bears and Minitures and it is only recently that BJD's have started to make an appreance!

      Entrance fee: Adults: £3.50, Senior citizens: £2.50.

      AU will be selling a veriaty of items, including clothes, shoes and Dolls from Dollheart and Tinybear, as well as items like MSC, stringing and accessories.
      We are also offering a re-stringing service on the day, for any and all poor dolls in need of a bit of maintenance! Stringing is £5 and includes the cost of new string.

      *we are sorry if this is in the wrong place, mods please move! ^_^ Also we are sorry for the late notice, we where sure we had a post up allready!*
    2. for Angels Unlimited and Kelham Hall
      I have 2 Special Moonas ...done for that Show

      OOAK ...available on the day

      Solstice and Fauna


      they come with glass eyes , custom wig ,faceup and body blush ..and the lace cover and Ivy
    3. Will we be able to pre-order Dollheart with you? Or is that best done via the website?

      Thank you
    4. For now it is best to do it through the website, both here and AU. We are working on geting a laptop sorted out with the Dollheart infomation on, but with sorting it and geting internet accsess at the site, we havent sorted it in time for this show. :sweat
      Hopfully by the November show we can off this as well!